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'But what saith it? The Word is nigh thee, even in thy mouth, and in thy heart: that is, the word of faith, which we preach: That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in your heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.""

It Is a Freedom Thing

It Is a Freedom Thing

Saturday, February 26, 2011

President Obama etal Calls for Mob Rule

The way in which President Obama, Richard Trumka, George Soros, Van Jones, Andy Stern and so many more use and mean the word democracy, it is as the Greeks intended.  Greek word is made up of two other words..... meaning people and power and this virtually translates into mob rule.

Sadly, many Americans, union leaders and rank and file alike believe that is what our country operates under....mob rule.  They mistakenly think the majority opinion in a matter rules each and every time.  These people do not understand the concept of the Rule of Law.  They do not get it, that politicians are elected and when enough of one party or another has control of a particular legislative body, then they can bring forth laws, amendments, changes etc. that will satisfy their voting constituency.  Then you vote on it.

Fact is that today, a day in which President Obama, his marxist and communist buddies are planning rallies across all 50 states....people's worker's party rallys.....a sizeable number of Americans are still asleep, that could be useful to the patriot cause, this activity, this bust the system activity, should serve as a wakeup call that the freedoms in America, previously enjoyed, are under assault by an enemy at the enemy from outside and from within....sad, huh? Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio and those other states in which the nation's socialists have elected to launch their campaign had elections last November....Governor, state houses, both houses changed hands in many states to the conservative cause...voters provided a mandate to decrease runaway state budgets and to reign in public unions...this is what is going on and what disturbs those who could care less about America's Rule of Law or Constitution.

I am amazed that these unmotivated, unable to carry their own weight, supposed professionals,  even show up at rallies....then you here that many of these sheepl get paid, carried there and fed while they are Republic busting organizations funded by George Soros as well as Obama's own campaign groups.....various ones including ACORN and OFA.

America....Obama has you surrounded on all sides...Islamic terrorists are forming their middle-eastern caliphate as we speak....traditional marriage is being safety czar is a NAMBLA member and their guidebook is "The Queering of Elementary Education" with a foreward by that czar named Kevin Jennings and another foreword offerer is Bill Ayers......Obama passes Obamacare which does not protect against abortions but promises an Executive Order to make sure it doesn't happen...that taxpayers would not have to fund abortions...I had that Joe Miller moment when Obama lied that whopper......Obama is using the tactics of capitalism destruction as offered by a number of people from Saul Alinsky to Clower and Piven....often espoused by the communist Van Jones.

Let's see what else, what else...oh crap...there is tons more but I have to limit this to under 8,000 words for keep digging America.....dogs do bury their poop you know.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Ahmadinejad & President Obama Issue Joint Call for Al Mahdi

Israel's enemies are gathering.  President Obama's plan to have Israel sign off on that revamped Oslo Accord will be accomplished even if it is at the point of a Muslim sword.  I do believe the president got a little tired of messing around with Benjamin Netanyahu and his insistence that building in Jerusalem was not adding to the settlements.  Silly Benjamin Netanyahu thinks that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and not some settlement but what does he know.

It seems that Iran's little dictator Ahmadinejad and President Obama are on the same page as they call for Al-Mahdi to come and lead the Islamists against the Great and Little Satans (Israel and America).  President Obama should never have stuck his nose in Egypt's affairs.   When it had become known that Obama's state department was complicit in agitating, inciting, and generally stirring the pot with activists supported by the administration, it has also become clear who else is calling for Al Mahdi and the destruction of Israel.

Israel's prophets have talked about the time when Israel, after wandering the wilderness for 40 years and then being scattered to the corners of the earth, will again be prominent in their own land...the land covenanted to them by the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  Benjamin Netanyahu conceded and declared that Ezekiel prophesy to be fulfilled.  It is nothing short of a miracle that God's people have managed to survive and indeed, have the land God promised them back in their control again...a little bit of it anyway.

Other prophesy is coming to pass.  I have never seen such movement as we are seeing today on God's calendar of events.  Wars, rumours of wars, pestilences and all that have been with us forever but only now do we find Israel at  home where she belongs and the rest of the world stumbling over Jerusalem, wringing their hands and saying, "Oh what can we do?  Oh what can we do?"

