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It Is a Freedom Thing

It Is a Freedom Thing

Saturday, February 26, 2011

President Obama etal Calls for Mob Rule

The way in which President Obama, Richard Trumka, George Soros, Van Jones, Andy Stern and so many more use and mean the word democracy, it is as the Greeks intended.  Greek word is made up of two other words..... meaning people and power and this virtually translates into mob rule.

Sadly, many Americans, union leaders and rank and file alike believe that is what our country operates under....mob rule.  They mistakenly think the majority opinion in a matter rules each and every time.  These people do not understand the concept of the Rule of Law.  They do not get it, that politicians are elected and when enough of one party or another has control of a particular legislative body, then they can bring forth laws, amendments, changes etc. that will satisfy their voting constituency.  Then you vote on it.

Fact is that today, a day in which President Obama, his marxist and communist buddies are planning rallies across all 50 states....people's worker's party rallys.....a sizeable number of Americans are still asleep, that could be useful to the patriot cause, this activity, this bust the system activity, should serve as a wakeup call that the freedoms in America, previously enjoyed, are under assault by an enemy at the enemy from outside and from within....sad, huh? Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio and those other states in which the nation's socialists have elected to launch their campaign had elections last November....Governor, state houses, both houses changed hands in many states to the conservative cause...voters provided a mandate to decrease runaway state budgets and to reign in public unions...this is what is going on and what disturbs those who could care less about America's Rule of Law or Constitution.

I am amazed that these unmotivated, unable to carry their own weight, supposed professionals,  even show up at rallies....then you here that many of these sheepl get paid, carried there and fed while they are Republic busting organizations funded by George Soros as well as Obama's own campaign groups.....various ones including ACORN and OFA.

America....Obama has you surrounded on all sides...Islamic terrorists are forming their middle-eastern caliphate as we speak....traditional marriage is being safety czar is a NAMBLA member and their guidebook is "The Queering of Elementary Education" with a foreward by that czar named Kevin Jennings and another foreword offerer is Bill Ayers......Obama passes Obamacare which does not protect against abortions but promises an Executive Order to make sure it doesn't happen...that taxpayers would not have to fund abortions...I had that Joe Miller moment when Obama lied that whopper......Obama is using the tactics of capitalism destruction as offered by a number of people from Saul Alinsky to Clower and Piven....often espoused by the communist Van Jones.

Let's see what else, what else...oh crap...there is tons more but I have to limit this to under 8,000 words for keep digging America.....dogs do bury their poop you know.

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