Be Born Again in the Spirit

'But what saith it? The Word is nigh thee, even in thy mouth, and in thy heart: that is, the word of faith, which we preach: That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in your heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.""

It Is a Freedom Thing

It Is a Freedom Thing

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Conservative Rick Santorum is the New Target

I am absolutely one of those conservatives who wants to fight to take back our American Republic...back from what you ask?   Back from the damn brink of massive big government intervention in our lives, back from the brink of the assault on our personal liberties and back from the brink of big GOP establishment party types trying to select our candidate for us.

I told you in weeks past how sadly, even Fox News is now pimping for the establishment guy, Mitt Romney...I call him McRomney as he is not much different from John McCain... how do I expect Mitt to fair in ask?  Arizona re-elected McCain who backs Romney who added that heinous amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) know the one wherein the President gets to decide who is enemies are and then use our military to lock those up who disagree with his policies toward Christians, toward Islamics, toward married folks,  toward our name it.  McCain and Carl Levin from Michigan were authors of that amendment which is now law.  Michigan...what a would expect Romney to win his UAW laced blue Michigan...why not?  He drives a  chevy car, a ford truck and his wife tools around in a couple of cadillacs.  If McRomney cannot even carry Michigan, his home state, then I certainly would see no difference between him and Al Gore who could not even carry his home state of Tennessee. 

So... you dislike the fact that Rick Santorum talks too much about religion and has deeply held beliefs.  Too bad... you would not even have heard about these if the Romney/Obama protagonists hadn't brought these issues up.  Obama/Romney/Lame Stream Media including Fox News all want us to believe that Mitt is the best candidate to defeat President Obama.  Nothing could be further from the truth.   This is the big lie!  The one that if you repeat often enough, some will actually begin to believe it.

Conservatives need to win the day in November for sure.  I consider continuing our progress ('our' meaning, we the people, the tea party folks), in November elections.  In 2010 we took back the house handily.  In 2012, we must take back the Senate and we will have about 1/3 more of it exposed to us including some rinos like my own state's Richard Lugar.  If we do this but lose the presidency to Obama/McRomney, we will still have a conservative house and senate to cuckold their best efforts at the continual expansion of massive government.  Depending on how much our own GOP establishment types cheat or should I say, continue to cheat at the national and state levels, I would consider not pushing the button for candidate McRomney if the establishment manages to cheat him in.

This is that place where you all need to do your own homework... ignore your gut... Pollsters are people and as such, they are subject to graft and I say this whether you are talking about Rasmussen, Gallup or CNN and especially Fox's own Frank Lund.

Sadly, with  conservative voices capitulating to the pressures of our illegal and immoral government or their minions such as Media Matters and George Soros, voters need to expend the time and energy to research matters for themselves.  Do not be in such a rush to jump to McRomney...that could be dangerous to our health...mine perish that thought!

I know that Santorum, as a Pennsylvania Republican or as Catholic probably doesn't share my views on alot of things entirely.  Yet, I sense him not to be a typical catholic... I have known charismatic and gasp, even pentecostal catholics in the past and know that they stay within the religion to help ensure that other catholics look beyond sacraments, rites/rituals all the way to the need to be born again in the Spirit....John 3:7.

CNN etal. ask the questions and Rick Santorum foolish of him.  I disagree...he stated his position, you now know who he is.  It is up to us all if we want a candidate who is little more than a whack-em-doll for Obama as he wages his class warfare this summer, or do you want a true contrast to Obama/McRomney?  I do and as of right now, I am backing Rick Santorum.... Besides... I do not think I want Mitt Romney wife in my life anymore than I want Michelle Obama in my kitchen cabinets and if she is going to take over his debates for him.....just saying....

America needs to be won back or we have no future.... We need to quit the big party politics as usual... our political parties are rotten at the top.... both of them... and no.. that is no reason to turn to Israeli threat, Ron Paul either.  That one will ensure America is cursed of God!

Yeah, I said God...and where there is God... there is Satan... fortunately for me..."Greater is He that is in me, than he that is in the world".  Yep...Santorum is right... Slewfoot roams this earth like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour... many of you are already his minions cuz as Christ himself puts it...You either accept Jesus and His salvation or you are 'condemned already' and already doing the work of the devil.

I will close this with a blog I penned a little over a year ago now...enjoy and take heed: 

Thursday, February 2, 2012

McRomney Is Not Our Conservative Candidate

Dejavu.... so much dejavu. 2008 all over again.  Between the official Republican National Party and the lame stream media, it seems the forces of big government, of out of control spending, are doubling down against the American people once again.  We vote folks into power to do our will.  Sometimes, many of these folks are there too long and then they feel it is necessary for them to tell the rest of us unwashed and unlearned American public who to vote for.  It is as if they are simply trying to perpetuate their own nasty, republic busting existence in our halls of congress.  WE THE PEOPLE own the capitol building.  We own the white house and we own all of the House and Senate office buildings in Washington, DC.