President Obama has the answer.....use the muslim to do his dirty work.  You have heard President Obama proclaim himself to be a Christian....if he is, and I sincerely doubt it, then he is an uneducated Christian.  He has never studied to show himself approved and he would not be an enemy to Israel if he knew God's Word.  But so sad for him and so sad for the rest of us...or at least so sad for the ones not looking forward to the reappearance of Christ because as Obama and Ahmadinejad call for Al Mahdi, they are actually calling for the battle of Armegeddon to begin.

As the Islamic caliphate continues to form, this time with Libya overthrowing Gaddafi, and Islamic radicals acquiring control, the noose tightens around Israel.  Watch President Obama.  He cheers for one side or the other and it is obvious the side he is cheering for is the side of the Muslim Brotherhood.  Finally, after two years, we still get all of his lies but now we know enough to see what he is doing rather than listening to what he is saying.  Obama is finally becoming transparent....much to his chagrin...

2009 was the beginning of this earth's third and final restoration period.....and it will end with Jesus Christ establishing his thone and his kingship in the new Jerusalem and for those who have ears to hear, pay attention! 

Prophecies detailing what is to take place as Israel enemies surround her are prominent in the New and Old Testaments...but the bottom line is that God is preparing a feast for the world's birds...they are set to dine on the bones of Chinese, Russian, a Middle-eastern confederation of nations (also known as edomites)...all those who would dare come against God's people, Israel.

America is an also ran.  We, ourselves, with 50 million abortions under our belt, gay marriages, porn creation and masterful purveyance, leaves us a broken down wreck of what we once were.  It is not all that difficult for President Obama and the liberals in office to finish the job on us.

But it is impossible for President Obama, Al Mahdi or anyone for that matter to keep you from the love of God...the love that offered up His only Son for the atonement of all of our sins.  Christians unite and pray for the peace of Jerusalem as they need our prayers badly, right now.

Sad that we have a people that love God and our ally Israel and that we are the same people duped into thinking that Barack Hussein Obama was going to maintain those relationships....fooled us once, Obama.

Friday, February 18, 2011

President Obama Uses Unions to Divide Nations, the World, Our Republic....Why?

Ever since the U.S. State Department has been found complicit of meddling in the affairs of a sovereign, foreign nation, by schooling, tooling and funding the insurgency in Egypt incited by a Google VP's radical group funded by the State Department, Code Pink (Communist group formed in California), and a plethora of other groups funded by regime destroyer George Soros including communist youth groups, it has become apparent that the 'change through chaos' course of action as laid out by communist movement organizer, Saul Alinsky, is being played out across the globe and at home in Wisconsin.

I am sad for Wisconsin because I am a Badger by birth although admittedly I have been an Indiana Hoosier by residence for the past 27 years. After serving 9 honorable and active Marine years, including two Vietnam tours, I was on my own and following business prospects.   It is a disgrace to see State democratic lawmakers sucuumb to this level of union/crowd thuggery and instead of sticking around in the statehouse to conduct business, as they were elected and are paid to do, they instead hid out at a resort in Illinois ...our nation's home of Chicago style 'thug' politics.

I was born in Milwaukee in 1947 and lived there through my 17th birthday and 19 days beyond.  At that point, in January of 1964 I petitioned my ward, Milwaukee County, to allow me to volunteer for the U. S. Marines...I left for boot camp on January 20th, 1964.  My parents, like many peoples', were divorced, alcoholic and proved incapable of taking care of one sister closest in age to me and I, the youngest so the county intervened and I grew up in county care...foster homes, children's home and boy's home. 

I loved America, even from the bus of Milwaukee County Children's Home, lovingly known as MCCH.  I loved being able to sit in the cheap seats at County Stadium to watch my Braves..Warren Spahn, Lew Burdette, Del Crandell, Joe Adcock, Red Schoendienst, Eddie Matthews, Johnny Logan, Wes Covington, Frank Torre, Hammerin' Hank Aaron,  Andy Pafko and so many others....and to be taken to a Christmas party at the downtown Pfister Hotel and to meet some of the same...we had week ends where cars trailering boats would come to MCCH early on a Saturday morning to take a whole bunch of us fishing at one of Wisconsin's super lakes and then a fish fry.....America was simple and good back then....we had come through World War II, that Koren War offically called a police action....and were well aware of Nikita Kruschev's threat that one day "Communism will Bury America...or more specifically, as I recall Nikita saying..."We will bury you".....familiar rhetoric, huh? I think communists still believe that and are acting out today.  I am recalling a happy youth in a happier and more hopeful America than we have today. I am recalling a Wisconsin I want to be able to return to and visit without the shame these self-indulgent unions etal., are foisting on that state today.

