Be Born Again in the Spirit

'But what saith it? The Word is nigh thee, even in thy mouth, and in thy heart: that is, the word of faith, which we preach: That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in your heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.""

It Is a Freedom Thing

It Is a Freedom Thing

Saturday, October 31, 2009

HIV Coming to the Good Ol USA

Obama thinks it is a good idea to lift travel restrictions on people from third world countries or really anywhere else that might have contracted the HIV virus.

Why is that bad for America? Here is why....most aids in Africa comes from couples, men and women, passing it around whereas, a little bit in America comes from sex between gay men but far more, the vast majority, of cases comes from sharing drug needles. That paradigm is about to change. In the future, as these new travelers interact with our societies that are relatively healthy, expect to see more HIV/AIDS among straight couples...and more patients for America to take care of, for sure.

Why not? America probably invented homosexuality and drug use.

Hate Crime Legislation Sneaks in On Military Pay Bill

There are plenty of laws on the books preventing harm, psychological and physical, from being inflicted upon another because of their view of things. Or for any reason for that matter. You just don't go around beating people up or haranguing them.....

Yet, someone felt it necessary to tag this legislation to a bill which everyone knew would get passed and for what good reason?

Does this bill purport to tell ministers of God that they cannot call homosexuality sin from the pulpit anymore, like they've done in Canada? If so, this bill has gone to far as not even the Supreme Court can take on the Supreme Being.

Silly, silly liberals.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Commander in Chief Honors Fallen

If Obama wants to pretend to appear concerned about our troops dying in Iraq and Afghanistan, I guess he can but I believe a better way to honor our troops is to support their mission.

Obama is the only one in position to honor the requests by General McChrystal regarding troop additions (40,000) and tactics. Washington DC dithering is causing the lives of brave American troops every day. Were Obama a war fighter, a true commander in chief, he would have acted by now and he would quit his silly charade of embedding lawyers with our troops for the purposes of merandizing enemy combatants captured on the battlefield. Plus, Obama needs to negate his bs rules of engagement that keep Marines and soldiers from getting artillery and air support when they need it. Obama is afraid an enemy combatants wife or kids may get hurt.

Here is a good one. That racist Eugene Robinson, reporter from the Washington Post, thinks my idea of leaving Afghanistan and leveling their poppy fields is not a good idea because we would destroy their way of life. Okay, their way of life, which is to supply the world with deadly drugs and Eugene thinks we should not mess with that. Only thing I can think of is that ol' Eugene is a good friend of Marion Barry, former DC mayor.

What else, oh yeah, some AP writer wants to convince you that the economy is on the mend. I don't think so. A jobless recovery has never been anything to brag about especially when the numbers were inflated with the $24K per vehicle it cost taxpayers for the cash for clunkers deal and giving 8K for new home is all bogus....just like Obama's whole government....but it will not topple over with out help.

2010 cannot come fast enough.

Liberal Lies about Health Care: Obama Style

Here we go Fort Wayne. Nancy Pelosi unveiled the houses version of socialized medicine yesterday...and everything you thought you did not want included, guess what, is included. Regardless of what your God or your conscients tells you to think about it, you will pony up for your fair share of the tax dollars needed to continue funding 1.4 million abortions of unborn babies for matters of convenience every year. That number is expected to rise with the unknown number of foreigners also covered under this bill. .5 to .75 of all abortions are done for reasons of the mother's health, incest or rape. Average age is 25 years old.

The bill will necessarily be expensive because it covers everyone from cradle to early graves and really only from the cradle if you do not have autism or some such thing that would prevent you from being a viable member of society. I kind of resent covering people who have not done anything in their lives but run around with their hands out...I always had to pay for my coverage. Am I selfish? I have already raised my kids, do I have to raise yours too?

Do not yell at me, I am an old timer fully aware that as soon as Ezekiel Emanuel (Rahm's brother), Obama's bioethicist, gets his hands on me I had better stay healthy. Ol' Zeke's plans suggests the biggest bang should go to those 15-40 years of age, not too much before 15 because you could still have deranged individuals. Zeke moves the arguement from when does life begin to about 3-4 years old, depending on the child's development.
One does not have to make this stuff I said, their intentions for us oldsters on the other end of the spectrum are even more dire. If you are no longer productive and merely sucking the system dry, doesn't matter if you kicked in your whole life, you will not be getting expensive knees, hips, stents, any such thing....Die Granny Die, just like that ugly college student said.

Your president is a socialist and his agenda is population control. Hence, he backs putting grains in automobiles instead of feeding starving peoples in the world. Zeke Emanuels' specialties will alleviate the problem that would otherwise arise when the baby boom generation hits social security and medicare in two more years. How in the hell can they take 400 billion away from medicare and still take care of seniors.

Okay Fort Wayne residents, you know what to do. Get that goof ball Evan Bayh on the phone and tell him to vote no. Same with Lugar. Same with Souder.

Light up those phone lines, Fort Wayne.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fort Wayne Miscellaneous Garbage Pimped as News

Federal aid to go to Auburn, Indiana to upgrade their electrical utility system. Over 2 million dollars from us taxpayers to Auburn in anticipation of Obama's Cap and Tax bill passing as soon as they can get this health care off their plate, Obama can legalize Mexicans as citizens, and then, cap and tax, in that order. Sounds good, huh? That upgrade will allow Auburn residents to become part of that "smart grid" which will allow government controlled electric utilities to monitor individual work place or residential consumption and to slow down available power accordingly. Gonna be a cold winter when this bs is fully implemented folks. Sylvia >Smith, J-Gs own liberal liar authored this story.

ECONOMIC PICTURE IN EYE OF BEHOLDER: by AP writer Tom Raum. This article has folks purportedly questioning why their seems to be a financial recovery afoot while America is still shedding jobs. They question, how can this be? Easy. There is a large part of financial America that, while skeptical, want so badly to believe that things are getting better that it influences their decisions on Wall Street and among other high flyers. Maybe those who forsee the coming two class system, the rich, ruling class and all others, know that green industrial technologies should be sufficient to sustain their lifestyle so why sweat the small stuff like jobs. After all, the health care bill being rammed through and the cap and trade bill coming next are both major industry busting bills with those in middle America being hurt the most.

Watch for that word 'sustain', 'sustainable', cannot be 'sustained', etc. as that is UN speak for about 300-500 million people world wide although the Club of Rome members think we can go all the way up to 1 billion. Granny dearest, of course they are after you and me....for that matter. When you have a chance google the UN's Habitat Agenda and see how many times you can find that word and yet no written explanation of it's parameters. Hmmmm!. Hey even Beck is seeing their evil intentions. More serious job loss is on the way...and gone forever...unless

NUCLEAR INCENTIVES WOO CLIMATE VOTES by Steven Mufson of the Washington Post which has forgotten how to stand up like they did against Nixon. This to me is pure hogwash like allowing us to drill oil (in the Gulf of Mexico) where heretofore only China is allowed to drill. This is a classic bait and switch suggesting that Obama will entertain allowing investment dollars for new facilities etc.... Remember, Obama still wants this cap and trade bill in his hip pocket before he heads to Copenhagen to sign our sovereignty away. After our little green president gets his cap and trade bill then he will change his mind about Nuclear. Obama....Liar, Liar!

