Be Born Again in the Spirit

'But what saith it? The Word is nigh thee, even in thy mouth, and in thy heart: that is, the word of faith, which we preach: That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in your heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.""

It Is a Freedom Thing

It Is a Freedom Thing

Monday, August 29, 2011

President Obama Signs America's Death Warrant

Three days left in August....then we arrive at the month in which President Obama assures us that he will have his way in Israel.  Israel will be separated with East Jerusalem given to the Transjordanians or should I say Palestinians...a made up name from long ago.

Obama has this regulatory czar named Cass Sunstein who all by his lonesome is quite a piece of work...and then he is married to this goofy one who is on Hillary Clinton's staff and she is the one who came up with the Obama scheme/scam called "Responsibility to Protect" palestinians like they protected the muslim brotherhood in Libya.

Expect the United Nations to sign this edict to split Israel in September.

Expect more of the same like Irene and far worse.....when Obama and the UN split Israel and I have said this many times before....God will split America...and America will deserve it.

America all by her lonesome even without the help of Obama has stepped close to death's door anyway....50 million dead babies since Roe V Wade in 1973 and manufacture and purveyance to the agenda....murders....lies....thefts....robberies....this is America with numerous neighborhoods in small towns and big cities alike that normal citizens cannot even walk through without being assaulted.  Maybe it is the color of their skin...maybe someone thinks they have 2 bucks in their pocket.

All the sin is serious...but just like religions, schools, churches, institution...which may be called Christian but truly none of these can find salvation.  Salvation is for individuals who come to Jesus Christ and are born again in the spirit just like Jesus told Nicodemus he must be to be saved in John 3:3...and emphasized in John 3:7.

Christians...real ones...those born again....are about to leave this orb...we keep on keeping on and we keep on calling to those who do not know a 'last call'.  After we leave, the anti-Christ is free to take the stage and then literally, all hell will break loose.  Considering the Oslo Accord which is the revived piece of crap the world is trying to thrust on Israel is a seven year deal...America has less than a decade before she herself falls on the dungheap of human history.

It is amazing to me how many Christians in Name Only do not want to think about this eventuality.  I mean, if you say you love Christ, why wouldn't you want to be there for his appearing?  Yet, so many do not look forward to this...I think mammon has them captured...mammon, something you cannot take with you and certainly not the type of treasures Jesus told you to store up while you have your puny existence.

Truth is that Jesus told us that the generation alive when Israel became a nation again will not pass before He returns for us.  Israel was born again in 1948.  I was born in 1947.... my generation is getting old and my expectations are high.

These storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, tsunamies, earth quakes, volcanic eruptions and the like are to increase in severity and frequency...not because George Bush created global warming but rather because God said this would happen just prior to Jesus returning...these are calls to the bride of Christ to wake up and fill their lamps with oil as we know not the hour or the day when Christ shall appear but we need to be watching for Him as He said He would return...splitting the eastern sky.

If you want to be petty...I suppose you could blame Obama for every death in everyone of those disasters probably including the eco-terrorist sabotage of that oil rig in the gulf last year.....they murdered 11 people that day.  But like I said....America has a lot to do with her own demise regardless of Obama and his acceleration of the process.

I do not know exactly what is coming next.  Will Isaiah 17:1 take place?  It is time and President Assad, the terrorist, will stupidly attack Israel just to see Damascus destroyed from one evening to the following morning....from being a pain in the butt to Israel of an evening to nothing but a 'ruinous heap' by morning.

I know Damascus will be destroyed and that the result will be many edomites (read bad guys-all the enemies of God who surround Israel) biting the big one.  For  a while, with the peace overtures, Israel will reside, for a very short while, as a land of unwalled villages in seeming peace...until Russia, Turkey, Iran and Libya among others attack her.  This folks is the battle of Armegeddon...many bones will be picked in that valley on that day....hope you are not here to bear witness. Psalm 83:5 lists God's enemies among the Hagarenes, the Ishmaelites, and all the rest...all stem from the bastard son of Abraham and his wife's hand maiden Hagar...named Ishmael.

