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It Is a Freedom Thing

It Is a Freedom Thing

Thursday, March 1, 2012

President Obama's Class Warfare

Last night I watched  a forum on our local CBS affiliate,  between 3 representatives of one of our local tea party groups and 3 representatives from the Occupy Wall Street group that camps on public property down town.  I, personally know one of the tea party folks and know him to be a veteran, and an American patriot.  I  also know him to be one to attest to the divisiveness President Obama has caused within his own extended black family since he is a true conservative and will not vote based on skin color.

I watched the hour on live television and then the additional approximately 30 minutes on the web.  The best I could determine, the tea party contingent made an excellent stand for the rule of law, our American Constitution and our determination to make changes peacefully, at the ballot box.  Even as we did in November of 2010 when we took back the House of Representatives, handily.

I suspect we would have taken enough seats to win back the Senate also had more of these been exposed to us but they have 6 year terms and only about 1/3 is up for re-election during each election cycle.  For example, one of the U.S. Senators from Indiana, Richard Lugar (R-IN) was not up for re-election in 2010 but is up for re-election this November.  Significance of that is the fact that our own Hoosier senator has given President Obama his head in establishing the czar-dom, a fact I mention in this October, 2009 blog... .
In it I mention Cass Sunstein, President Obama's Regulatory Czar and his book entitled 'The Nudge' which is all about taking existing regulations and twisting a little bit here and maybe reading that to mean this and have new rules to foist on the American public and enforce to their fullest.  Since then and up until now, the number of new pages of regulations exceeds 81,000 and counting I am sure.

A month after I posted the foregoing, in November of 2009, I posted the following.  As you would expect, it is about more scams/schemes President Obama has in store for our once proud Republic.  All this is becoming so vivid today as I actually see events unfolding and know about so much more that will take place, as is legislated already, in 2013 and beyond.  Who remembers 'button, button, who has the button?'  I blogged that once in reference to that RFID (radio frequency) chip...the implantable one which I believe was actually authorized under the Obamacare bill and awaiting you and I, sometime in 2013 or 2014.  Like Nancy Pelosi said, you have to pass the health care bill to know what is in it....  Sad, huh?

I recognize that President Obama was not able to get that Agenda 21 (UN Habitat Agenda) signed at COP15 in Denmark a couple of years ago nor at Cancun this past year.  I recognize that cap and trade legislation was defeated in congress and yet that does not even slow down our 'executive fiat' crazy Commander in Chief. His EPA is busting our fossil fuel industries anyway.

It was difficult to connect the dots two years ago and even when I was able to establish some seeming relationships...political correctness began to raise it's ugly head and no one wanted to believe the 'hope and change' promised and expected were actually those of President Obama's father.... his Kenyan, communist father...:  

  After Senator Lugar voted for Cass Sunstein to pass cloture...i.e., allowing the vote to come to the full Senate floor, I e-mailed the good senator and suggested that he voted cloture simply to expedite the full vote wherein I expected him to vote 'No'.  His response floored me.  He explained that he thought it was a good idea to allow the President his head in establishing his administration (regime).  I complained it was his 'czar-dom' Lugar was allowing and I never heard back again.  Then Lugar voted to confirm Elena Kagan and Sotomayor to the Supreme Court and things began to clear up for me.  Folks there is danger at the top of both parties and both wish to redistribute our wealth within this country and from this country to others, world-wide....let alone the fact that China damn near owns America by now. 

Little by little our freedoms are being chipped away...we, once a truly exceptional nation, are ourselves turning into a third world country one in which the growth of government conversely means the diminishment of growth in the private sector... this is always the case.  Also true is the fact American companies spend more than 1 and 3/4 trillion dollars annually to remain compliant with these regulations if it is even possible at all.  Your own wealth and well being is directly tied to the degree to which America extols the virtue of economic freedoms and her pursuit thereof.  Onerous rules today, means not to many new startups...unless of course you can come up with a good green product/scam.

Anyway, it has taken me a while to wake up and more than ever I believe a clarion call to all of America is necessary our Republic is on the line.  Our Constitution is pretty clear...we are guaranteed by God, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  Our friends in the Occupy movement do not believe in the right to fact as I listened last night, all I heard was confirmation of what I already knew.  These folks, some being pure dupes, but others are in it to be agit-bot props to be used by the same ones who invented their so-called 'grassroots' movement.  These will agitate, stir the pot, with nothing they will accept to appease them until capitalism is destroyed and their bosses,  namely George Soros, Van Jones, SEIU and other union folks,  etal have our republic firmly in hand with President Obama in place for another 4 years.

We have watch dogs out there friends, lots of them and my new friends at the Economic Freedom Project tells it like it is...think on these things as spring and summer progresses and you see the attacks on the Amish in our midst over safety rules that will not allow their kids to perform certain jobs on the farm.  Excuse me...Amish are perfectly capable of living outside the wire and away from President Obama's dominion but will he let them?  Will you stand by me when I stand by them?  You may be next.  My local county  EPA says I may have lead in my yard which will prevent me from growing a garden...they will let me know in 2013.  I saved that letter and will be using it later.  Anyway...81,000 pages of regulations...whew!

Please view the following video from the Economic Freedom Project and share it with your friends.  You know folks, I have been watching and paying attention for some time now and could expend alot of effort waking up and catching up folks to what is going on all really have to help yourselves is that first good resource...:

Share at will including with our good friends at the white house and administration and I will do the same.  So far, they are not 'coming to take me away, ho ho'.

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