AARP Could Gain From Health Bill: by Dan Eggen of the Washington Post. No shit, AARP signed on to be Obama's partner along time ago. Obama intends to ram through his version of deathwatch and then allow AARP to charge you for supplemental insurance so that you might have a chance at affording that knee or hip replacement that Obama is pricing out of your range today. Medical device manufacturers cannot 'sustain' that 40 billion tax bill over 10 years without passing the costs onto you. Warsaw and Pierceton, Indiana will shed plenty of jobs when this comes down.

All I can say is that I finally got my opportunity to resubscribe for another year of AARP....I believe I will pass. There are other organizations like the 60+ organization that has your overall best interest at heart and they are not for Obama 'let grannie die' care.

SOCIAL SECURITY, COST OF LIVING ADJUSTMENTS TOUCHY SUBJECTS: By Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette's own Opinion Editors including the Inskeep family and that lefty Tracy Warner. Here the liberals are all in a tither because Obama wants to pay seniors $250.00 even when there was supposedly no rise in inflation over the past year.

I believe these goofy people think that if as seniors, we have taken responsibility for our financial futures, have provided for ourselves with retirement plans as well as social security, that our benefits should be curtailed and tied more closely to individual need before we draw from this "entitlement" program. You silly people....I agree that I am entitled because I have paid in to social security and medicare for 45 years of my working life...never welfare...never even unemployment.

You are unhappy because the system is broke because you and yours could not keep your hands off the money we were kicking it to support us. Had this money been maintained and grown, we should each be eligible for annual dividends far in excess of $250. You socialists just don't get it...when everyone is poor...who pays the way?

Enough of this for today. My stomache can only handle so much of the Journal Gazette.

Racist Eugene Robinson Doesn't Trust War Fighter Obama

Hey Eugene (the racist) Robinson one of us. He wants to bring our troops home from Afghanistan and that is a position I cannot help but share if they have to suffer Obama as their Commander In Chief. I do not see the harm in pulling our troops out of harm's way and then simply leveling their poppy crops (agent orange is a pretty good defoliant of vegetation and people- ask a Vietnam vet), or napalm provides a good, steady burn. But then, oh where, oh where, would Obama come up with the opiate for the masses which will need to replace that old standby, religion. How would Washington DCs Marion Barry ever survive without his daily dose?

Oh Eugene still wants to shift this thing around and blame Bush. Eugene, Eugene, Eugene, this is Obama's Afghanistan and has been from the beginning of his presidency. This is his war of choice, and yours if you will remember, to pursue those evil Al Qaeda in Afghanistan. Eugene suggests that since George Bush may have delayed helping our troops in Iraq that it should be ignored if Obama is doing the same thing in Afghanistan. Eugene, didn't momma ever tell you that two wrong don't make a right, you lefty, you. This former 9 year Marine and Vietnam veteran is not in favor of jeopardizing our soldiers and Marines not one day longer if Obama does not want to fight this war.

Having said that, if Obama does want to fight this war, quit trying to do it from Washington DC and letting that goofy liberal left try to convince Americans why our sons and daughters are dying in Afghanistan, oh and again big time, in Iraq, then fight it or get the hell out. You liberals are good at throwing in the towel.

Like President Johnson in Vietnam who refused to put Russian and Chinese ships that were delivering arms to North Vietnam, to the bottom of Haiphong Harbor, President Obama is forcing out troops to fight undermanned and under conditions that no other American fighting forces have ever been subjected to. What other forces had to carry along embedded lawyers so that any captured could quickly be merandized and read their rights? What others forces in our history have been subjected to rules of engagement that forestall the use of artillery support or close air support when needed, when potential collateral damage might take place. The taliban and Al-Qaeda fight from among the willing population which thrives on the drug trade, these are not innocents.

Obama and Eugene, unless and until, you are ready to commit to winning against your muslim brothers, please do not pretend that you are war fighters.

One Marine life is worth 100 Eugene Robinsons.

Home Depot Is Ashamed of God - Boycott!

Good Morning Fort Wayne,

A Home Depot employee was fired for wearing a pin (which he had been wearing everyday for over 1.5 years)which depicted an American Flag with the words "One Nation Under God - Indivisible".

The employee said he wore it to honor the military so Home Depot offered a couple of choices of their own for him to honor the troops with and of course their pins would not/could not have any reference to God and our employee declined to wear their lame, do nothing, pin.

Here is what I know America, and this comes straight from Jesus Christ: "If you confess me before men, I will confess you before my Father, if you deny me before men, I will deny you before my Father which is in heaven."

Do you want to be ashamed of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, America? Do you want to cast your lot with our ugly president and his evil minions and goofy followers, like Home Depot?

Just something to get you going this am. I am off today and will read the Journal Gazette liberal rag so there will be more to follow.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fort Wayne Journal Gazette Amps up the Assault on Conservatives

We start this day by recognizing it as one that God has made and then we determine to rejoice and be glad in it.

Journal-Gazette has unleased practically their entire arsenal in today's edition. We have propaganda from the usual Obama clones including the JG's own Sylvia Smith, Stacey Stumpf, and regular weirdos like Ann McFeatters and the racist Eugene Robinson. Made it halfway through Eugene's column before I threw up the first time. Eugene wants to pretend that he and Obama are war fighters.

Today's bottom line: Health care is main theme the liberals want to lie about today. Early birds are already trumpeting the Cap & Trade bill which is integral to Obama's world domination agenda (UN Habitat Agenda). Like I said yesterday, Obama really wants this cap and tax bill in his hip pocket when he goes back to his friends in the nether world in December for COP15 in Copenhagen. The rest of the world wants him to have that too. The treaty will mean a new way of life for Americans, in fact, quit calling us Americans as we are all just citizens of the world under Obama.

One but has to review the declarations and resolutions as found in their Habitat Agenda to know why Obama is destroying our industrial infrastructure. Why when it doesn't seem to make sense to destroy car companies, insurance companies, medical device manufacturers and small businesses that provide 70% of American jobs, does Obama do it anyway.

My only question for Obama is where does he personally fit on the Club of Rome food chain. Does his 1.4 million Nobel Peace Prize gain him full admission as a voting member or has he been one ever since he was teaching ACORN activists how to stuff ballot boxes and bull rush the mortgage system with poor applicants and even poorer application rules thanks to Barney Frank and company.

My only question for all others including the media which cannot seem to find an Edward R. Murrow type among themselves, why aren't you watching out for our Republic?

My only question for all citizens is do you really want to be a world citizen on a par with villagers in Kenya? Or, do you think that the innovative and creative spirit and blessings of a loving God have built America as a free nation with free guiding principles to cherish and defend?

Never let others speak for you when their message is foul. Oh how will you ever know about their message? Well, you may just have to pay attention. Certainly get beyond the Inskeep family newspapers in Fort Wayne. You will get a steady diet of serious omissions and the occasional outright lie. J-G, you go to hell either way.

Hey people, pass this news on, make others aware of this blog, start one yourself....just remember, big brother is watching.

There is an article from Saturdays J-G authorized by Garrison Keillor. I panned it quickly yesterday and besides ol' Garrison just rambling as usual, he tried to pretend he could quote God. I think he tried to compare Capitalism (free enterprise) with the rich guy in the new testament that ended up in hell.