On the other hand, it will probably be a better viewing than that newsgasm that accompanied hurricane Irene....oh quit crying east coast liberals....think about just desserts.

Are you afraid of Islam?  Not I.  I know where they end up...and they have nothing in common with real Christianity...God said, "Vengeance is mine, I will repay"...and these lugnuts think it is their job to murder anyone who does not believe and will not believe as they do.   This religious scam called Chrislam is just that a deceptive scam straight from Satan deceiving the weak minded and weak willed among us.

Don't say you heard it hear first as all I am doing is repeating what God has told us through his prophets for thousands of years.....many of you know the truth and I appreciate your positive responses...many others call themselves christian and attack....Strange days indeed.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Harry Reid:" The TEA Party will fade..."

Really Harry?  The TEA (taxed enough already) party will fade?  I do not even understand how that is possible.  There are far too many people born and residing in these here very exceptional United States of America who may or may not consider themselves part of WE THE PEOPLE that defines the TEA Party that share conservative values with the TEA party members actually signed up with one organization or another.  All comers are welcome...all ones needs is a desire to see America restored with our fiscal values in tact.

As a Vietnam veteran and 9 year active duty Marine ('64-73) during a span of time that nearly covered the entire Vietnam War, I consider myself a patriot.  Many exceptional Americans consider themselves patriots and will not only wear the American flag proudly on their lapels like you all in Washington, DC are prone to do but will encourage fellow Americans to fly that flag proudly wherever they live and work, very much in opposition to the liberal forces in our country who are so quick to offer up our national sovereignty.

 Often times, these America haters, mask themselves behind supposed displays of unity as they suggest our American flag may offend those here as guests, as illegal immigrants or as any others who move in, occupy American land and do absolutely nothing to assimilate into our national, American fabric.  Some of these even seek to use their own laws such as the sick, very much against all people who do not think like them and very much including women, especially their own...which are dominated under Sharia Law.

Many more of us, Harry, are moral characters as we believe our founding fathers were, as exhibited by their works including the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution.  Speaking of the constitution Harry, please quit ignoring the framers intent....these are matters of integrity...something you lack.  The framers intended for Americans to have life, liberty and the right to pursue happiness.  The constitution does not guarantee happiness for anyone,  as the framers understood the dibilitating disease that being in a constant state of 'gimme mo please' would very quickly destroy individual initiative and responsibility for one's own actions.

Harry, you are not only dead wrong in your assertion that the tea party will fade but as days, weeks and months drag on, more and more of us who are now awake will continue to shake our neighbors until they are all awake also.  Shame on us in the first place to let our guard down.  I, personally, fell asleep at the switch and really only concerned myself, politcally speaking, as any Christian would, in making sure my vote did not go toward the party platform with planks that consisted of abortion (another word is infanticide) and a spiritually abominational drive for unnatural relations between men and other men as well as women for women which have caused entire societies to disappear in the past.  Hearken back to Sodom and Gomorrah and understand yourself why a God that promotes the family unit really hates it when some capitulate to their own lustful desires and some even turn around and suggest that God made them that way.

Really.  Harry...many of us are willing to look evil in the face today because we truly understand that we do not battle against 'flesh and blood' but against evil influences from Satan himself, some in very high places.  Ephesians, chapter 6 says this ascertation of mine  is true Harry and you may be pleased to know that Christians, all of which ought to consider themselves tea party folk, also understand that our armour and weapon of choice is also found in that very same chapter. Non-violent Christians and non-violent tea party people who have no faith or another faith take solace in the fact that our weapon is the Word of God which is also known as the Sword of the Spirit which just happens to be truth and is sharper than any two-edged sword you and yours may wield. and your Senate sit on bills passed by the House which clearly state America's desire to cut spending, cap exisiting programs and balance the federal an insane drive to destroy our American economy so as to then enable you and yours to feed us crumbs from your tables, while believing that you and yours will enjoy the fruits a brand new, global governance will bring.  You should not listen to George Soros, Harry....Americans can smell socialism  We can also smell your fear.