After my Marine years, I began my business career as I pursued a college education, having previously passed the GED test I took as a Marine.  Every place I worked, whether it was that first place in McLean, Virginia, a manufacturing facility run by Bendix, Communications Division from Towson, Maryland in which the work force was not represented by a union as some others such as ITT and Magnavox in Indiana which were....I gained experience and insight as to what is good and what is bad about unions today and what is considered bad both from the perspective of management which I represented and hourly employees whom I often supervised. I always felt that the most important requisite a supervisor should possess is the ability to naturally get along with people...carry some degree of empathy and sympathy where necessary but never to crippling degrees.  If you have one of those, you can then school and train that one in personnel and labor relations.

Workers anywhere, in any culture, are driven my internal and external influences....good and bad.  As a supervisor in a manufacturing operation where, for example, we assembled the very first production model as well as  pre-production models of a very successful Sincgars Airborne Radio/Transmitter (R/T)....this radio and it's ground version which was produced in volume at another city location is still being produced for our military and friendly governments worldwide today after beginning production in 1986.  Sincgars is a very good frequency hopping, internet enabled, GPS enabled R/T that has prevented friendly fire deaths probably in countless circumstances over the years....

That local union of the Internation Brotherhood of Electrical Workers built and are still building excellent military equipment which I consider a fine use of taxpayer dollars.  Those workers were usually in some cases my subordinates, i.e., I was their supervisor.  Among others.  I really had no trouble with the union contract or it's adminstration as most rules were common sense, how to treat people, rules that if all manufacturing operations anywhere adopted such rules voluntarily, they wouldn't need unions.  It is simple as common sense on how to treat people; just but fair...and by all means, equally.  We learned to document, document, document and go through a usual 4 step disciplinary process. as is unfortunately necessary at times.  At ITT and at Magnavox we had good relations with our Bendix, the workers were happy without one.

In union environments, it was almost impossible to move junior employees ahead of senior ones even though, after years of experience, it was obvious the junior employee had superior skills.  Sometimes, senior employees and of course junior ones alike lack intrinsic motivation...that thing that drives a person to demand the best of themselves at whatever they set their hand and mind to accomplish and even to demand they accomplish...something.  Unions encourage feather bedding...soft jobs for senior employees often times jobs that had little content at the old caboose engineers on trains.  Unions further dis-spirit that intrinic drive of certain employees because they cannot be recognized in any fashion that might put more bread on their family table because of their merit.  They are treated equally with those who perform the minimum, by choice, to get by. My operators knew how I felt but like I said, I could not improve their ability to provide for their families.

In my 30 plus years of manufacturing experience, I will honestly say that unions have been driving industries to relocate out of country long before NAFTA was signed into law by Bill, union leadership is determined to have the 'workers of the world, unite' and do not stand for due paying members in America only.  Rank and file union members need to understand that when they run out of other people's money to spend that we will all be in the same boat we watch your brother and sister workers in Kenya and other such places,  spend the redistributed wealth Obama sees fit to send in their direction.

Strong but fair management can manage in any environment because the bottom line is producing a quality product, on time and at a profit.  To suggest that their should not be profit is to suggest that employees today do not want a place their kids can work grow or die in business. Among the majority of union rank and file members I suspect the vast majority are thinking American patriots and the rest are making all the noise today.

As an intrinsically motivated individual myself, and probably one who could feel justified in screaming 'victim' and becoming of those 'gimme mo please' people in our society who will take a buck anyway he can get it, I find no reason for any person with a grain of self respect, to not stand up for themselves, for their ability to stand on their own two feet.  I find it disgusting that there are people out there, holding varying college degrees in education, engineering, etc...that find it in their best interest to these I would say...grow a set and stand up proudly in your ability to take care of yourself without big brother's help.

