Be Born Again in the Spirit

'But what saith it? The Word is nigh thee, even in thy mouth, and in thy heart: that is, the word of faith, which we preach: That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in your heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.""

It Is a Freedom Thing

It Is a Freedom Thing

Monday, January 14, 2013

These are the Days of Vengeance

Most of my fellow Americans have this thing about them that makes them always look at a glass and believe that it is half full rather than half empty.  I have always believed that way myself and indeed, even in these times that are bad and destined for much worse, I can always find a promise from God that renews my hope, faith and determination to spread his Word.

America has been exceptional throughout her existence and even today, America is the place that attracts folks from all around the world looking for a better life.  All of that is over now....I mean, they are still coming in but now they have to compete with the rest of us for the scraps that our master lets fall from his banquet table. 

Mass media including small town newspapers across the land have been spreading a tale of recovery.  Who has been grocery, clothing or gas shopping lately?  Are we in recovery or do you believe like me that things are getting worse pay day to pay day and week to week.  And yet, we accept the lies, snuggle back down in our naps and pretend everything is going to get better all by itself.

Everything these days is about agenda.  Hell, one cannot even watch any of our favorite tv shows without some Hollywood goober instilling liberal views (or agenda crap) and spoiling the content of the show for half of us...for example, when on NCIS Jethro Gibb's dad sees his gun and about pees his pants in fear and Abby says 'bad gun, bad gun'.  Kind of spoils the show for American patriots. Similarly, are the actors and singers whose work I may have enjoyed in the past who just couldn't keep to the things they know how to do and have to open their  mouths and show us how truly stupid they are.  People like Springsteen, Matt Damon and so many folks like Colin Powell who I admired once but now shows his patriotism to be but skin (color) deep. Who would have guessed Powell was racist...oh wait...he says only whites can be racist.  What a moron.

I love America and 66 years into my life, I can honestly say there is not a place on the earth where I would rather be.  Even now, with Obama in office and civil war on the horizon, there is not another country on earth I would rather fight for more.

As the born again in the Spirit Christian that I truly am and faith filled to boot I know that our days on this earth as we know it are numbered.  I do not know how much of the really horrendous stuff that is to take place leading up to Armageddon Christians will be subjected to.  I do know that we are in the season with the hour and day known only to the father for our departure.

Some scriptural facts include the fact that the generation alive to see the rebirth of the nation of Israel will not pass before Christ returns.  Israel was born in 1948 and I was born in generation is getting old.  Everyone has heard the gospel responses by Christ when Matthew and Luke asked about the signs of the time of the end....things such as wars, rumors of war, pestilences, earthquakes and all the rest are to increase in both frequency and sharpness just like a pregnant woman as she approaches the time of her delivery.  But the end is not yet.

The verses leading up to Luke 21:20 describe a lot of bad things set to happen to the Jew and by extension, later followers of Jesus Christ.  A lot of bad things.  And since the time those words were written, a lot of bad things have already happened to the Jew and to Christians worldwide.  To a degree, considering one time we used to honor God in America, we have been sheltered largely due to the faith of our founders and our willingness to follow what they believed.  Everyone can see where we are today.... not quite so exceptional anymore.

Luke 21:20 reads "And when ye shall see Jerusalem compassed with armies then know that the desolation thereof is nigh".  This is to tell you to pay attention to Israel.  Regardless of misguided thoughts of many American religionists....Christianity has not replaced the Jew as the 'apple of God's eye' and indeed Christians are cautioned not to be high minded about this very subject.  I am providing a link to a blog I wrote in September of 2011, also on that subject. 

But to get back with Luke, verse 21 and 22 follows thusly..."Then let them which are in Judea flee to the mountains; and let them which are in the midst of it depart out; and let not them that are in the countries enter thereinto.  For these be the days of vengeance, that all things which are written may be fulfilled."

Those things include the rapture or taking up of the saints and indeed this must take place before the anti-Christ can even be revealed.  The anti-Christ is the one who is to cut the 7 year peace deal with Israel after the events of Ezekiel 38 & 39.  I am not sure where  Isaiah 17:1 falls in but Damascus will be destroyed totally over the course of a single evening.  Verse 14 reads "And behold at eveningtide trouble; and before the morning he is not.  This is the portion of them that spoil us, and the lot of them that rob us". Verse one reads "The burden of Damascus.  Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap".

I believe that Isaiah could be a precursor to that necessary peace deal with Israel which will serve to put Israel in that state of mind wherein they feel they can live in 'unwalled villages' and not be fearful.  This is the stage that must be set prior to the Gog, Magog war or Armageddon if you will. Ezekiel 38 & 39 explains it all quite well.  It is fascinating to watch the pieces of that time fall in place, the alliances, the destruction of America from within which is also scriptural.  For the uninitiated, Ezekiel 38 & 39 war, Armageddon....this is Great Tribulation stuff.  You do not want to be here.

