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It Is a Freedom Thing

It Is a Freedom Thing

Saturday, March 31, 2012

President Obama...Racist In Chief

Of course another way of saying that is...President Obama...chief racist,  which he is.  In my 65 years, I believe I have seen everything in America regarding the relations between ethnicities, colors and languages spoken by various groups of folks.  When I see, the vitriol, the hatred spewing forth from the black congressional caucus, from ill-intentioned lame stream media types associated with CNN, MSNBC, Newsweek, from so-called celebrity like RoseAnne Barr to Spike Lee and of course the miscreant bunch of losers found in the numbers of the Department of Justice supported New Black Panther Party.....I am disgusted. 

Everything....every bit of mayhem...every bit of property damage and every drop of blood that spills as a result of this made for tv bullshit drama resides in the white house and squarely on the hands of our racist in chief. 

WWB....the good congressman says is all that Trayvon Martin is guilty of.  'Walking while black' caused this guy to be racially profiled in a Florida gated community.  I wonder what these race-baiting congress folk think about WWW, walking while white,  in any black neighborhood across America...after dark or even in broad day light.  As I speak, I do believe that the vast majority of black youth deaths in America are the result of violence, often gang related, perpetrated by other blacks.  In Chicago alone, over the recent St. Patricks Day weekend there were 46 shootings with 14 people murdered including a six year old girl as a result of black on black violence.

The 21st century version of the Klu Klux Klan which is the organization formed by eugenicist/racist Margaret Sanger you know as Planned Parenthood murders black babies in the womb at a rate of over 5 to 1 compared to all other races.  Dictionary describes eugenics thusly, 'a science that deals with the improvement (as by control of human mating) of heredity qualities of a race or breed'.  Margaret Sanger was particularly not a fan of the black race and apparently many liberals in politics and in America's lame stream media are not either.  I note that Hillary Clinton was the 2011 'Women (eugenicist) of the Year'...says alot, doesn't it?

Where is the outrage from Al Sharpton?  How about Jessie Jackson or Jeremiah Wright....where is the outrage from these so-called men of God who appear to care about blacks that made it out of the womb but insist that many won't and shouldn't.   Where is the outrage?

Touching on the specifics of the Trayvon Martin case as we know it and without the lying inputs of all the aforementioned...we know that the shooter, George Zimmerman, was a captain of the neighborhood watch in his almost evenly divided (among races) gated community.  While Trayvon Martin was walking while black, donning a hoodie, in Zimmerman's increasingly crime ridden neighborhood, Zimmerman while walking while almost white....ran into each other.  Zimmerman was legally carrying a concealed weapon...a fact and legal right in quite a number of American states.  My own home state of Indiana included.

Then tragedy struck.  A young black man, another one, died in the streets.  That is a fact.  Another fact is that George Zimmerman, a product of a white father and hispanic mother was the shooter.  We heard tapes between the 9-1-1 operator in Sanford, Florida detailing conversation that included hearing the operator tell Zimmerman not to continue his pursuit of Trayvon Martin....and Zimmerman, responded 'okay'.  Another fact is that Zimmerman was treated on the scene for a broken nose and abrasions to the back of his head.  This was a result of the only eye witness on the scene who said he saw Martin on top Zimmerman, who he decked with a single blow, apparently to the nose.  As the eye witness went up his stairs to get his cell phone, the shooting occurred and then the eye witness saw Trayvon Martin laying on the ground.  Zimmerman was taken into custody, told his story and was released pending the outcome of a Florida appointed special prosecutor and the convening of a Grand Jury.

The facts as I stated them are all I know for sure....the facts as I stated them are all Sharpton, Jackson, etal...know for sure also.  Yet...they continue to stir the pot...foment for violence.  Why?  Why did Spike Lee and Rose Ann Barr tweet what they thought was George Zimmerman's home address and phone number?  Why did the New Black Panther Party put a $10,000.00 contract on the head of George Zimmerman?  As we know, this story has now evolved into these 'cracker' (whites) haters now saying they are raising a bounty of a million dollars with much coming from professional athletes and hollywood types, for the capture of George Martin.  From execution to capture...hmmmm....we heard you the first time, Black Panthers. 