I also understand the corrupt systems in place in state governments across the land where politicans have been making promises that amounted to little more than lies regarding pension funds for state union workers and how much is actually being saved and the like.....In Wisconsin, the newly elected Republican Governor Scott Walker has been working to bring out of control state spending to a place where union members would at least have to pay roughly 50% of the amount of paid by non-union workers in Wisconsin for various insurance coverages and were being asked to contribute 7% of their pay to their own retirement accounts....much like any of us would do with a 401K plan for example.

Holy crap...from the liberal coverage on this one would think the sky was falling.  We The People, that is those of us who understand that Americans are taxed enough already (TEA), understand that those inciting protests and carrying hateful, 'violence suggesting' signs need to stand alone. Union Leader thugs like  Andy Stern, Richard Trumka, President Obama's Organizing for America, George Soros, are stirring the pot in the liberal bastion wannabe state of Wisconsin....Sadly, the froot loop professor who first suggested that President Bush was responsible for the Arabls flying planes into the WTC, the Pentagon and the ground in Pennsylvania, yep...Badger teacher at the University of Wisconsin in Madison.  Another such truther is the disgraced communist Van Jones, under Obama's direct employ until he was outed as a commie....Van Jones still works for Soros who works on behalf of Obama....these are the tactics Van Jones espouses...'bottom up, top down, inside out' pressure cooker until the Republic bursts....

This Alinsky tactic of creating chaos and then rushing in like a beneficial dictator will not cut it in America....officially, this garbage will move from state to state and somewhere along the way, normal patriotic citizens will be sucked into a confrontation.  Obama needs this badly so he can perhaps enact martial law before the 2012 elections and move to disarm legal, patriotic America while the cast of bad guy characters will continue to brandish their own.

Obama's tactics around the middle-east in which he demands Mubarak in Egypt to stand down because he wasn't allowing the Muslim Brotherhood in while at the same time suggesting to Ahmadinejad in Iran, that he be not be too harsh on protestors (wink,wink) in a place where Israel hate and America hate is already the fashion of the day.  Continue to watch him babble as he swings back and forth between the forces out to topple so called friendly governments such as those in Bahrain, Libya  and Yemen and those already having governments in place that are sworn enemies to Israel and America such as Syria and increasingly, Turkey.

An Islamic caliphate is forming and the first threat is to Israel....It is apparent that President Obama, the narcisstic protagonist of all things Islamic, is tired of pissing around with Benjamin Netanyahu and issues such as neighborhoods being built in Israel's capital, Jerusalem.  Only those complicit in Obama's scheme or those with their heads firmly buried in the sand would suggest that Israel is not in the greatest danger of her storied and miraculous existence since 1948....Obama will see that Israel 'parts God's land' as they sign this so-called revamped Oslo Accord said to be 7 years in duration...Israel's enemies will surround her on all sides and she will be forced to allow her enemies a share of Jerusalem.  This Obama will see the point of the Muslim sword.

Israel and the warnings of their prophet,  Ezekiel to this proud nation will be presented in a later blog..soon.

  It is said that if a watchman sees the danger approaching and says nothing, that the danger should indeed beset his household first.....Granted, I reside in America and not Israel but Israel is just the place where all of this starts.....and, ultimately, ends but America is officially one of all the nations in the world who will come against Israel in that day.  Not you and I perhaps...but Obama's official America will.

To my Christian and Jewish friends...I say Shalom and Next Year, Jerusalem....

Friday, February 11, 2011

Clapper's Egyptian Crapper

How indescribably and breathtakingly stupid were the comments made by National Intelligence Director, James Clapper when he described the Muslim Brotherhood as a secular organization mostly concerned with peaceful humanitarian projects......?  Or, and which is far more likely, how deeply complicit is Clapper involved with the Obama scheme to create a New World Order?

James Clapper aside...Barack Hussein Obama aside...this crazy coalition of socialists, union organizers, young (and old I imagine) communist organizations, George Soros funded groups as well as Code Pink...another enemy of the state, has been behind this supposed uprising of the people in they try to create the perfect storm to take advantage of....I mean, why waste an emergency??? 

I find it horrifying that Clapper and most of the lame stream media in America downplay and in fact, downright lie about the goals and aspiration of the Muslim Brotherhood.  This Islamic group that wishes to dominate and place the entire globe under the banner of Islam and ruled by Sharia Law is flat out dangerous....dangerous to Israel and by the way, because of that fact, dangerous to America.  America of course is in danger because officially, only in Obama's government, but officially we back the goals of the Muslim Brotherhood including the extermination of Israel.  Clapper and the lsm apparently draw their information, willingly, from Obama's crapper.  Aah, those talking points!