So then, instead of President Obama prying my guns from my cold dead fingers, I believe I will join the father, son and Holy Ghost and jump that last train to the, bye, bye Miss America were a good old girl.  I hope all my friends and family can join me.  Romans 10:8-10 says it all.  Believe.  Keep your eyes on Israel....pray for the peace of Jerusalem....and God bless!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

America Has Spoken, President Obama to be Re-elected much as I was hoping against hope that the last remaining conservative in the race for the GOP nomination would surmount the seemingly insurmountable ladder to the top of the Republican race for that same degree, my hopes have been shattered with the departure of Rick Santorum.

Some of you out there will say...hey wait...we still have conservative Newt Gingrich and conservative Ron Paul and I will reply....really???  Do you think these can garner the necessary delegates to unseat Mitt Romney as front runner?  You know better and I know better so let us not try to bs each other. 

Mitt Romney has not won this race fair and square...he has had the left media, or lame stream media as I like to call them, shilling for him as they know their man, Obama will trash him in the general election.  Fox News has been shilling for Romney also, apparently falling sway to the GOP establishment lies that it takes a flip-flopping moderate to appeal to the masses and I previously blogged about this...:   and here.... 

All should remember 2008, as the GOP establishment pick John McCain was defeated handily by the then, virtually unknown hope and change guy, Barack Hussein Obama.

Along with losing the only conservative we have also lost the only Christian among those still running.  Yeah, I know...Newt is a catholic, Ron Paul is....against Israel, and Mitt Romney is a mormon.  That is why I used the word Christian instead of religionist.  Mormons do not believe in the divinity of Jesus Christ suggesting instead that he was just a dead.  Kind of like Islamists who say they consider Jesus a great man and a prophet but of lesser stature than their prophet Mohammed...because Mohammed came later than Jesus in time.  Additionally, any religion which includes Mormons with the 'ordinances of salvation' who believe it is possible to earn your way into eternal life do not accept God at his Word that your salvation comes through 'faith and not of works, lest any man should boast'.  If Mother Teresa has not asked Jesus Christ to be the Lord of her life...she too is awaiting the white throne judgement and will be found guilty of her sins.  If we say that we have no sin... the truth is not in us and we deceive no one but ourselves.

It is quite possible that the catholic Rick Santorum is not a Christian either as I know many catholics who aren't and over the years, I have known a few that are and even stay in that mess to evangelize others to the true meaning of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  I have waxed eloquently on this matter in the past and do not care to revisit here for you today as this blog would turn into something quite lengthy and I have no doubt your attention would be have included urls for you to click on, print if you wish and then read them at your leisure...: 

I will vote in November for those running for congress and hope to retain the House which we won by a big margin in November of 2010 and I will vote to take the Senate and maybe oust some republicans in name only like Richard Lugar who at one time, used to be a hoosier.  That way, as Jesus tarries and if the creek doesn't rise too quickly, in the very least we may be able to circumvent some of the nasty, evil intentions of President Obama who I have no doubt now, will, if reelected or otherwise retains power, continue his assault on the American economy, Christians, capitalism and the American dream. 

Meanwhile....expect the unexpected...those nagging fears some of you are beginning to have will evolve into full blown terror either from President Obama as he uses our military against patriotic citizens or from a just God who will keep his promises...although most of you will blame George Bush for the hits like the 8.7 earthquake that just took place today off the coast of Indonesia...tsunami warnings have been posted for 20 some countries.  Many of you, who are lost in sin will simply stay deluded as God has promised you would. 

Review my prognostications from last January in which I have embedded a url for a blog I wrote in January, 2011 with prognostications for that year.  Heed the warnings and avail yourself of your best course of action and that is to ensure your own personal salvation through belief in Jesus Christ and his gospel of shed blood for the atonement of all of our sins.

I typically include scripture references in my blogs because we do not lead our lives with no interaction from God whether we believe that or not...always read these references in context so that no one can ever deceive you as you were told, many will come in the name of Jesus.....but these are but false prophets with the main one waiting in the wings today. 

Saturday, March 31, 2012

President Obama...Racist In Chief

Of course another way of saying that is...President Obama...chief racist,  which he is.  In my 65 years, I believe I have seen everything in America regarding the relations between ethnicities, colors and languages spoken by various groups of folks.  When I see, the vitriol, the hatred spewing forth from the black congressional caucus, from ill-intentioned lame stream media types associated with CNN, MSNBC, Newsweek, from so-called celebrity like RoseAnne Barr to Spike Lee and of course the miscreant bunch of losers found in the numbers of the Department of Justice supported New Black Panther Party.....I am disgusted. 

Everything....every bit of mayhem...every bit of property damage and every drop of blood that spills as a result of this made for tv bullshit drama resides in the white house and squarely on the hands of our racist in chief. 

WWB....the good congressman says is all that Trayvon Martin is guilty of.  'Walking while black' caused this guy to be racially profiled in a Florida gated community.  I wonder what these race-baiting congress folk think about WWW, walking while white,  in any black neighborhood across America...after dark or even in broad day light.  As I speak, I do believe that the vast majority of black youth deaths in America are the result of violence, often gang related, perpetrated by other blacks.  In Chicago alone, over the recent St. Patricks Day weekend there were 46 shootings with 14 people murdered including a six year old girl as a result of black on black violence.