Harry...America does not feel obliged to share President Obama's future for America.  We now all see that Obama's desire for America is for her to fulfill the 'dreams' of Obama's communist, Kenyan father.  Later this fall, as President Obama heads off to Rio to sign that treaty he intended to ink in Copenhagen in December of '09, the result in congress will be the will not muster the votes necessary in the Senate to pass that UN resolution known as Agenda 21 which makes America the guarantor of success for the developing nations of the world while redistributing American resources.

Speaking of redistribution it true that the federal government declared the mineral rights in nine western states last year to be the exclusive property of the federal government???  Do you and yours in Obama's czardom intend to allow foreigners to steal our natural resources?  Granted, you and yours have spent America into oblivion with China and Saudi Arabia followed by Japan holding the majority of our treasury bills....and as Bernanke and the federal reserve continue to print phony money to prop up the Wall St bubble...will we begin to see a foreign presence on American shores extracting American resources that you say belongs to the federal government.  And expect Americans to continue to buy and not see through this scheme/scam of yours?

So far Harry, I have been speaking to you on a fairly secular if the secular world is the only one that exists.  While I personally, intend to keep on, keeping on...taking life as it comes...going to work, playing some golf, chatting with my neighbors, blogging about insane motives of socialists in DC....I am fully aware of the spiritual realm surrounding all of us.  Satan is the prince of this world without a doubt...we all know is scriptural hence you find scripture to reassure Christians like this...."Greater is He that is in me that he that is in the world".  Call Obama, he can help you find that in the Quran,

Since we have a very real spiritual presence about us in the form of evil dominions who accompanied Satan when he was escorted from heaven by my namesake, Michael...(as he proudly proclaims!)...the good book lists the number as 1/3 of the angels...sizeable amount considering the total amount of angels created.

 Hey, I have a personal one that looks after me, which unless I am stupid drunk, or some such thing, would see to it that I would not even stub my toe.  We are told to be kind to strangers as we 'never know when we are entertaining angels, unaware...".

Anyway, back to the evil in this world...Harry, I can understand how the irreligious and atheists among your ranks think it possible to establish a world order, given you a perpetual ruling role probably still here in Amerika.  What I do not understand Harry, is how you think that America will sleep through all of this.  Fiscal conservatives, many fundamental Christians, unlike wannabes',  will have an expanding voice in the near term politics of America, i.e., the November, 2012 elections and we are exposing your power grabbing scams/schemes.

We are encouraging our representative congressfolk, particularly the ones we put in power in November of 2010, to stick to their guns and encouraging each other with all we have to give, 'lives, fortunes and sacred honor'.

When the time is right Harry...we will let you know who we coalesce behind in their bid to lead us in taking back our America from treacherous hands, such as your own...politically expedient....with no real care or concerns for Americans nor their pursuit of happiness in a country that should still believe in creating an atmosphere where business can survive and employ more Americans.

You may be encouraged Harry, when somewhere along the way, soon...many of your opposition will simply disappear.  This 'rapture' ( a word not found in the act that is prominent therein), will remove those who believe on Jesus Christ for their salvation instantly...and yet even, those who did not know Christ will continue to resist you and yours and ultimately...those of us taken up will return with Christ to destroy the rule and lives of those who are martyring people coming to Christ from among them still.

That tribulation period, Harry is seven years long, and begins when Christians are raptured which will allow the anti-Christ to appear upon the world stage and take over.  Christians have an indwelling Holy Spirit of God who often is responsible to restrain evil.....when we leave, so does the Restrainer...hell will break loose...literally.  7 years...kind of like that revived Oslo Accord from 1993 that the UN with it's new, messiah like leader, will impose upon Israel.

The UN is set to partition Israel by declaring Palestine a state with land rights currently existing in Israel including East Jerusalem, the capital of Israel.  This is to take place in September...

