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It Is a Freedom Thing

It Is a Freedom Thing

Sunday, October 11, 2009

FORT WAYNE QUACK ALERT- Slyvia Smith the JG's willing dupe in DC?

Good Morning Fort Wayne,

I hadn't even gotten off of the front page of this Sunday's version of quackery from the Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette when I spied this article, penned by the JG's own (salaried by) Sylvia Smith.

I am going to make this one brief because I still have to flesh out more of Obama's czardom which actually fleshes out his socialistic each of the unvetted, unelected and uncontrolled policy makers assault the American Republic....I promised you that the day before yesterday.

Regarding the Sylvia Smith Aricle "700 Hoosier Jobs at Risk if GE Jet Engine Vetoed." The title alone is worthy of a minor quackery award. Here is why.

Anytime you see, GE, President Obama and Evan Bayh mentioned in the same not think diversity of opinion but think cahoots. GE, General Electric, Obama's Halliburton, stands to gain more than any corporation in history by our president's socialistic (read 'green') agenda. You have GE financial, already bailed out by Obama. You have GE Wind Turbine...big winner's in O'Bama's green/socialism scheme, You have GE medical ready to redefine the hoops physicans must jump through in order to take advantage of the care scheme (to be determined, as provided in the bill, at a later date and by a panel to be named by the administration in power...). Less I be remiss, let us not forget GE owned Obama flagship mouthpiece tv broadcasting network, MS-NBC and NBC. Of course in reality we only have two national tv broadcast outlets, Foxnews and Obama News.

Anyway, expect GE to prevail and Evan Bayh to come off as a hero for protecting 700 hoosier jobs that would not be in danger if Obama wasn't president and Bayh wasn't his vice wannabe.

But know this my fellow hoosiers. GE victory is already a done deal. These jobs were never at risk....not like the RV industry in Elkhart or those working in the medical device industry headquartered in our neighbors of Kosciusko County, Warsaw and about the Baucus 4 billion/per year tax assault on this industry....for a while, those losing jobs in Warsaw will have to drive to the soup kitchens in Elkhart until Obama establishes more soup kitchens in Kosciusko County and then blames it on capitalism.....

I respectfully present U.S. senate candidate Richard Behney to replace Evan Bayh who has long since outlived any credibility as a moral or ethical voice which Hoosier demand. I met Richard at a townhall meeting in Elwood, Indiana a few weeks ago...look him up on the web....could be a real hoosier hero.

For now, just know that Evan (who is no Birch), needs some salvation because he knows he is out in 2010 so this fabricated issue is easy to see through.

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  1. Nice to see someone standing up for truth. Mike you are making a difference.