The 21st century version of the Klu Klux Klan which is the organization formed by eugenicist/racist Margaret Sanger you know as Planned Parenthood murders black babies in the womb at a rate of over 5 to 1 compared to all other races.  Dictionary describes eugenics thusly, 'a science that deals with the improvement (as by control of human mating) of heredity qualities of a race or breed'.  Margaret Sanger was particularly not a fan of the black race and apparently many liberals in politics and in America's lame stream media are not either.  I note that Hillary Clinton was the 2011 'Women (eugenicist) of the Year'...says alot, doesn't it?

Where is the outrage from Al Sharpton?  How about Jessie Jackson or Jeremiah Wright....where is the outrage from these so-called men of God who appear to care about blacks that made it out of the womb but insist that many won't and shouldn't.   Where is the outrage?

Touching on the specifics of the Trayvon Martin case as we know it and without the lying inputs of all the aforementioned...we know that the shooter, George Zimmerman, was a captain of the neighborhood watch in his almost evenly divided (among races) gated community.  While Trayvon Martin was walking while black, donning a hoodie, in Zimmerman's increasingly crime ridden neighborhood, Zimmerman while walking while almost white....ran into each other.  Zimmerman was legally carrying a concealed weapon...a fact and legal right in quite a number of American states.  My own home state of Indiana included.

Then tragedy struck.  A young black man, another one, died in the streets.  That is a fact.  Another fact is that George Zimmerman, a product of a white father and hispanic mother was the shooter.  We heard tapes between the 9-1-1 operator in Sanford, Florida detailing conversation that included hearing the operator tell Zimmerman not to continue his pursuit of Trayvon Martin....and Zimmerman, responded 'okay'.  Another fact is that Zimmerman was treated on the scene for a broken nose and abrasions to the back of his head.  This was a result of the only eye witness on the scene who said he saw Martin on top Zimmerman, who he decked with a single blow, apparently to the nose.  As the eye witness went up his stairs to get his cell phone, the shooting occurred and then the eye witness saw Trayvon Martin laying on the ground.  Zimmerman was taken into custody, told his story and was released pending the outcome of a Florida appointed special prosecutor and the convening of a Grand Jury.

The facts as I stated them are all I know for sure....the facts as I stated them are all Sharpton, Jackson, etal...know for sure also.  Yet...they continue to stir the pot...foment for violence.  Why?  Why did Spike Lee and Rose Ann Barr tweet what they thought was George Zimmerman's home address and phone number?  Why did the New Black Panther Party put a $10,000.00 contract on the head of George Zimmerman?  As we know, this story has now evolved into these 'cracker' (whites) haters now saying they are raising a bounty of a million dollars with much coming from professional athletes and hollywood types, for the capture of George Martin.  From execution to capture...hmmmm....we heard you the first time, Black Panthers. 

Eric Holder heard the Black Panthers speak too.  Where are you Eric Holder?  Why are these people still walking the streets?  How can they, in public, threaten to murder or capture anyone in America while President Obama's Attorney General does nothing?   Eric emboldened the Black Panthers to act the way they do today by not enforcing election laws in our country when those same people stood at a Philadelphia polling place during the 2008 election, thumping their nite sticks in their hands threateningly as if to say...if you don't vote for Obama...this is for you.  We discovered from that garbage that Holder/Obama's Department of Justice will not/can not find a 'white victim' of black crime.  According to these...only blacks can be victims in America.  I wrote about that back in July of 2010...and that folllows here:  

Pundits which I mentioned above carry the narrative far beyond what is actually known while fomenting violence in the streets across America right up to this date...March 31, 2012.   America can count on this fomenting of violence to result in more deaths...that mayhem I mentioned, and for what reason other than providing President Obama the opportunity to continue his agenda to divide the nation across race lines, across gender lines, between so-called rich and so-called poor in America and between the young and old in our country.  Now...this is the sad but true narrative actually taking place...even as I pen this.  My own home town, at noon today, is planning a well publicized march, all dressed in hoodies I presume, in our public square.  Who believes that as time goes the Grand Jury convenes...and if they actually can produce a factual finding of innocence of George Zimmerman...who believes that President Obama and his ilk will not play this to the hilt...enjoining the Occupy Wall Street crowd, unionists and other create chaos right up until our November elections.  Perhaps this the scene in which our racist-in-chief will declare martial law...and perhaps even forestall the elections...ala Hugo Chavez from Venezuela.  Do not put this past President Obama....not a thing happens by chance under his administration's control.

Allow me to digress a tad back to Florida and George Zimmerman the citizen who, along with his wife, tutors at risk black and hispanic children on weekends.  This 'white Hispanic' as the New York Times described him votes democrat and is as much of a person of color as President Obama.  I asked a black friend at work, 'If Zimmerman is a white hispanice...what does that make President Obama?  He responded with, 'a black Hawaiian'.  I give my friend credit for a quick wit.  This is all sooo strange...yet, I do believe this is the best Obama's hate mongers can come up with in their search for white villians....a white hispanic...indeed.