I love it when amoral/immoral types like Keillor try to use God's word to justify anything....I get to twist them back into shape. Garrison, Garrison, Garrison (what a weird name), rich people like George Soros and Michael Moore, Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, Ted Turner, Al Gore, Kofi Annan, Queen Beatrix and all of those other Club of Rome members are all on their way to hell. But Garrison, it is not because they are rich....oh no, because in reality God tells us, "Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in pay attention Garrison because indeed it is conditional,.....even as they soul prospers." 3John2

So you see Garrison, your friends prosper because they are evil and taking advantage of what Satan's world has to offer them today and indeed these will be the weights about their necks that pull them to hades. God fearing people prosper as their souls prosper and this wealth they can use all day here and of course will have no need of it in the world to come and yet all of your wealth won't even buy you a glass of water to be brought by a runner like Lazareth. I think you used these words in your column a couple of weeks ago, "wailing and gnashing of teeth", and here I thought you didn't know what the future had in store for you.

As always, there are two kinds of people believers (John 3:16) and non-believers (Revelatons 16:2). See all the beautiful Obamaites.

One thing to understand about the UN Habitat Agenda, as you scroll down the menu...anywhere you see the word "sustainable" that means about 300-500 million people worldwide. I will explain tomorrow evening but you really have to understand the agenda of those behind the scenes orchestrating this green assault on the world populations. It is not pretty and when you consider how close to the whitehouse some of these people are like Science Czar John Holdren and Regulatory Czar Cass Sunstein, you will agree that we are in a battle to the end. See you later and God bless.

Here is a good one to ponder today: "The sufficiency of my merit, is to know, that my merit is insufficient."

Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Eleventh Hour

I had an opportunity to hand out the following to some live participants at a tea party today in Fort Wayne. Weather was chilly and off and on damp but folks were serious minded, courteous and seemed awfully determined to engage our government in a free exchange of ideas in an effort to save our republic. I dislike even the idea of name calling and to me being called a socialist would be fighting words, although many in Obama's administration and most certainly including Barack Hussein himself, wear that title proudly:

From the Desk of:
Michael R. Konkel

October 24, 2009








I still say we meet in Washington DC for a three day visit, November 9th thru Veteran's Day, November 11th. Let's give them an exta long weekend.

Correction: I must have been sleeping longer than some of you because I understand that today was either the 2nd or 3rd tea party...hey, now that the hour is short, let's keep it up. I will help too.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Open Letter to President Barack Obama

October 23, 2009,

An Open Letter to President Obama,

My name is Michael R. Konkel. I am a 62 year old semi-retired American citizen. Previously, I have served 9 active duty years in the U.S. Marine Corps including two tours in Vietnam.

I re-enlisted in 1967 for six more years so that the Marine Corps would send me to an extensive Vietnamese language school. I went, did well, finally got back to Vietnam for my second tour and got to know a few South Vietnamese soldiers and civilians.

When America quit and reneged on her promises and subsequently pulled out of Vietnam, do you know that another nearly 2.5 million South Vietnamese civilians died? Some died as boat people, some at the hands of the NVA and still others at the hands of the Khmer Rouge as they fled to neighboring countries like Cambodia and Laos. Weren’t we proud of ourselves back then?

I dwelled in a heightened state of apathy from then until Swartzkopf fought a war like generals know how to do. Hell, after that I even joined the American Legion. General McChrystal could probably do better if you would honor his request for troops, less lawyers, and allow the soldiers and Marines to receive close air and artillery support wherever their attackers are located. Collateral damage cannot always be avoided and if it would save American lives, should be of secondary concern.

I still stayed fairly apathetic about politics, that is until about September 5th of this year when I set aside two golden calves that simply occupied too much of my time. Golf, which I love dearly and Friday night out with the crowd.

Mr. President, I have you to thank for waking me up. That next weekend I drove myself to Washington DC after deciding at 4 PM on Friday afternoon that I wanted to find out if the rest of the country was as much in the dark as Fort Wayne, Indiana. They are not. There was damn near a million people there but I was the one who flipped off, using both hands, the two Marine One helicopters (one being a decoy), when you took off for your trip to talk to those 1,400 people in Minneapolis.

As an American patriotic, and having served my country for nine years, I feel I have the right to disagree with you, your czar-dom, and your Agenda (21) . I see your actions as busting the American industrial infrastructure, to essentially turn us into a third world nation dependent on the largesse of a world governing body with rules such as Habitat Agenda. I see your health bill as ruining insurance, medical device manufacturers and even more small businesses with onerous taxes while you scheme to lower population levels. Your cap and tax bill will destroy the fossil fuel industry, what is not already regulated away, and as you said “electric bills will necessarily skyrocket.”

We know that the health bill, illegal amnesty, card check, cap and trade are all cornerstones of the ‘dreams of your father’, but we really do not wish to follow you down the road to socialism. We do not wish to pay for the underachievers around the world, nor for that matter in this country.

Mr. Obama, I respectfully request that you stay out of Copenhagen in December and that you do not presume to speak for the American people who increasingly are not so much enamored with you. Also, Mr. Obama, could you please expedite my $250. so that I can come and spend some time in DC again November 9th – 11th? Appreciate it! If about 2 million of us drop in, will you stay and visit this time?

By the way, lay off of our freedom of speech, reign in Mark Lloyd and the rest of your creepy czars, particularly that School Safety Czar Kevin Jennings as I do not believe that fans of man-boy love relationships should even be considered for such a position.

Mr. Obama, you can find my opinions, almost daily, at

Mr. Obama, please do not think this is a republican attack. I intend to see that Richard Lugar loses his seat when he is up for reelection too. Along with Bayh of course.

Semper Fi

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fort Wayne Green & Black Theologies Primer - October 18, 2009

Fort Wayne, it is time you know the forces at work behind your new president, his agenda (21) and the spiritual fight we find ourselves in.

The Civil Rights Act was signed by President Johnson in 1964, that would make it 45 years for healing to take place. Plenty of time. Black theology is an evil, divisive ideology taught by the likes of the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Al Sharton, Jessie Jackson and their ilk. It teaches the black man that he is a victim of the white ruling class, that he can never improve his lot and that if he wants something better he is going to have to learn how to organize, and learn how to apply for all of the green grants available for urban dwellers of little inner drive through tax payer funded activities like the HABITAT AGENDA.

You will see alot of stories published by the Journal-Gazette wherein they wittingly support the socialistic, green agenda of President Obama and the United Nations. Our president is planning on going to Copenhagen in December to commit the United States of America to a treaty from which we can never withdraw, and quite frankly America, live through and remain a sovereign nation.....

Wake up America. Winter is coming along with some serious 'discontent'. You do not want to go on with life in America knowing you no longer are the master of your own destiny, that you can succeed at anything if you work at it hard enough. Under Obama, you might as well crawl into a grave and pull the dirt in on top of you....or fight.

Green action agendas are the means by which Obama will level the existence of those living in America with those living in Tubukuqauoct, Kenya.... I know, I know, I don't really care about those people either but Obama has this thing for his fellow countrymen....go figure and I thought he was an American. Black obamaites are the tools this regime will use against the citizens of these here United States as he continues to divide this once fine country along racial lines and within racial lines, within families, black and white. Shame on you Mr. President.

Your local newspapers owned by the same liberal family do not have your interest at heart and have no desire to share the truth with you. Some of these goons actually think they will get special treatment by a global regime that believes if the world has 500 million people, that that is way too much....