Today, Muslims worldwide are filling out that 10-40 window with Islam and Sharia Law....that space between the lattitudes of 10 degrees north and 40 degrees north...this geographical area just north  of the equator with Mecca as its center is Islams' starting point...only blocked by the nation, the covenanted people of the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; Israel.  Starting point because Islam has world domination as it's goal with of course death to the infidel which is anyone not Muslim and in particular to the people of the book (the bible..Jew and Gentile alike).

Sadly...those dhimmitude to damn politically correct,  will not say boo just prior to the sword swishing through the air and lopping their heads.....unless of course, you are a Steve Centanni from Fox News, who when faced with that option chose to convert to Islam......I wonder if Steve has concerned himself with certain scripture such as "If you confess me before men, I will confess you before my Father but if you deny me before men, I will deny you before my Father which is in heaven"......or that he should not fear the one who can only take his life but rather the one who can take his life and his soul....

Islam does not play around,  people, nor does God....We know the game plan....we know their goals and we know God's stated opposition to them and yet we will watch it play out as it is written.  Islamists (otherwise known as Edomites), Russians and some of their former satellite countries, China, Egypt as the King of the South which includes a Islamic confederation of states (57 I believe...funny when Obama thinks 57 is the number of  American states) will all come against Israel....King of the West also which includes the revived Roman Empire we know as the EU and the United States....will be there too.

I wonder why New World Order types like George Soros, Van Jones, and even Barack Hussein Obama think they will fare well under an Islamic regime?  I have given much thought to the question of why Obama is not considered an apostate for leaving Islam, which is the case,  and you are marked for death when you do, unless you have special dispensation to operate in a stealthy jihad mode. Jihad is a duty of all Muslims, young and old, male and female...some are overt like terrorists.   All are free to make up their own minds on that one.  Obama could be a devout Muslim or he could simply wish to rule everyone in the world including the Muslims.  I am not sure and I really could care less.  I believe his reign will be short lived and another New World Order will be established under the King of Kings.  An appropriate response from Christians in this matter is like I said below..."Even so, Come Lord Jesus" as found in the second last verse of the bible. 

So apparently the significance of Mubarak now making it offical and stepping down is that a true King of the South will arise and lead Egypt into the glorious Khalifa.....wonder which blind imam that will be......and since this is true...Saudi Arabia will tremble and Israel will prepare....I always trust that God and Mossad know the intentions of the enemy of the chosen people, eyes stay focused on her.  As do my prayers for both Israel and the peace of Jerusalem....

Like they said back in the day...."Tomorrow, Jerusalem!"....."Even so, Come, Lord Jesus".

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Muslim Caliphate Forms

Once, when Jesus was sitting with some of his disciples, specifically Peter, James, John and Andrew, upon the mount of Olives, they asked Jesus what would be the sign of the fulfillment of time after the Jewish temple in place at the time, was to be, as Jesus put it, 'not one stone left upon another, that shall not be thrown down'.  All those things you have always heard about and which false prophets have glomped onto for centuries are among the signs of course....wars, rumours of wars...but the end is not yet, nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be earthquakes in divers places, and there shall be famines and troubles: these are the beginning of sorrows. Mark 13:...2-8.

"But before all these, they shall lay their hands on you, and persecute you, delivering you up to the synagogues, and into prisons, being brought before kings and rulers for my name's sake.  And it shall turn to you for a testimony.  Settle it therefore in your hearts, not to meditate before what you will answer: For I will give you a mouth and wisdom, which all your adversaries shall not be able to gainsay nor resist.  And ye shall be betrayed by parents, and brethren, and kinsfolks, and friends; and some of you shall they cause to be put to death.  And ye shall be hated of all men for my name's sake.  But there shall not an hair of your head perish.  In your patience possess ye your souls.  And when ye shall see Jerusalem compassed with armies, then know that the desolation thereof is nigh".  Luke 21:12-20.

President Obama has been extraordinarily glib before and very often proving that we really need to pay more attention to his actions than his words and this time is no exception.  America has supported Kings, Sultans, Emirs, Imams, Princes and who knows how many titles of middle eastern potentates.  No, these potentates are not good for their own people.  Yes, most are repressive and downright deadly to anyone who thinks having their own opinions on matters of state should be important to them.  For decades the United States has been supporting these, supposedly to keep peace with Israel but in reality for good oil relations.