President Obama....I saw you coming before the election....and you sadly, have not changed my opinion of your evil intentions for America.  You are attempting to make the 'dreams of your father'...the anti-colonialist communist from Kenya... a reality in America.  And you have alot of help from those who want to see wealth in America spread from those who earned it to those with outstretched hands, the 'gimme mo please' people looking for Obama bucks from his 'stash'.  Far beyond that...Obama the globalist,  seeks to take the wealth of our nation and spread it across a 'gimme mo please' world of under achievers of whatever race.  I touched on that just last February (2011) when I asked... 

Regarding Spike Lee and/or Rose Anne Barr, they tweeted the wrong information....dumb asses...and have placed an elderly Florida couple in danger and Spike Lee has subsequently paid them for their anguish and apologized not for tweeting identifying information but for doing so mistakenly.  If Spike Lee or the New Black Panther Party sluggards could find George Zimmerman today, I have no doubts that he would be a dead man...a victim of vigilante justice...and your racist in chief not only stays silent but has his underlings stirring the pot.  Shame on you...Mr President....shame on you!!!

Finally...none of these people...not Sharpton, not Jackson, not Jeremiah Wright...none of these truly give a damn about Trayvon Martin nor his family...they care about their race baiting, hate mongering agenda to destroy America as we know her.....Shame on all of you...maybe especially including the goofy progessives in congress, the lame stream national media and those publishers of small town newspapers such as the Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette or the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel who are little more than hate filled flaming liberals.  Shame, shame, shame on you all!  Be warned...real American citizens see you coming now and we know of your schemes...:

Be warned America....left unchecked...President Obama and his ilk will destroy what was once considered a 'shining beacon on a hill' for the world's poor, her huddled masses and all who strive for freedom.  The stakes are high folks...sadly, much higher than the death of another black youth as far as our President is concerned.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Whores, Islamists and President Obama

What a tidy package.  Whores, Islamists and President Obama.  As our good president continues to attempt to convince  the American citizens that conservatives have declared war on women and his communist leaning Attorney General begins his assault on the New York Police Department for 'purportedly' surveying Muslim communities, America simply looks around and says WTF!

Let's begin with the whores like Sandra Fluke, The Georgetown University law student who testified before Congress on behalf of President Obama that Georgetown (a catholic university run by Jesuits) insurance  offered does not include the cost of contraception, the morning after pill or sterilizations.  The tiniest bit of research on this story will provide data the whore in question is and has been, a long time activist for ungodly social causes including having taxpayers pay for transgendered sex change operations....and more than likely, Aids cocktails for those infested by too much poopy packing.

I am including the following blog I penned in 2010...not so much for it's content on homosexuality but more for the emphasis I place on 'political correctness'.  PC is a danger and it often leads to folks not willing to share the truth about a matter such as Islam or homosexuality...I do not suffer from this liberal  

There is no assault on women taking place in America except in Islamist circles as far as I can tell.  Women in Islam are less than the dirt they walk on....have no rights and are little more than possessions a Muslim can divorce by simply saying three times "I divorce you".  The shame of America is that we let these miscreants import their unholy, really bad ideas of culture into our fabric.  We are what Islamists call 'dhimmitude' already sold out and in submission to Islam and Sharia Law.  Political correctness does that to a nation...evidence the United Kingdom wherein Islam runs rampant and police and others are powerless to stop them.  As Muslims get the numbers in a place they move to usurp the laws of the land and the will of the people.  America simply needs to regard Europe and it's struggles to understand the path we are on today.

Women, you will love this.  If a pair are taken up in adultery under Sharia Law...the punishment is stoning.  The woman gets buried up to her neck and then they simply stone her to death.  Men only get buried to their waist and if they can dig themselves out before they get stoned to death, they are off the hook.  Men usually receive lobbed, underhand stones...quite often inaccurate in their aim.

If someone wishes to say Rush Limbaugh was wrong for calling out Sandra Fluke for the whore that she is, then others on the left including Larry O'Donnell, not so funny guy, homosexual Bill Maher and Indiana's own late nite joker David Letterman need a phone call from President Obama also suggesting they apologize for their nasty name calling and assaults these weirdos make against conservative women like Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann.  Sandra Fluke will graduate from Georgetown and first year lawyers from elite schools such as Georgetown earn nearly $170,000.00 in their first year on the job.  Not a bad average.... one would think that Fluke could buy her own pills and not make me, a Christian, complicit in her unholy and unnatural schemes against the most innocent among us.  Used to be, mom's womb was a safe place for babies to be.  Not so much anymore...and this your great shame.

Back to  Eric Holder. we know Holder is responsible for running guns to the Mexican/Colombian drug cartels in his now famous 'Fast & Furious' which he still owes congress many explanations about.  Bottom line, Obama/Holder have been running guns including .50 cal sniper rifles and AK47 automatic assault weapons for some time now.  They have been doing this in an effort to 'prove' that American made weapons are finding their way into Mexico and into the hands of these bad seeds...the end goal is to destroy America's right to bear arms...our 2nd Amendment.  We know about roughly 3,000 such weapons and who knows how many more have gone this route.  Mexican President Felix Calderon is playing the game...suggesting that all the deaths in his country are the results of American made weapons finding their way in.  I wonder how many have stayed in this country and are in the hands of Holder's bros in the New Black Panther Party...I mean they do intend war in the streets this election season.  All blood will be on Obama/Holder's hands.