Sundays paper is just like all weeks and it disgusts me that their lies do not even take off on the sabbath day.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

'CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW?' Fort Wayne Journal Gazette 10/17/09

Hi Fort Wayne,

Let's move from the news absurd to the even more so. A southern California immigrants rights group objected to a costume that showed an orange jump suit and an 'ufo' appearing alien mask and the words "Illegal Alien" imprinted across the front selling at Target's website. That much of it, I personally, did not object to...but they showed this alien gripping a "green" card which are only issued to legal aliens such as my French wife who has been paying into the good old American social security system for the 44 years she has been here. Paid into medicare too, ever since its inception. Me too.

I am offended that someone would lump Obama's stealthy efforts to provide American health care to anyone and everyone who can sneak/strut across our borders, with legal emigrants who used the front door. All legal "aliens" are insulted by the largesse and disobedience of the rule of law exhibited by the current Obama administration. Get 'em Sheriff Joe.

Speaking of social security, ol' Ann McFeatters article entitled "Buying Off Seniors is short-sighted plan" goes on to suggest that the $250. per senior proffered up by Obama is an attempt to buy off a vote that simply costs too much, that seniors should take less of a priority particularly when the cost of living did not rise so therefore payments should not. Ann is apparently alright with this logic as it appears to be her own.

Now, here is my take. I joined the Marines in 1964 and stayed there for 9 years and that was my first job beginning 19 days after my 17th birthday. I recently, last December, retired from working in manufacturing from my 26th year through my 61st year. At age 62 I retired with 75% of my social security and not yet eligible for medicare into which I have been paying since its inception, 44 years ago.

Ann forgets that this is our money that is absent from the treasury, that every administration from its inception (the democrat mandated social security act) has raided it. Today it is penniless and democrats want to view it as a sort of welfare system.

Oh Sweetie, Ann, please dear, it will not be a welfare system until Obama includes all the illegals mentioned in the article above plus anyone else who hasn't worked for but yet expects benefits. What America cannot afford, Ann, is the largesse of your ilk... who gives when all we have is Special Drawing Rights, Ann?

Ann, you are right, some of us do not really need that extra $250. yet. On the other hand we have not felt the true weight of Obama's healthcare and cap and tax bills (you know the one under which "consumer eletric bills in America are necessarily going to skyrocket") so maybe we should clench our fists over the money that is ours anyway (let's investor could draw an extra $250. per year if they invested that money themselves and didn't trust the U.S. silly seniors, we trusted. And now Ann we trust the U.S. government to live up to her responsibilities).

I will use my $250. to fund my protest efforts. The scene is Washington DC on Sept 12th was marvelous. I have great uses for my money. "Can You Hear Us Now" Washington?

Then we have Garrison Keillor. First of all, someone needs who knows Garrison needs to tell him that his vitrol towards anyone against any of Obama's policies is belied by his homey picture wherein his head rests against his hand, supported by a 'not so rigid' wrist. Maybe that is fine for a Prarie Home Companion but in this arena, Garrison is going to have to man up.

Garrison article today is trying to mislead the public into thinking that opposition to Obama and his socialist agenda (21) is a GOP thing. Anyone who knows the protest movement even a little bit knows fully well that this is conservatism against liberalism/socialism wherein we object to anyone of any party getting in the way of our God-given, inalienable rights of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. We call it defending our republic and constitution, quite frankly, from Obama his administration and those complicit in this leftie agenda from abroad.

I believe us tea party people are offering up both Bayh and Lugar for replacement by moral and God-fearing people and when I say God, I mean my God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob...the Jewish and Christian God.

I come against President Obama from my perspective as an American patriot having paid some small price for our right to fly the flag today, I come defending our republic still, against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Us former Marines are hard to shake off Mr. President. I believe the Marine Corps birthday, November 10th and November 11th Veterans Day this year would be two greats days for Americans to merge again in Washington, DC. Our numbers were great on September 12th and it was fun...I even helped an older guy and his wheel chair over a low retaining wall in front of the capitol just so we could fill in the spaces the guards tried to leave open. We were packed in like sardines.

We woke up our legislators in September but I still do not believe we have their full attention....For Patriots...See You IN DC on Veterans Day

From my perspective as a christian, the president's plans while seemingly well intended cannot be realistically fulfilled and Obama knows it but the games go on....inside of 10 years 94% of all of us will be driven into a public option and rationing will take place. Forced abortions, senior care rationing and laced drinking water systems with infertility drugs falls in the province of science czar, John Holdren.(Swine flu shot anyone?) For those who wish to concern themselves with the devil's henchmen, go to YouTube, there is a fine clip and story about the UN's Agenda 21 and the Club of Rome. I have read the entire book of Revelations and know the fate of any involved so I really do not worry about the 'who' of it. I can wait until we see the horns and tail.

Enough about that, christians know how this one ends and they also know that we will see some of it get nasty but some of you will see far worse than us christians after we leave you here alone with Obama and his ilk.

In that case, I will say to you, to Garrison Keillor and Ann McFeatters, Revelations 16:2 is poetic God given justice. Enjoy...of course your alternative, while you breathe, is John 3:16.

For Christians, this November in DC and Next Year in Jerusalem!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Fort Wayne News Ommissions Case of FW JG- Oct 16,2009

Wow, Sylvia Smith tells us the state got 328 new stimulus bill created jobs in the state....that should equal out to about 6 million dollars pay per person if one compares it to my tax dollars spent. Sylvia, Sylvia, Sylvia still pushing this dead horse and looking for more I understand.....

Feds are trying to buy off us seniors with our own little $250. stimulus. Great, I will use mine to reimburse myself for that trip I made to Washington DC on September 12th his year and for my future trips as I go about fighting for this republic. Thank you Mr. Obama. How thoughtful...maybe next year, you can make sure my social security and medicare keep making it's way to me unchanged. Fat chance on that one. Us seniors, you do know we cost too much, don't you my fellow Hoosiers?
Healthbills are coming to a vote soon...have you talked to Lugar or Bayh yet?

Tim Horn wrote a good letter to the editor today regarding the cross erected by WWI veterans for veterans of all wars that the ACLU and that weird California 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has had it boxed up for some years now. This is an ongoing Supreme Court fight with crosses, angels, stars of david at risk of being removed from federal lands everywhere....including places like Arlington Cemetery and maybe my own arm. Can my Marine tatoo offend someone? Hope so. View for this story.

Surprise, surprise..JG published a Michele Malkin piece....unheard of....Michele explains the president's attack on the only conservative, tv broadcast outlet, Fox News....all the rest are Obama News outlets. Anita Dunn in the Obama administration is the socialist airhead Obama is using to spearhead this. Turns out, even though Anita Dunn cannot quite figure out how Mother Teresa and Mao Tse Tung can fit in the same bed, she tries to put them there. Read Michele and check out her web site...she is a great, candid spokesperson for conservatism.

Finally there is a story about the UN nuclear strategy which I didn't bother reading God (whenever you see me mention God with a capital G know that I am referring to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, my God) and Mossad know the truth about Iran and her nuclear ambitions and capabilities. UN has little to say about it other than to perhaps force Israels hand (Isaiah 17:1).

