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It Is a Freedom Thing

It Is a Freedom Thing

Friday, October 9, 2009

Washington Post Writer's Group's own Ruth Marcus Champions Obama's Czardom

In todays edition of the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, Ruth Marcus wonders about why it takes so long to confirm the assistants and czars that Obama has actually subjected to that scrutiny before putting them on the job.

Well sweetie, I think the American conservative people come by their suspicions of this government and it's agenda honestly. The key is the czars which Obama elects to subject to our, WE THE PEOPLE, scrutiny and the ones he doesn't. None of the ones he subjects to scrutiny are totally innocuous but he knows he has to follow procedures to pacify those in congress who really want to do his bidding like Indiana senators Lugar and Bayh. Some of the more toxic ones like Cass Sunstein have gone through the process and confirmed by 5 republicans including our own Richard Lugar. You will regret that when your cat sues you or you can no longer hunt on federal nor state lands...Sunstein is the nudger of his book the nudge..

Then there is science czar, John Holdren who holds and expresses opinions regarding the sanctity of life...he holds no life sacred. He believes in forced abortions and spiking grains and drinking water supplies with chemicals to induce infertility. This guy studied at the school of green liberation at the feet of the late David Brower (see the foundation in Browers name next to UC Berkeley) and here is what David thinks, well used to think, because gratefully this one passed on to judgement and I quote this Former Executive Director of the Sierra Club:

"Child bearing should be a punishable crime against society unless the parents hold a government license. All potential parents should have to use contraceptive chemicals with the government providing the antidote to those who can obtain government licenses."

What all this means makes me sort of suspicious of someone wanting to force any kind of a vaccine on me. Hey, Mr. President, we come by this are not quite as transparent as you promised...and as christians, you will find us "gentle but wary."

Shall we continue on. Let us visit ol' Van Jones, gone but not forgotten, especially not by the President. Van Jones co-founded the Apollo Alliance, which by the way, was thanked profusely by Senator Harry Reid (D-NV)for the fine job they did writing the Stimulus Bill. Oops, I bet the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette didn't tell you about that. Did they tell you about the former green job czar, Van Jones...anarchist, convicted felon,black nationalist (read: racist), victim of black theology (Rev. Wright's ilk where no matter how much civil rights laws you enact, of course, people of color are all still victims, 45 years later).

Van Jones is an avowed communist who they primed with an ivy league education like so many of them weirdos including Cass Sunstein (Harvard). Van Jones has always been very vocal to the point where Valerie Jarrett never should have thought that even the president could sell the palitability of this choice. But then we are talking about Valerie Jarrett, best friend and confidant to the Obama family...and deal broker. This one like Tony Resko, is just another slumlord who counted on the Olympic vote for Chicago to upgrade the value of her property in time to raze to make room for the Olympics or to otherwise piss away tax payer money on her property to improve the look around the various olympic venues. Back to Van Jones...okay Glenn Beck outted him and he is now officially out but probably still hobnobbing with that ugly greek George Soros of the Tides Foundation who vowed to use all of his billions to keep George Bush, "W" from getting reelected. He lied. By the way, Americans, never let your representatives vote to allow legal emigrants like Arnold Schwartzenegger to hold the office of President of the U.S. They will slip in George Soros...really more than ugly, downright evil...

More tomorrow...I will give Tracy Warner, Opinion Page Editor at the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, another day in which to get armed. He should be if he wants to engage in a battle of wits.

More names to concern yourselves with including John Lloyd czar at the FCC (bye bye Fox and Rush and internet anonymity) Kevin Jennings fan of men-boy love associations and co-contributor to a book called "Queering of Elementary Education". This one is Obama's school safety czar choice...keep him away from my grandkids, fortunately and to date, I just have girls. Mr. Jennings also has an interesting co-author on this book's forward, ol mister Weather Underground, founder Bill Ayers.Ayers brother is at the Tides Foundation (they will wash over us an not even leave a sign of us in the sands of time).

Fort Wayne, I will bore you with more tomorrow.

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