President Mubarak is such a character and America should certainly stop backing him and all of these other bad actors in the middle east or wherever they may be found.  Yes, there needs to be a transition of power from Mubarak to those with the interests of the majority of all Egyptians at heart and yes, this should happen as soon as reasonably practical. 

Perhaps we need to consider just how it is that we will replace the 20% of all the oil we consume that comes to us via the middle-east.....Obama can talk and blow as much climategate smoke as he wishes and that will not give us the energy we need and he can use more mirrors to reflect a phony message that somehow the sun will be our salvation...and even these crappy jobs go to China....  American and Israel combined resources of oil and natural gas would allow the free world independence from the desert dwellers and petro dollars will be a thing of the past...and yet we know Obama will not let America drill in Anwar, in deep water nor in shallow water, nor anywhere really......It is as if Obama was purposely trying to destroy the fabric of the American Republic by destroying her industries and jobs....How about that Prez?  Any truth to that?

President Obama does not speak for me when he and his seek to impose a time line for Mubarak to depart and yet I agree, September is too long from now.  President Obama knows that if Mubarak is forced out now that the only one with enough appartus in place to begin a functioning government is that fact led by ElBaradei and backed by the Muslim Brotherhood, of course.....I do not know if there is a moderate enough muslim around to guide Egypt during this transistion and perhaps as it's newly elected president but I do honestly believe ElBaradei who has never known a terrorist he doesn't like, is not the right ally for America and certainly not good for the peace of Israel.

All of this is horrendous...the fact that Obama has been able to drag us into this quagmire and yet it has been foretold that 'all nations will come against Israel'....and 'all' includes the United States who according to prophesy must fall anyway....Obama is apparently, an evil, useful facilitator of God's will as God lets.

Assuming Egypt does fall to the Islamic Brotherhood, peace with Israel is over....Gaza will be flooded with Russian arms transferred there via Iran and Syria and more and more we have to ask ourselves; "Is it in our best interest to have Israel 'compassed about by her enemies?'  I suppose that all depends on how much you are looking forward to the end of the world 'as we know it'.

I do not know about you but in recent days and weeks we have seen change for the worse come to Tunisia, Lebanon, Jordon, and more than likely Egypt....and still you say you don't believe we are on the eve of destruction.....Damascus is the home headquarters of both Hamas and Hezbollah...cowardly leaders hideout here....besides being joined at the hip with Tehran, why is it that Damascus is the one slated for transformation into a 'ruinous heap' from evening of one night until the next dawn...from being a pain in the butt to Israel one day, and gone the next?....Isaiah, chapter 17 describes this exciting (I suppose that depends on how you view the beginning of end times events and prophesy fulfillment) turn of events....

That Islamic Caliphate now forming in a Middle-eastern region near you is deadly to civilized life on the planet the middle east, tomorrow Europe.....My french wife fears for her family that resides in various parts of France and with the country undertrod by Algerians that cannot find jobs and cannot wear burqas in public, France should concern herself with the spread of Islamic domination goals.  Indeed all of Europe needs to be concerned.

Never my house and never my country....but then that means we are in for one hell of a fight because Islam will try to dominate America and the lies of Hillary Clinton and Barak Hussein Obama will only prove to convince more and more of the American populace, some are still asleep, that there is a new world order conspiracy shaping up in our government...actually, flourishing.....Islam and Communism are two choices America faces....and then there is that New Jerusalem to be ruled by Jesus Christ, King of that is something to aspire to.....Bye losers...Soros, Mohammed, Obama and soooo many others....your days are numbered.

God fearing people will now, more than ever before, pray for the peace of Jerusalem....which is the capital of Israel and not some kind of settlement that Obama thinks he can rule.....Pretty many of us will also rise from our knees to face the enemies of WE THE PEOPLE, all of them...inside and least those oath keepers among us will.

Democrats, progressives and liberals really need to decide how bad they want to continue down this path toward America's eventual one will be happy as your rule will be soooo tenuous and soooo short lived...think smart now and desert President Obama...let him stand alone with the "The Dreams From His Father"...who was a communist afterall.