Other than that Fort Wayne, have a great day. Mr. Charles E. Rice will speak at IPFW, Auer Auditorium, at 7PM this evening, Friday the 15th. His subject will be "The Constitution in the Age of Obama". Mr. Rice is associated with the Fort Wayne based Archangel Institute which now occupies the site which was previously Fort Wayne old baby killing mill. Should be interesting and I believe I will have to see you there.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Richard Reich -Economic Advisor to Barack Obama

Hey, Fort Wayne, special edition just for you:

We're going to have to, if you're very old, we're not going to give you all that technology and all those drugs for the last couple of years of your life to keep you maybe going for another couple of months. It's too we're going to let you die."

As proposed by Ezekiel Emanuel (Rahm's bioethicist brother), that 15-40 age group will benefit but Obama cannot afford to take care of us seniors what with pulling 500 billion out of our medicare...paid for by us for 44 years..

Hope you do not have to change your insurance plan because once you do it is off to the public option and the boards say-so for you...your insurance company cannot afford to cover you because of government mandates with industry busting tax provisions....industry and jobs....add those to the medical device manufacturing jobs that will be lost....and the hip joints, knee joints, whatever you think you could afford, won't even be available to are too old and according to Bill Maher "too old and too stupid and simply need to be dragged to the table."

Still have that hope for this divider, Obama, Fort Wayne, how about we stand up together and tell Washington DC and her evil minions to simply "Go to Hell" and then send them there at your next earliest voting opportunity. Housecleaning time.

Fort Wayne, What missed the News on 10/15/09

J-G writer Marty Schladen attempts to turn the dow hitting the 10K mark as something special. If it could be sustained and improved then, yes it would be good, but with the job market going south, entire industries getting assaulted by DC and everybody's taxes going up, by a million little slits, other than that there is no basis for speculation....except that,....except that....some people want it to be so bad. Not to be, Amerika is going down under Obama.

J-G sponsored Eugene Robinson, the racist, again today...this time he is suggesting that anyone who was against Obama winning the Nobel Peace prize are only harming themselves. I believe him. Take that 1.4 million Obama gets, give it to ACORN, and who knows what evil they will inflict upon our Republic.

What I really like is Eugene's idea that Obama has any legitimate reason to be meddling in the affairs of Israel. I see Obama, so far, with no reason to believe he will change, as someone who offered an open hand to militant Islam and a closed fist in the face of Israel.

Americans, not you Eugene, know that "God will bless those that bless Israel and curse those that curse Israel." I personally am sort of on the same page as the nutcase in Iran...he looks forward to the anti-christ (Al Mahdi) to come and lead a federation of middle eastern nations, also including Russia and some of her former satellites against Israel....I know this is the season but have been content to live day by day but it seems Obama wants things to progress more quickly.

Time must be getting short for Satan as he seems to be getting antsy.

I believe God views America's action combined with that infamous 'Gang of Four' which includes the UN, EU, and Russia, kind of like the last straw when he says ".....and they parted my land."

Fort Wayne residents, you know what side your bread is buttered on and your well being will not reside with our current government that wants to turn socialist and are using their green and black ideologies to accomplish just that. We still have voices, let's use them.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sylvia Smith Disingenuity-different day, same old lies - October 14,2009

Another day Fort Wayne and another set of lies coming to you straight to your front door compliments of the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette.

Today's edition has Sylvia Smith trying to make, tax and spend Senator Evan Bayh, a fiscal hawk. Ha hahahahahahashahahahahaha.....good one Sylvia.

Bayh is Obama's official blue state Indiana mouthpiece and Sylvia Smith, the JG's own, is Bayh's mouthpiece. Expect lies from these all the way around. You cannot afford Obamacare in any way, shape or form. Kiss Warsaw and Pierceton jobs goodbye as the assault on medical device manufacturers begins...40 billion in taxes...are they nuts...goodbye jobs. Also, expect much unemployment from the insurance industry. They are not going to be able to afford the taxes and penalties applied by Washington bureaucrats and they will be passed on to you. When you think you want to change your policy, it will be to a government plan.

Next Obama Fact: He is definitely not a war fighter. Under Obama's rules of engagement, besides embedding lawyers, for miranda rights purposes, with combat troops, Marines and soldiers are being denied artillery and air support for fear of killing civilians, and the Taliban is using that to its tactical advantage. In a letter to his congressman, a fallen Marine's dad, condemns the insanity of the current situation and the suicidal position this administration has placed these real warriors in. We have abandoned them in this Catch-22 where we're supposed to defend the population, but we can't defend them because we can't engage the enemy that is supposed to be the problem."

Obama, if this is the best you can do then get the hell out of Afghanistan, one Marine's life is too many for the likes of you and your communist agenda. Step back, pull out and napalm the piss out of Afghanistan's poppy crop wherever you find....oh it will make liberals drugs of choice too expensive....too bad.

Liberal like Ezra Klein, another J-G mouthpiece this morning believes the big bad insurance industry is quaking in it's boots and since that might be the case, that this (healthcare) plan might be worth supporting after all. Not....not even a little bit. Insurance companies can do a bit to clean up their act but congress can do far more had they been capable of making sound, moral decisions instead of trying to bust all of America's industries. Tort reform (malpractice limits), portability (transport your insurance across state lines and from job to job) and finally just plain premiums we can live with.

The government options are far worse with a family of 4 who might pay 12K per year for insurance now, actually paying closer to $25K for that mandatory coverage. Taxes will destroy business but in Obama's plan to make Amerika a third world nation, what the hell....get it on.

Tracy Warner, opinion page editor at Fort Wayne goofy morning rag was rather benigh today except that he demonstrated his concern that background checks for people wanting carry permits for guns are not being conducted properly by our Indiana State Police.....Tracy...and who appointed you watch dog of our gun laws? Why don't you concentrate on telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Oh yeah Tracy, in case you forgot, you can go to hell for telling lies but you can also go to hell for sins of ommission.....think about that one Tracy, as that is what you and your Fort Waynes news rags are all about.

See you tomorrow Fort Wayne.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Unhealthy Health Bill is ripe for the Ramming

Hey, Fort Wayne, it is just about ram and jam time for Obama's healthcare plans. Are you sure you are ready for this? I do not think you are because you cannot afford this on so many levels it is ridiculous. E.J. Dionne, that thin lipped so called catholic (abortionist), is at it again today in the Fort Wayne morning rag.

Here is the thing America. Dems have defeated amendments to add language that will prohibit federal funds for abortions, defeated amendments to install language that would specifically prohibit rationing for seniors, and of course they did allow language to limit federal money going to pay for health care for illegals. On the other hand, as soon as they ram and jam this one up our butts or down our throats, wherever you prefer, Obama will make them all legal with one pen stroke.

Jobs Fort Wayne, care bill will destroy Kosciusko County. The medical device manufacturers cannot afford the onerous tax burden that will be heaped upon them (40 billion over 10 years). Warsaw residents will need to travel to Elkhart to find a soup kitchen because Elkhart County was destroyed by Obama first.

Many, most in fact, insurance companies will either go out of business or be forced to raise their prices so high that you cannot afford them and you will still end up under the government option whether this is administered by the fed or by the states. The result is the same.

So what is wrong with the public option....well, this is where ol' Ezekiel Emmanuel (Rahm's goofy bioethicist brother) research comes in. You will be okay if you are between the ages of 15-40 with no outstanding health issues. Before 15 you have not proven you will be an asset to society, hey you might have autism or something and in fact, under Obama, you are not even human until you are illness free at the age of 3 or 4. Forget about arguing that life begins at conception. Ol' Zeke provides a whole new meaning to the word infanticide.