I wrote this in August, 2010 warning of the dangers of being politically correct toward Islam...:  

We also know that Eric Holder cannot find a victim among white folks...this was evident when he dismissed the charges of those two New Black Panther Party thugs seen tapping nite sticks in the palms of their hands as they tried to influence voters in Philadelphia in 2008.  Holder had professional, lifelong department folks quit over his refusal to recognize that voter intimidation is a crime in this country...

When this was relevant...and of course it still is...but when it was in the news, I penned the following: 

The New York City Police Department has indeed been surveilling the muslim community in New York/New Jersey area...and have actually thwarted about 40 potential terrorist attacks in the past three years....since Obama has been in office.  Today...Eric Holder says he is 'disturbed' by this surveillance.  I happen to agree about Holder being 'distrubed'...he certainly is.  And the fact that he is our nation's number 1 crime fighter with his FBI, ATF and other departments...disturbs me.

America, wake the hell up.  You and I are being assailed on all fronts and as long as we stay silent and idle...we will find ourselves as the focus of Obama's attention.  Take it from this Marine who served 9 active duty years including two tours in Vietnam....America is losing her sovereignty and has already lost her way.  Time now to make your voices heard since the lame stream media has drifted far afield from that so-called 4th Estate....the one that is supposed to protect us from tyranny.  They are failing in this regard and with their progressive agendas...I doubt that they will change.  Wake up your neighbors...wake up your families...but wake the hell up.

Hey, if President Obama wins re-election, I fully expect him to follow the advice of Janet Napolitano, his director of Homeland Security, and to use our military to begin locking up those of us who disagree with his communist agenda.  The best thing I can do is ask you all to make this go viral and when I disappear to some fema camp somewhere, at least you will know why and what to concern yourselves with.  I am a willing sacrifical lamb because Obama cannot hurt...maybe my body, but certainly not my belongs to Jesus Christ.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Survival Should Be America's Most Urgent Goal

Honest to God I am not talking about calling for  assistance from big government, from the elites on either side of the political aisle or across the entire political spectrum, in case some of you out there still think this is just between democrats, republicans and a few independents thrown in the mix.  This is not. 

As I watch the republican primary season least on the calendar....I am well aware of the fact that any hopes I may have had for my favorite candidates from among Michelle Bachmann, Herman Cain or Rick Perry were fairly well squashed right from the git-go.  I expected that the Soros sponsored Media Matters would indeed use their IRS tax exempt status to trash all persons conservative but the level of hate, of race baiting, lies, half-truths and omissions from members of our so-called 4th Estate astound me.

I am acutely aware of the fact that Media Matters disseminates false information in the best tradition of George Orwell's '1984' and using dupes like Washington Post writers E.J. Dionne and Eugene Robinson as their voices....I am aware of this because our own progressive Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette and News-Sentinel publishes and opinion page writers are flaming liberals and this is all they print.  Washington Post, Bloomberg News, AP and any other queer source they can find to echo.

Having lost a conservative voice in Glenn Beck to George Soros and with Soros forcing Fox News to get rid of Judge Napolitano now begins to wonder...coupled with the fact  that we lost another stout conservative voice in Andrew Breitbart....coincidentally (?), just yesterday.  Napolitano's last tv broadcast is sometime later this month.  I forget the date...maybe today or next Friday.

Fox News is presently engaged in something far less 'fair and balanced' than their heretofore forthright posture regarding the truth of all that matters in this war against our constitutional form of government.  I am disappointed.  A few of them still have their moments but as they continue to shill for the GOP establishment candidate, Mitt Romney, pretending that he is the most electable in this white house race... you begin to see that Rupert knows what side his bread is buttered on.  Hell, people die of natural causes at age 43, like Andrew Breitbart,  all the time.  Rupert is a lot older than that.  I am amazed that both he and Soros still share the air that I breathe at their ages.  Not from leading clean lives...I assure you.  Remember, only the good die young....oops..sad, that I am 65. 

I'm not that good but have great intentions and know that my salvation does not depend on good works...'lest any man should boast'.  I'm not that bad either, as long as I stick to the truth.

Let me build that case a tad for the and I, a case that our individual vote is presently under assault by national and state operatives in the republican party.  Examine the evidence....Iowa, party declare Romney early and awards all delegates...oops...miscount....Santorum actually wins but local gop decides now to split the vote between Santorum and Romney.

New Hampshire is next.  This bastion of liberalism where they like to say 'Live Free or Die' was Romney's to lose and before he did lose any of it...the party steps in and says the final results are in....much to the chagrine of Ron Paul who was expecting some good results from votes in counties from which the final results were not quite all in.