Eric Holder heard the Black Panthers speak too.  Where are you Eric Holder?  Why are these people still walking the streets?  How can they, in public, threaten to murder or capture anyone in America while President Obama's Attorney General does nothing?   Eric emboldened the Black Panthers to act the way they do today by not enforcing election laws in our country when those same people stood at a Philadelphia polling place during the 2008 election, thumping their nite sticks in their hands threateningly as if to say...if you don't vote for Obama...this is for you.  We discovered from that garbage that Holder/Obama's Department of Justice will not/can not find a 'white victim' of black crime.  According to these...only blacks can be victims in America.  I wrote about that back in July of 2010...and that folllows here:  

Pundits which I mentioned above carry the narrative far beyond what is actually known while fomenting violence in the streets across America right up to this date...March 31, 2012.   America can count on this fomenting of violence to result in more deaths...that mayhem I mentioned, and for what reason other than providing President Obama the opportunity to continue his agenda to divide the nation across race lines, across gender lines, between so-called rich and so-called poor in America and between the young and old in our country.  Now...this is the sad but true narrative actually taking place...even as I pen this.  My own home town, at noon today, is planning a well publicized march, all dressed in hoodies I presume, in our public square.  Who believes that as time goes the Grand Jury convenes...and if they actually can produce a factual finding of innocence of George Zimmerman...who believes that President Obama and his ilk will not play this to the hilt...enjoining the Occupy Wall Street crowd, unionists and other create chaos right up until our November elections.  Perhaps this the scene in which our racist-in-chief will declare martial law...and perhaps even forestall the elections...ala Hugo Chavez from Venezuela.  Do not put this past President Obama....not a thing happens by chance under his administration's control.

Allow me to digress a tad back to Florida and George Zimmerman the citizen who, along with his wife, tutors at risk black and hispanic children on weekends.  This 'white Hispanic' as the New York Times described him votes democrat and is as much of a person of color as President Obama.  I asked a black friend at work, 'If Zimmerman is a white hispanice...what does that make President Obama?  He responded with, 'a black Hawaiian'.  I give my friend credit for a quick wit.  This is all sooo strange...yet, I do believe this is the best Obama's hate mongers can come up with in their search for white villians....a white hispanic...indeed.

President Obama....I saw you coming before the election....and you sadly, have not changed my opinion of your evil intentions for America.  You are attempting to make the 'dreams of your father'...the anti-colonialist communist from Kenya... a reality in America.  And you have alot of help from those who want to see wealth in America spread from those who earned it to those with outstretched hands, the 'gimme mo please' people looking for Obama bucks from his 'stash'.  Far beyond that...Obama the globalist,  seeks to take the wealth of our nation and spread it across a 'gimme mo please' world of under achievers of whatever race.  I touched on that just last February (2011) when I asked... 

Regarding Spike Lee and/or Rose Anne Barr, they tweeted the wrong information....dumb asses...and have placed an elderly Florida couple in danger and Spike Lee has subsequently paid them for their anguish and apologized not for tweeting identifying information but for doing so mistakenly.  If Spike Lee or the New Black Panther Party sluggards could find George Zimmerman today, I have no doubts that he would be a dead man...a victim of vigilante justice...and your racist in chief not only stays silent but has his underlings stirring the pot.  Shame on you...Mr President....shame on you!!!

Finally...none of these people...not Sharpton, not Jackson, not Jeremiah Wright...none of these truly give a damn about Trayvon Martin nor his family...they care about their race baiting, hate mongering agenda to destroy America as we know her.....Shame on all of you...maybe especially including the goofy progessives in congress, the lame stream national media and those publishers of small town newspapers such as the Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette or the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel who are little more than hate filled flaming liberals.  Shame, shame, shame on you all!  Be warned...real American citizens see you coming now and we know of your schemes...:

Be warned America....left unchecked...President Obama and his ilk will destroy what was once considered a 'shining beacon on a hill' for the world's poor, her huddled masses and all who strive for freedom.  The stakes are high folks...sadly, much higher than the death of another black youth as far as our President is concerned.

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