RV industry is finished in Indiana. Medical devices manufacturers are broken by Obama and that industry is dead or dying. Insurance companies, and all of their employees will be hitting the streets soon looking for jobs.

Is this the Amerika you want Fort Wayne. Wake up and shout about it....and please tell Tracy Warner, that goofy Opinion Page editor at the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette to lay off of Mitch Daniels. Mitch has plenty of concern for Hoosiers inability to get jobs but Mitch Daniels cannot fight this assault by the federal government all by himself.

Tracy Warner, if your hope is tied to Obama, you may as well move to Somalia and become a citizen of Obama's New World Order.

Don't forget the UN's Agenda 21. Look it is a good read...scare the hell out of you though.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Obama attacks free speech through staffer Anita Dunn

Here we go! I wondered how long it would take our leftie (Hugo Chavez ilk) president to mount another assault on our constitution.

Allow me to remind everyone out there who wrote the stimulus bill...oh yeah!, it was that Apollo Alliance thing that the commie Van Jones founded....must have done a great job though because Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) thanked them profusely. Basic civics tells us that we have three branches, executive, judicial and legislative and those are the only three groups that should have anything to do with laws that affect our republic. Tides Foundation (stupid, ugly George Soros....filthy rich...and just plain filthy and many other greenies like Al Gore flesh out this den of iniquity), Appolo Alliance, SEIU (Andy Stern, president of service employees internation union big contributor to Obama and in turn is big contributor to Obamacare and also huge beneficiary with that huge union), none of these should be writing our bills or even providing input except through their elected representatives in congress.

Shame on our congress for rubber stamping Obama's czars. After Lugar voted cloture for Cass Sunstein (the Regulatory Czar, read his book "Nudge" and then kiss your guns goodbye...a little at a time...he nudges regulations such as "no more hunting on federal land...and then soon state land...", I emailed Lugar and suggested that he voted cloture for Sunstein, just to expedite the vote I am sure and that he did not intend to vote for that creepy guy...well, his response was, "I like to give the sitting president leeway in regard to his assistants".....really Dick, you dick you, even when that leeway allows Obama to establish a ring of socialism around Washington DC that means serious harm to our Republic. What are you thinking, Dick? Were you even thinking or are you also one of them "Club of Rome" members and perhaps have bought in hook, line and sinker to the UN program 'AGENDA 21'? People can look this stuff up themselves before John Lloyd, Diversity Czar, puts an end to your internet privacy...oops that is already gone...Obama has been capturing social sites for months now...I am pretty sure he has Yahoo Answers!, Facebook, You Tube and anywhere else some American citizen might say something disparaging about him.

You all should be able to enjoy my inputs the same as the president already does...Yahoo Answers!, I post questions, alot since Obama has been elected and I answer questions, usually in their society & culture->religion, spirituality forum. My screen name there is Swordofthespirit2.
You should be able to log into Yahoo Answers! and view my stuff....but be prepared alot of atheists and others go in there so if you take offense easily..don't go there.

Here is Obama's next assault on the constitution and particularly against Fox News. Okay so right now all we have in tv broadcast news is Fox News and Obama News and Obama calls Fox News the enemy, an opponent. I guess Mr. Obama (I can always "hope" like he wants us to, can't I)thinks that Fox influences bad behavior among the citizenry, stirs up the patriots so to speak. He has his goofy mouthpiece Anita Dunn making the rounds attacking Fox News in interviews to CNN and guess who...the New York Times...are they still in business? Seriously?

So you all do see the power grab by the executive branch, meaning that one who promised to "radically transform" Amerika just five days before you elected him is doing just that....notice I said you. As a born again christian I am pretty sure I saw this one coming...oh by the way...this is the last sitting president in history of the U.S. a sovereign nation.

Dear Mr. President, this American Marine and Vietnam veteran patriot finds your assault on the industrial infrastructure of Amerika deploring. I have a daughter who accused me of listening to Rush Limbaugh, about a year ago when I mentioned those "nuts in Acorn"...she used her Northwestern University journalism degree to call me "a crazy old coot with a mythological Jesus". My aren't you proud of yourself. Dividing families now. Did I tell you about my black friend Emery, he is a conservative you know and he tells me that his extended family members will not have anything to do with this former Indiana state trooper...whenever Emery used to ask them about their stance on this issue or that issue all he could in return was "....because he is black."

Mr. Obama, you are dividing the country, on race lines and dividing both black and white families....I personally think ebony and ivory work together well but being the transnationalist that you are, I truly do not think you care. Like someone else said, or maybe it was one of those great signs I saw in DC on September 12th. Remember me, you took off in your helicopter with your decoy in tow? I was the one who used two hands to flip off both helicopters because I didn't know which one you were in. Please tell my fellow Marines, nothing personal for me.

I think bird flipping is still protected under our constitution....I know it is not allowed on the camera heavy autobahn in Germany....those people are so polite these days....just like those goof balls in Norway.

Fort Wayne...unless you are a christian, and by that I mean "born again in the spirit" just like Jesus told Nicodemus he must be in John 3:3 to be saved, you should probably sit this fight out. Christians are non violent, they know they "do not battle against flesh and blood" but rather we battle "against principalities; against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this spiritual world, against spiritual wickedness in high places." Damn Mr. President, and you thought we couldn't figure you out.

I especially caution Glenn Beck because he essentially has a target painted on him. No it will not be one of the lunatic old grey ladies from one of the Tea Parties that go after him but I am sure some nutcase will emerge...from the left. Glenn, keep watching over your left shoulder.

Actually Glenn, I hear you talking about God and praying and I hope sincerely that you are a born again chistian....if you are not remedy it. Read John garner some understanding because Jesus emphasized that command again in John3:7. Good works, church membership, etc....does not make you a christian and to fight this evil you need to be. Much of the bible is spiritually discernable but you have to be born again and indwelt by God's Holy Spirit to have this translator within you.. You study to show yourself approved.

Glenn is actually catching up and that is what is making him a target but the president should know that he is only going to be able to carry his agenda so far until He "that restrains" is taken off this earth. Here is the deal, when us christian leave, the indwelling Holy Spirit leaves with us and then all hell, literally, is permitted to break lose.(You can kind of look at it as the "day the music died", you know when the father, son and holy ghost, took the last train to the coast....oh and by the way...Bye Bye Miss American Pie). You have to believe in your heart that to be absent from the body is to be present from the Lord to fight this fight. You have to know not to fear those than can only harm your body but rather you know to fear Him who can kill your body and your soul and that is your God. Whenever you see me mention my God, or the only God, if I don't say Jesus Christ or the Holy Spirit then you can also read my as the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob....none of that Ishmael bs...okay. Edomites not allowed.

Finally to fight this fight you need to be fully armored and armed. "Wherefore take unto you the full armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all to stand. Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with truth, and having on the breastplate of righteousness; and your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace; above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked. And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God." Ephesians 6:13-17.

Okay, enough for one night...I am hungry and tired so I am going to go find a bunch of meat to eat, that God "saw was good" and so graciously provided for our sustenance.

I will give you a free one....while every else is watching watch Syria...Damascus Isaiah 17:1, oh hell, this is the good part, read the whole chapter, it is a good read....see Spot run.

So you all think the time is not ripe for this huh, well, the good Lord said he would return before the generation that is alive when the fig tree buds again passes.... (that ol' fig tree, Israel is back where she belongs after being scattered to the ends of the earth for her insolence to God).