In South Carolina we witnessed Governor Nikki Halley, who was strongly supported by us Tea Party folks for her election and she won...she flipped to back SC state GOP favorite...Mitt Romney....same with Jan Brewer in Arizona. 

Blue state Michigan, a place where Mitt Romney calls home and where George Romney, his dad, was governor once, should have been a blitzkrieg for Romney but when they saw the polls that Santorum was actually ahead a few weeks ago, on February 7th...they changed the rules.  It was that each candidate would get the two delegates from the county they won and the two at large delegates would be split proportionately...under those rules with Romney and Santorum both winning 7 counties, Santorum is correct, he should have won 15 delegates and tied Mitt Romney with his 15 delegates.

It is very hard for the Romney camp or the GOP establishment along with their lame stream media minions to fashion a Romney victory out of those facts in Michigan.  Today they call it a Romney victory because the rules were changed regarding the two at large delegates.  Now the Michigan state gop says the at large delegates go to the one who supposedly won the popular vote...Romney by a slim margin. 

So here again, GOP meddling is causing constitutents to become disenfranchised and this we cannot tolerate.  Arizona re-elected John McCain 2 years know of the authors of the amendment, he and Carl Levine from Romney's Michigan, to the National Defense Appropriations Act (NDAA), that allows Obama to name his American born enemies and then use the American military detain without lawyers, trials.....none of that stuff.  I had no expectations for Arizona so I wasn't disappointed and I still back Jan Brewer and her fight with the federal government over the fed's failure to secure our borders.

We have Washington State primary tomorrow and ten more states next Tuesday....America....Andrew Breitbart didn't die so that we stand mutely as America and her freedoms and prosperity crumble around our ears. 

These are days that I believe will truly test the mettle of American citizens, patriots that want to see our American rights of life...of liberty and the pursuit of happiness to continue...unabated.  Under those rules, we know we may fail at times but we also know we have the right to grab our own bootstraps, pull ourselves up and try again.  The 'gimme mo please' folks in the OWS movement do not understand this...young, dumb and naive...the correct mix of fodder for those hating captialism.

As President Obama and his idealogs fight for socialism and use class warfare to do are needed to stand in the gap alongside me... this is open warfare for our Republic. 

If the GOP establishment wins out and Mitt Romney is the conservative (yeah right) candidate then for sure, you can expect to see riots, chaos and blood in the streets and this election years continues.  This is the mode of operation for the Occupy Wallstreet crowd.  There is/was nothing grass roots about them.  These were dreamed up and percolated in progressive think tanks populated by the same ones who tried to destroy our nation in the 60s...they call them grey beards today...but Ayers, Bernadette Dohrn...they are all still their fomenting even as they did in Egypt and Libya.

  OWS is but a necessary element if one is familiar with Saul Alinsky's Rule for Radicals which is a coffee table book in President Obama's den, as Obama continues to press his class warfare.  These agit-bot props will be manipulated throughout the summer and Mitt Romney will be Obama's whack-a-mole toy.  It is all about that class warfare...evil oil companies and the like.  For kicks, who knows that the federal government makes more off of each gallon of gas sold than the net profits of oil companies.  Oil companies make big gross proifts with big expenses with oil heading north of $110./brl.  Who, with a brain in their heads, believes Mitt Romney with his status as a rich, bitch whose wive tools around in two cadillacs is going to be able to withstand the Obama assault.  He cannot stand the truth from real conservative within the republican party.

I absolutely loved it when some of those pot stirrers like the Labor Secretary's Ray LaHood (in French, that means the hood-how appropriate) son Sam, got locked up in Egypt.  Too bad they let them go already. I expect blood in the streets this, not from us non-violent tea party folks but more than likely from the OWS heads the police are going to have to bust.  A crescendo concluding in martial law by election would work in favor of President Obama or so he thinks.  Jan Purdue, Governor of North Carolina believes the President should just suspend the 2012 elections and give his plans more time to work.  Whatcha think America?  Are you up for that?  You willing to throw over our elections and our constitution?  Then fight, damn it. 

So what will it be America?  Are we really so decadent these days that we will stick with President Obama,one who would genuflect and bow to Saudi and other Muslim potentates around the globe, will we go with the Mormon who as an elder in his church, Mitt Romney can tell you that baptizing dead Jews into the mormon faith can only help his chances in November and that when he bends a knee it is not to Jesus Christ as Mormons do not consider Jesus divine.  Hmmm...Islam is the same way...lesser prophet than Mohammed they all say. 

I am not afraid to vote for a man who will kneel to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, who when questioned and he has not 'ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ' (Romans 1:28).  Secular and luke warm christians in America can laugh and poke fun at Rick Santorum but that is fine...he is my candidate and if America is to survive it is because God has heard our prayers in accordance with II Chronicles 7:14 and we have elected a man just in time... one who knows the guarantor of our unalienable rights.  And we are 'wise' enough to vote for a born again Christian....Rick Santorum

Now is not the time to be screwing around with make believe religions... with man-made utopias or the progressive dreams of the socialists that have hijacked America's democratic party.  Now is the time to vote your conscience...and maybe, just maybe, as Jesus tarries, to give our kids and grandkids a fighting chance at that American dream.