All the promises Christians count on, all the prophesies in the bible could only come true once Israel became a nation in 1948.  We know that the generation alive to see this will 'not pass' before the return of Jesus Christ for his Church, 'talking about my generation' and we are getting old.

We also know that evil will culminate when we see Israel surrounded about by her enemies which include the entire world.  Until today in American history...we have not had an American president ready to side with the enemies of Israel even in the face of the fact that the edomites have every intention of exterminating all Jews and destoying all things Jewish.  This 'surrounding about' takes place as Obama turns his back on Israel and as the UN allows the palestinians to gain much disputed land and the Syrians to gain the Golan Heights, the northern high land which Israel needs to defend herself.

Those events signal the beginning of the end Harry.  And you and yours are in place in this point in time apparently to oversee the demise of America....   Little do you understand, even when I see you with ash streaks on your forehead on national tv, like some 'publican praying outloud'...that there is indeed a one world government coming and I would say it will be in place in less than a decade...including that 7 year aforementioned tribulation period.

Our economy, the world economy is scheduled to get a lot worse...kind of like 'costing a day's wages for the amount of food it would take to feed a small family'.  The horsemen cannot ride until Christians leave Harry, so you have that much time...only the Father knows the hour and the day...the third horse, the black one with the rider holding the scales is called "Famine",,,,this is a picture of the worldwide economy in that nearterm day.

Look at it this way Harry...when Christians do will then be correct in your otherwise inane assertion that TEA party influence will fade.  Until then, we are among WE THE PEOPLE and increasing numbers of us will awaken to the dangers you and yours represent Harry, as well as awaken to the dangers of neither being 'cold nor hot' as that puts us in a place wherein we are fit to be 'spued' from the mouth of Jesus.  Revival is coming to America Harry and the bride of Christ is set to grow big ime before the wedding feast...and Joel's 'latter rain' will fall.

Hopefully, the majority of my fellow patriotic, freedom loving American citizens, including the illegal ones, will see through the aspirations of those who seek world dominance...whether they be ethnic cultures such as Muslims and Islam, or political heavies with a Hugo Chavez-esque sense about Obama...and like you, Harry.  As Jesus tarries, Harry, as Jesus tarries, is how long you have to put up with us.

Finally Harry...When God told us that he would bless those who would bless Israel and curse those who would curse Israel, He will keep His word.  He also instructed us to pray for the peace of Jerusalem...have you said your prayers tonight yet Harry....include Israel in your thoughts. 

And we will pray for those 'appointed in power over us'.  Fully knowing that if those in power resist God's ultimate authority and do harm to those who trust in God, that those prayers would return to the requestor and instead 'coals of fire' would be heaped on the heads of those prayed for....So yes Harry, I do pray for you, President Obama, Nancy Pelosi and all others who purport to lead us and yet we must question that direction in which you lead.

I would encourage all who read this to ensure that they have paid attention to the admonishment Jesus Christ gave the pharisee Nicodemus when he told Nicodemus that to be saved 'he must be born again in the spirit' John 3:3 and reiterated in John 3:7 when Jesus actually said "Marvel not, that I tell ye that ye must be born again....".  Understand that all have sinned and fall short of the glory that is God and because that is true God provided an atoning price, the life, death and resurrection of his only begotten Son, Jesus Christ...that all who believe on him would have life and those who would not are 'condemned already'.

Be clear about this in your heart and out of your voice for 'it is with the heart that man believes unto righteousness and it is with the mouth that confession is made unto salvation.  Read Romans 10:8-10 and understand this simple gospel message and do not be confused by the social justice/collective salvation doctrines of God's enemies.

One more thing Harry...go ahead and ignore those 'worst ever' or 'hundred year' hurricanes heading in our direction this fall....stay deluded as God says you will...and keep on pushing His own...and one day indeed, you will wish that a millstone be tied about your neck and you would be tossed into the sea rather than  face a living and righteous God....who will exact his justice and judgment.