Like I said folks, if you are not armored and armed to fight this evil, in a non-violent fashion. Stay home.

Usually I would just share the gospel, and you take it or leave but as we enter this winter of our discontent I would admonish you to read and believe John 3:16. Romans 10:8-10 explains being born again in the spirit and Revelations 16:2 is for you who do not care to believe.

And you people probably thought that God does not have a sense of humor.

I will say God bless because I know if it bounces off of someone out there well, it will just come back to me.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

JGs Sylvia Smith Expert on Foreign Policy

In a rather confusing article Sylvia Smith seems to argue with herself about Iran, Obama's open hand to Armadinjad and closed fist to Israel finally ends up arguing for Obama's appeaser attitude in his dealings with Iran, thinks sanctions against Iran would be in poor taste, and truly believes Obama and Bayh know more about Iran than God and Mossad.

Sylvia, what are you going to do when Damascus ceases to exist. This Syrian regime is complicit in the war of terror against us in the west and quite obviously against Israel. Home to Hamas and Hezbollah, Isaiah 17:1 has them going from a pain in the ass to Israel of one evening and a "ruinous heap" by the next morning. So much for Obama's weak foreign policy.

It is funny how Obama says if we want to know who he is, see who he surrounds himself with. I look and see Cass Sunstein, Van Jones, John Holdren, Mark Lloyd, Evan Bayh, Kevin Jennings, Valerie Jarret, SEIU, ACORN, Richard Lugar and I say enough is enough. The view from my perspective ugly. Obama, your shadow government is showing. When can we expect you to be forthcoming with the truth regarding your aspirations of future America.....truth? You know, just the opposite of what you have been giving us. Jeez, gotta explain everything to some people.

Fort Wayne Journal Gazette - A Primer for Amerika

Before we get to today's JG stories that need help let me point to a story in Saturday's edition that is worth mentioning. The J-G printed a story by AP writer Paul Haven entitled "Cuba might eliminate ration books (read foodstamps) for Food. "Cuban President Raul Castro has said several times that the ration book costs too much and provides too little. Since taking power from his brother Fidel in February, 2008, he has said "deep state subsidies don't give people an incentive to work."

So, can we call that little social experiment in Cuba over and ask ourselves why are we prepared to follow President Obama down that same path here in Amerika. Listen, those of you of the president's ilk who think you will have it made as his health care, cap & trade and other free market busting agenda items surface begin to hit home you will be surprised. They are going to find "incentives for you to work." And you thought Obama was best free thing since sliced bread.

FORT WAYNE QUACK ALERT- Slyvia Smith the JG's willing dupe in DC?

Good Morning Fort Wayne,

I hadn't even gotten off of the front page of this Sunday's version of quackery from the Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette when I spied this article, penned by the JG's own (salaried by) Sylvia Smith.

I am going to make this one brief because I still have to flesh out more of Obama's czardom which actually fleshes out his socialistic each of the unvetted, unelected and uncontrolled policy makers assault the American Republic....I promised you that the day before yesterday.

Regarding the Sylvia Smith Aricle "700 Hoosier Jobs at Risk if GE Jet Engine Vetoed." The title alone is worthy of a minor quackery award. Here is why.

Anytime you see, GE, President Obama and Evan Bayh mentioned in the same not think diversity of opinion but think cahoots. GE, General Electric, Obama's Halliburton, stands to gain more than any corporation in history by our president's socialistic (read 'green') agenda. You have GE financial, already bailed out by Obama. You have GE Wind Turbine...big winner's in O'Bama's green/socialism scheme, You have GE medical ready to redefine the hoops physicans must jump through in order to take advantage of the care scheme (to be determined, as provided in the bill, at a later date and by a panel to be named by the administration in power...). Less I be remiss, let us not forget GE owned Obama flagship mouthpiece tv broadcasting network, MS-NBC and NBC. Of course in reality we only have two national tv broadcast outlets, Foxnews and Obama News.

Anyway, expect GE to prevail and Evan Bayh to come off as a hero for protecting 700 hoosier jobs that would not be in danger if Obama wasn't president and Bayh wasn't his vice wannabe.

But know this my fellow hoosiers. GE victory is already a done deal. These jobs were never at risk....not like the RV industry in Elkhart or those working in the medical device industry headquartered in our neighbors of Kosciusko County, Warsaw and about the Baucus 4 billion/per year tax assault on this industry....for a while, those losing jobs in Warsaw will have to drive to the soup kitchens in Elkhart until Obama establishes more soup kitchens in Kosciusko County and then blames it on capitalism.....

I respectfully present U.S. senate candidate Richard Behney to replace Evan Bayh who has long since outlived any credibility as a moral or ethical voice which Hoosier demand. I met Richard at a townhall meeting in Elwood, Indiana a few weeks ago...look him up on the web....could be a real hoosier hero.

For now, just know that Evan (who is no Birch), needs some salvation because he knows he is out in 2010 so this fabricated issue is easy to see through.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Washington Post Writer's Group's own Ruth Marcus Champions Obama's Czardom

In todays edition of the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, Ruth Marcus wonders about why it takes so long to confirm the assistants and czars that Obama has actually subjected to that scrutiny before putting them on the job.

Well sweetie, I think the American conservative people come by their suspicions of this government and it's agenda honestly. The key is the czars which Obama elects to subject to our, WE THE PEOPLE, scrutiny and the ones he doesn't. None of the ones he subjects to scrutiny are totally innocuous but he knows he has to follow procedures to pacify those in congress who really want to do his bidding like Indiana senators Lugar and Bayh. Some of the more toxic ones like Cass Sunstein have gone through the process and confirmed by 5 republicans including our own Richard Lugar. You will regret that when your cat sues you or you can no longer hunt on federal nor state lands...Sunstein is the nudger of his book the nudge..

Then there is science czar, John Holdren who holds and expresses opinions regarding the sanctity of life...he holds no life sacred. He believes in forced abortions and spiking grains and drinking water supplies with chemicals to induce infertility. This guy studied at the school of green liberation at the feet of the late David Brower (see the foundation in Browers name next to UC Berkeley) and here is what David thinks, well used to think, because gratefully this one passed on to judgement and I quote this Former Executive Director of the Sierra Club:

"Child bearing should be a punishable crime against society unless the parents hold a government license. All potential parents should have to use contraceptive chemicals with the government providing the antidote to those who can obtain government licenses."

What all this means makes me sort of suspicious of someone wanting to force any kind of a vaccine on me. Hey, Mr. President, we come by this are not quite as transparent as you promised...and as christians, you will find us "gentle but wary."

Shall we continue on. Let us visit ol' Van Jones, gone but not forgotten, especially not by the President. Van Jones co-founded the Apollo Alliance, which by the way, was thanked profusely by Senator Harry Reid (D-NV)for the fine job they did writing the Stimulus Bill. Oops, I bet the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette didn't tell you about that. Did they tell you about the former green job czar, Van Jones...anarchist, convicted felon,black nationalist (read: racist), victim of black theology (Rev. Wright's ilk where no matter how much civil rights laws you enact, of course, people of color are all still victims, 45 years later).