WE THE PEOPLE allow our elected officials to occupy our properties in Washington, DC under contract and with severe limitations.  Many of these have forgotten their place in our Republic and have insisted on lying, cheating and making a life-long career out of enlarging the federal government, enriching themselves and essentially sticking it to the American you and I.

Today, there are four states, Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Florida that have voted in their caucuses/primary elections.  Rick Santorum won Iowa.  Mitt McRomney won New Hampshire and Florida while Newt Gingrich took South Carolina, handily.

New Hampshire is not a state in which the election results could ever yield the most conservative candidate in the field.  Like all East Coast states and very much like California and that ugly assed Illinois, New Hampshire is loaded with liberals who pretend they want to "Live Free or Die" as they vote for Mitt McRomney the conservative milque-toast candidate.  Obama-lite as we affectionately know Mitt.  Florida is a state where all those east coast liberals go to retire.  Many were sleep walking their entire working lives and now are half asleep in Florida voting for folks to run our country. So sad, the majority vote McRomney.

My home state of Indiana has a 36 year senator sitting in Washington, DC.  Richard Lugar voted for President Obama's choices for the Supreme Court.  Lugar voted for both Kagan and Sotomayor.  Not satisfied with that, and particularly onerous, Lugar also voted to permit King Obama his czardom.  An email from me, a constituent, begging Lugar not to vote in Obama's Regulatory Czar, Cass Sunstein, fell on deaf ears.  His response was that he likes to allow the sitting president (of which Lugar has seen too many) the appointments he needs or feels he needs to function in his administration.  Those not knowing the author of the book, "Nudge", should at least understand that all of these new regulations from the EPA, FDA and every crappy Obama department you can think about, are all promulgated by Cass Sunstein.  Sunstein believes that new laws are not required....just twist and shape the existing ones to suit the progressive agenda for socialism.

As Indiana moves forward this election season, and as we vote our resident rino (Republican in Name Only), Richard Lugar into retirement to be replaced by Richard Mourdock, we are doing our job.  Indiana will not fall to Obama this year.  Indiana embarassed me in 2008 by flipping into the 'blue' state category for the first time in recent memory.  I understand because the only alternative we had to Obama was John McCain.  Talk about Obama-lite.  I am still pissed at Arizona for re-electing this author of the amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act that allows Obama to not only name his enemies, but to use our military to lock them up and throw away the key.  No judges required.  No trials required.  You will disappear...or more like it, I will disappear.  This is lightweight John McCain... this is Mitt Romney... one and the same.

This election process needs to play out.  Official Washington DC will wake up or I can only imagine that the huge tea party contingent  in this country will voice their concerns loudly and may choose to simply sit this election out.  I mean, is there really any difference between Mitt Romney, John McCain or Barack Hussein Obama?  I don't think so...not enough to rush to the voting booths, that's for sure.

Can republicans win the white house without tea party support?  That is a question they need to ask themselves.  Remember...we are conservatives...not necessarily republicans and if we feel we will have the status quo for another four years, we will take our leave of this process and let you imprison yourselves under President Obama's marxist regime. 

I do recommend that conservatives, at the state level, clean house.  Conservatives, the tea party, won the House of Representatives back in 2010, turning 67 seats.  We need to do the same in the Senate.  We took 6 or 7 Senate seats in 2010 but only had about of 1/3 of the senate exposed to us.  In November we can take the majority back as well as losing some of the aforementioned rinos.  Indiana has Lugar...Ohio has Boehner and Kentucky has McConnell.  All should consider changing out these lightweight republican losers.

As Jesus he delays his return for his church, those of us who anticipate his return and our departure, are in it right up until the moment we are gone, we will keep on, keeping on.  Join me as we continue to fight for our fading American Republic.  Know your enemies... understand that their is a globalist agenda afoot and that the tops of both parties believe that their will be enough room at the trough for them to swill but do not expect enough room for you and I.  Do not assume you can trust the talking heads on any of the local or cable stations... they have come to disappoint me...including and especially perhaps, Fox News.

As a reference, please view and like I said, take everything you hear with a grain of salt.  Do your own research and do not trust the east coast mouths represented by Bill O'Reilly, Neil Cavuto, that crappy Five which only has one or two conservatives...and obviously turn the channel on CNN, MSNBC and local station liars that want you to stay asleep.

WE THE PEOPLE have our own fate in our hands.  Do your own research.  Determine if you trust that front runner Mitt Romney will not flip or flop back into his previously stated pro-abortion position, his anti-gun position, his love of Obama's environmental programs (Cap & Trade) and his support for the gay agenda in America.  Too many lives are on the line.  The non-Romney vote is greater than the Romney vote so as we coalesce behind the true conservatives in the field, either Newt Gingrich (my choice) or Rick Santorum, this race should get interesting.  Just understand who it is you can trust these days.