John Adams told us that "Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people.  It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other".  If you think our constitution, the rule of law is outmoded, and outdated then vote Obama again or Obama-lite, Mitt Romney....choice belongs to your heart.

If after all of this, you still cannot find it in your heart to back the God fearing man that is Rick Santorum... I suspect as this year progresses and God continues to have His say... many more of you will  become less  ashamed to bow your knees to God...and if in the meanwhile, you see fit to choose Mitt Romney as the GOP candidate then I do believe we all will live to regret that.   

Thursday, March 1, 2012

President Obama's Class Warfare

Last night I watched  a forum on our local CBS affiliate,  between 3 representatives of one of our local tea party groups and 3 representatives from the Occupy Wall Street group that camps on public property down town.  I, personally know one of the tea party folks and know him to be a veteran, and an American patriot.  I  also know him to be one to attest to the divisiveness President Obama has caused within his own extended black family since he is a true conservative and will not vote based on skin color.

I watched the hour on live television and then the additional approximately 30 minutes on the web.  The best I could determine, the tea party contingent made an excellent stand for the rule of law, our American Constitution and our determination to make changes peacefully, at the ballot box.  Even as we did in November of 2010 when we took back the House of Representatives, handily.

I suspect we would have taken enough seats to win back the Senate also had more of these been exposed to us but they have 6 year terms and only about 1/3 is up for re-election during each election cycle.  For example, one of the U.S. Senators from Indiana, Richard Lugar (R-IN) was not up for re-election in 2010 but is up for re-election this November.  Significance of that is the fact that our own Hoosier senator has given President Obama his head in establishing the czar-dom, a fact I mention in this October, 2009 blog... .
In it I mention Cass Sunstein, President Obama's Regulatory Czar and his book entitled 'The Nudge' which is all about taking existing regulations and twisting a little bit here and maybe reading that to mean this and have new rules to foist on the American public and enforce to their fullest.  Since then and up until now, the number of new pages of regulations exceeds 81,000 and counting I am sure.

A month after I posted the foregoing, in November of 2009, I posted the following.  As you would expect, it is about more scams/schemes President Obama has in store for our once proud Republic.  All this is becoming so vivid today as I actually see events unfolding and know about so much more that will take place, as is legislated already, in 2013 and beyond.  Who remembers 'button, button, who has the button?'  I blogged that once in reference to that RFID (radio frequency) chip...the implantable one which I believe was actually authorized under the Obamacare bill and awaiting you and I, sometime in 2013 or 2014.  Like Nancy Pelosi said, you have to pass the health care bill to know what is in it....  Sad, huh?

I recognize that President Obama was not able to get that Agenda 21 (UN Habitat Agenda) signed at COP15 in Denmark a couple of years ago nor at Cancun this past year.  I recognize that cap and trade legislation was defeated in congress and yet that does not even slow down our 'executive fiat' crazy Commander in Chief. His EPA is busting our fossil fuel industries anyway.

It was difficult to connect the dots two years ago and even when I was able to establish some seeming relationships...political correctness began to raise it's ugly head and no one wanted to believe the 'hope and change' promised and expected were actually those of President Obama's father.... his Kenyan, communist father...:  

  After Senator Lugar voted for Cass Sunstein to pass cloture...i.e., allowing the vote to come to the full Senate floor, I e-mailed the good senator and suggested that he voted cloture simply to expedite the full vote wherein I expected him to vote 'No'.  His response floored me.  He explained that he thought it was a good idea to allow the President his head in establishing his administration (regime).  I complained it was his 'czar-dom' Lugar was allowing and I never heard back again.  Then Lugar voted to confirm Elena Kagan and Sotomayor to the Supreme Court and things began to clear up for me.  Folks there is danger at the top of both parties and both wish to redistribute our wealth within this country and from this country to others, world-wide....let alone the fact that China damn near owns America by now. 

Little by little our freedoms are being chipped away...we, once a truly exceptional nation, are ourselves turning into a third world country one in which the growth of government conversely means the diminishment of growth in the private sector... this is always the case.  Also true is the fact American companies spend more than 1 and 3/4 trillion dollars annually to remain compliant with these regulations if it is even possible at all.  Your own wealth and well being is directly tied to the degree to which America extols the virtue of economic freedoms and her pursuit thereof.  Onerous rules today, means not to many new startups...unless of course you can come up with a good green product/scam.

Anyway, it has taken me a while to wake up and more than ever I believe a clarion call to all of America is necessary our Republic is on the line.  Our Constitution is pretty clear...we are guaranteed by God, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  Our friends in the Occupy movement do not believe in the right to fact as I listened last night, all I heard was confirmation of what I already knew.  These folks, some being pure dupes, but others are in it to be agit-bot props to be used by the same ones who invented their so-called 'grassroots' movement.  These will agitate, stir the pot, with nothing they will accept to appease them until capitalism is destroyed and their bosses,  namely George Soros, Van Jones, SEIU and other union folks,  etal have our republic firmly in hand with President Obama in place for another 4 years.