Van Jones is an avowed communist who they primed with an ivy league education like so many of them weirdos including Cass Sunstein (Harvard). Van Jones has always been very vocal to the point where Valerie Jarrett never should have thought that even the president could sell the palitability of this choice. But then we are talking about Valerie Jarrett, best friend and confidant to the Obama family...and deal broker. This one like Tony Resko, is just another slumlord who counted on the Olympic vote for Chicago to upgrade the value of her property in time to raze to make room for the Olympics or to otherwise piss away tax payer money on her property to improve the look around the various olympic venues. Back to Van Jones...okay Glenn Beck outted him and he is now officially out but probably still hobnobbing with that ugly greek George Soros of the Tides Foundation who vowed to use all of his billions to keep George Bush, "W" from getting reelected. He lied. By the way, Americans, never let your representatives vote to allow legal emigrants like Arnold Schwartzenegger to hold the office of President of the U.S. They will slip in George Soros...really more than ugly, downright evil...

More tomorrow...I will give Tracy Warner, Opinion Page Editor at the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, another day in which to get armed. He should be if he wants to engage in a battle of wits.

More names to concern yourselves with including John Lloyd czar at the FCC (bye bye Fox and Rush and internet anonymity) Kevin Jennings fan of men-boy love associations and co-contributor to a book called "Queering of Elementary Education". This one is Obama's school safety czar choice...keep him away from my grandkids, fortunately and to date, I just have girls. Mr. Jennings also has an interesting co-author on this book's forward, ol mister Weather Underground, founder Bill Ayers.Ayers brother is at the Tides Foundation (they will wash over us an not even leave a sign of us in the sands of time).

Fort Wayne, I will bore you with more tomorrow.

Fort Wayne Neighbor, Warsaw, Under Obama Assault

As details of the senate version (Max Baucus, D-MT)of the health bill emerge it is quite apparent that President Obama has those states in his sights that aren't truly liberal enough for his liking.

As the senate version clears the finance committee and supposedly then comes to a full senate vote before the reconciliation process with the house bill (3 of them and 2 senate versions), we know in the very least that the tax assault on Kosciusko County in Indiana will total about 4 billion dollars per year.

When Obama was politicing for his job and promising things to Elkhart County, Indiana, we were all his big fans. Elkhart now has more soup kitchens and when this health bill passes, unemployed Kosciusko County employees of our medical device giants headquartered in Kosciusko County will have to drive to Elkhart for their soup until Kosciusko gets government money for their own soup kitchens. Zimmer, DePuy, Biomet, Paragon Medical and others will not survive when the sale of their devices is taxed 100% for anything they make over 25 million per year. Goodbye jobs. Grandma, gramps, your stents, those knew knees, and of course, those hip joints necessarily will skyrocket in costs, if they are even still available, as our dying industry struggles to survive and passes more costs on to you.

Fort Wayne residents never see a message like this, cocooned between two daily liberal newsrags who supply a steady diet of the likes of Eugene Robinson (the racist), E.J. O'Donnell (this one even professes to be a christian) and of course their home grown Sylvia Smith, Garrison Keillor, the ugly parade never stops... but they do say, citizens can get one opinion per month posted, assuming, of course, the weirdo, Tracy Warner, approves of it.

Americans will deserve to lose their freedoms if they do not wake up and fight for them as they disappear right before their very eyes. Czars with socialist agendas, a president, who unflinchingly told us that he was 5 days away from radically transforming America...and I am pretty sure we all thought he meant something different than the global, bust our society, ambitions he is displaying now.

October 17th, America will be rocked with a 'CAN YOU HEAR US NOW' campaign. Fort Wayne, you may have a bad drive day that day or the day before or the week after, get over it....Fort Wayne Journal Gazette and the Fort Wayne News Sentinel have to commit to telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth or take their acts elsewhere.

How ironic that Obama wins the Nobel Peace prize today when he has America closer to the brink of civil war than any time since 1865. Nominations had to be closed within two weeks of the time Obama took office. Recent winners included the very ugly Al Gore, even uglier, Jimmy Carter and most offensive Kofi Annan. I guess that list deserves Obama and now he has another $1 million he can sneak to ACORN.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fort Wayne - Todays Bit of Truth

Hello my fellow Fort Wayne residents. I am setting up today to bring you the truth behind the news you have been seeing in our liberals newspapers, the Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette and the Fort Wayne News Sentinel.

I will start by inviting you to visit my profile to find about more about me but sufficient to say I am merely a citizen fed up with the lack of truth, the omissions, the half-truths and the liberal slant of our daily newsrags.

I am a former 9 year Marine and Vietnam veteran who thought he was done with fighting for our liberties. I guess not. On September 11th, I jumped into my car at 4pm and drove to Washington DC to see if I could hear the truth anywhere. I arrived at 2:30am and spent the next day, 9/12 on the Washington Capitol grounds with hundreds of thousands of my fellow patriots. Hell, they looked just like you all, my Fort Wayne neighbors.\

On October 17th, the same people who brought you the tea parties and the 9/12ers will be sponsoring protests at our local news outlets. Visit my facebook page for more details. Mike Konkel.

Tell the likes of Tracy Warner and Garrison Keillor that we are patriots and we demand the TRUTH, the whole TRUTH and nothing but the TRUTH out of them.

Good Morning Fort Wayne

Fort Wayne, how are you this glorious Sunday morning?

Over the days and weeks ahead, I will be bringing you all the news behind the news that your local newspapers, the morning Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette and the evening Fort Wayne News Sentinel fail to bring, bring you with ommissions or bring you outright lies.

Allow me to introduce myself on this first blog of mine. I am Mike Konkel. I am a cheesehead by birth but have lived among you good Fort Wayne people since 1984. I am semi-retired, drawing social security and a pension from ITT. My wife Daniele and I have 5 kids between us all of which have flown the nest.

On November 23rd, 1963, John Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas by a former Marine, Lee Harvey Oswald. Two months later, I quit high school and joined the Marines. I was 17. I stayed there for 9 years and served two tours in Vietnam first as an Intelligence Analyst and next as a Vietnamese Linguist for which I re-enlisted.

After Vietnam, I was as apathetic as they come and pretty much stayed that way until General Schwartzkopf had his 100 day war and our troops performed brilliantly. We had a war and we let the generals run it...and we didn't break and run....good for us. I even joined the American Legion. By the way, every one needs to review the post at regarding the October 7th hearing of the case of the cross erected on federal lands in the Mojave Desert in 1934 by WWI veterans for the veterans of all wars. That weird 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, that is all things liberal, has had plywood covering up this memorial for years now. ACLU didn't like it apparently.

The ruling is important, not just for that steel pipe cross, but also for all monuments, graves, buildings on federal property depicting religious symbols such as crosses, Stars of David and angels. Watch new supreme court justice Sotomayor perform on cue of the Obama administration. Hey prez, you can tear down all of those crosses in Arlington Cemetary and from the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier but I will not let you laser blast that 45 year old tattoo on my right shoulder that depicts a grave, a cross with a rifle leaning on it and a helmet on top of it. The words USMC, Death Before Dishonor may need to be recolored and darkened as apparently, I am being pressed back into service in defense of our Republic.

I offer up Senators Bayh and Lugar to the chopping block and will accept any person of color, any color,  with a God-fearing personal relationship with Jesus Christ to replace Barack Obama.

Tomorrow and in the days ahead, I will tell you about Obama's czardom, his global population control aspirations and how to read the doublespeak of our current administration and the fringe media. There are only two tv broadcast voices today, Obama and Fox News.