We have watch dogs out there friends, lots of them and my new friends at the Economic Freedom Project tells it like it is...think on these things as spring and summer progresses and you see the attacks on the Amish in our midst over safety rules that will not allow their kids to perform certain jobs on the farm.  Excuse me...Amish are perfectly capable of living outside the wire and away from President Obama's dominion but will he let them?  Will you stand by me when I stand by them?  You may be next.  My local county  EPA says I may have lead in my yard which will prevent me from growing a garden...they will let me know in 2013.  I saved that letter and will be using it later.  Anyway...81,000 pages of regulations...whew!

Please view the following video from the Economic Freedom Project and share it with your friends.  You know folks, I have been watching and paying attention for some time now and could expend alot of effort waking up and catching up folks to what is going on all really have to help yourselves is that first good resource...:

Share at will including with our good friends at the white house and administration and I will do the same.  So far, they are not 'coming to take me away, ho ho'.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Conservative Rick Santorum is the New Target

I am absolutely one of those conservatives who wants to fight to take back our American Republic...back from what you ask?   Back from the damn brink of massive big government intervention in our lives, back from the brink of the assault on our personal liberties and back from the brink of big GOP establishment party types trying to select our candidate for us.

I told you in weeks past how sadly, even Fox News is now pimping for the establishment guy, Mitt Romney...I call him McRomney as he is not much different from John McCain... how do I expect Mitt to fair in ask?  Arizona re-elected McCain who backs Romney who added that heinous amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) know the one wherein the President gets to decide who is enemies are and then use our military to lock those up who disagree with his policies toward Christians, toward Islamics, toward married folks,  toward our name it.  McCain and Carl Levin from Michigan were authors of that amendment which is now law.  Michigan...what a would expect Romney to win his UAW laced blue Michigan...why not?  He drives a  chevy car, a ford truck and his wife tools around in a couple of cadillacs.  If McRomney cannot even carry Michigan, his home state, then I certainly would see no difference between him and Al Gore who could not even carry his home state of Tennessee. 

So... you dislike the fact that Rick Santorum talks too much about religion and has deeply held beliefs.  Too bad... you would not even have heard about these if the Romney/Obama protagonists hadn't brought these issues up.  Obama/Romney/Lame Stream Media including Fox News all want us to believe that Mitt is the best candidate to defeat President Obama.  Nothing could be further from the truth.   This is the big lie!  The one that if you repeat often enough, some will actually begin to believe it.

Conservatives need to win the day in November for sure.  I consider continuing our progress ('our' meaning, we the people, the tea party folks), in November elections.  In 2010 we took back the house handily.  In 2012, we must take back the Senate and we will have about 1/3 more of it exposed to us including some rinos like my own state's Richard Lugar.  If we do this but lose the presidency to Obama/McRomney, we will still have a conservative house and senate to cuckold their best efforts at the continual expansion of massive government.  Depending on how much our own GOP establishment types cheat or should I say, continue to cheat at the national and state levels, I would consider not pushing the button for candidate McRomney if the establishment manages to cheat him in.

This is that place where you all need to do your own homework... ignore your gut... Pollsters are people and as such, they are subject to graft and I say this whether you are talking about Rasmussen, Gallup or CNN and especially Fox's own Frank Lund.

Sadly, with  conservative voices capitulating to the pressures of our illegal and immoral government or their minions such as Media Matters and George Soros, voters need to expend the time and energy to research matters for themselves.  Do not be in such a rush to jump to McRomney...that could be dangerous to our health...mine perish that thought!

I know that Santorum, as a Pennsylvania Republican or as Catholic probably doesn't share my views on alot of things entirely.  Yet, I sense him not to be a typical catholic... I have known charismatic and gasp, even pentecostal catholics in the past and know that they stay within the religion to help ensure that other catholics look beyond sacraments, rites/rituals all the way to the need to be born again in the Spirit....John 3:7.

CNN etal. ask the questions and Rick Santorum foolish of him.  I disagree...he stated his position, you now know who he is.  It is up to us all if we want a candidate who is little more than a whack-em-doll for Obama as he wages his class warfare this summer, or do you want a true contrast to Obama/McRomney?  I do and as of right now, I am backing Rick Santorum.... Besides... I do not think I want Mitt Romney wife in my life anymore than I want Michelle Obama in my kitchen cabinets and if she is going to take over his debates for him.....just saying....

America needs to be won back or we have no future.... We need to quit the big party politics as usual... our political parties are rotten at the top.... both of them... and no.. that is no reason to turn to Israeli threat, Ron Paul either.  That one will ensure America is cursed of God!

Yeah, I said God...and where there is God... there is Satan... fortunately for me..."Greater is He that is in me, than he that is in the world".  Yep...Santorum is right... Slewfoot roams this earth like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour... many of you are already his minions cuz as Christ himself puts it...You either accept Jesus and His salvation or you are 'condemned already' and already doing the work of the devil.

I will close this with a blog I penned a little over a year ago now...enjoy and take heed: