Be Born Again in the Spirit

'But what saith it? The Word is nigh thee, even in thy mouth, and in thy heart: that is, the word of faith, which we preach: That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in your heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.""

It Is a Freedom Thing

It Is a Freedom Thing

Saturday, January 30, 2010

California Mall Arrests Youth Pastor for Speech

Amazingly, I could not find any reference to the gross story about a  shopping mall in California having rules against religious speech.  Said rules got an church's youth pastor arrested in recent days.  The pastor explained that he was talking about Christ with a couple of kids who agreed to speak with him.

My take on this is, I sure as hell wish I lived a lot closer to that mall.  I would be there with my bible daily and/or they would change their policy....

No where in America will lefties tell me that I do not have freedom of speech and freedom of religious expression in a public place....sorry....if  you are open to the public, you are open to the public just full of such get over it...weirdos in California.

Better still, come visit us here in Indiana, let us 'splain a few things to you all.

Dumb asses and to all those who agree with them whether you are light in  your loafers or just an ordinary atheist,  trust me, I know your are afraid to come to the light so you attack it....ummm, ummm, ummm, Californians, watch out for that big one headed in your direction.

If some of you say, well we are not all that way, then please deal with the goofy ones you have in your midst by yourselves and prove to us that you deserve to breath the air God so graciously provides us all.

Sorry I could not be more specific people, I tried to find the article in our lovely Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette this am but to no avail and I should have known better to even look there.

Protect the Least Among Us

Hey mankind, you are created in God's own image: "So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them."  Genesis 1:27.

Angels even wonder at the place in God's heart that he hold's mankind...a place even above the angels.  Angels wonder because they see how evil we are...I wonder too.

Yesterday you saw a jury convict Scott Roeder of murder in the slaying of noted abortion Doctor George Tiller while Tiller was attending service at a Wichita, Kansas church.

Tiller died and went immediately to judgement....I am sure the Lamb's Book of Life was opened and Tiller's name was not found within....after all,  George Tiller was a murderer of the most innocent among us and horribly so,  right up to the very last moment in the womb very often....George was proud of his record of late stage abortions otherwise known as drilling a hole in the skull and vacuuming out the child's brains.  Painful I am sure, but quick unless the vacuum gets plugged.

Scott  Roeder also had a miscarriage of God's justice.  He was given a life sentence when indeed, he too should be put to death....

Remember that bit about God's people being made in his own image and how he values us?  Well in Genesis, chapter 9, verse 6 we find: "Whoso sheddeth man's blood, by man shall his blood be shed; for in the image of God made he man." Explains capital punishment people...just make damn sure you have the right person.

Speaking of abortion or of feeding our nation's children to that old Jewish pagan god, Molech...God is pretty set against that too as you could read in the book of Leviticus if you really wanted to have your respective conscients seared with the truth.  Most of you who practice this horrible sin do not want to know the truth and yet you are condemned along with  those who witness this practice and say nothing.

So called christian witness and say nothing....girls, don't you know that your bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit, that you are not your own, that you have been bought with a price?  Your bodies belong to God if you profess Christ, and if you want dominion of your bodies then reject Christ with words because indeed, you are in deed.

I am pretty sure it is time to let Congress know that they are treading on mighty thin ice when they seek to force legislation that will see taxpayers funding death to  our nation's babies. Obama's health bill will ensure your complicity in infanticide.  Don't be party to it.

Hoosier Evan Bayh Sways In Obama's Wind

Once again America, and in particular my fellow hoosiers, our democratic senator Evan Bayh is showing his true lack of fiscal responsibility....and it has to do with what is set to destroy the Republic that is/was America.  Once again, Evan Byah has proven to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid that he will be there when Harry needs 60 votes.

Evan was one of those 60 votes, who  strictly along partisan lines, agreed to increase the nations' debt limit by another 1.9 trillion dollars....yep....trilllion.  Harry needed 60 votes just like Harry needed 60 votes when the Senate passed their version of the health care bill on Christmas Eve...remember....Evan was there for Harry.

Today Evan Bayh touts Obama's lies on spending freezes to his advantage and he will continue to vote against anything that increases our nation's rush to bankruptcy as long as Harry only needs a simple majority.

Spending freezes indeed.  First off, it is to only affect 17% of the budge, not begin until 2011, and cap at 2009 levels which is a Republic buster all by disingenuine can a person be?  Evan, we are not mathematicians but your fuzzy math is troublesome.  We are already waiting for someone to stick a pin in the bubble which is this inflated GDP...which even with a 4th quarters increase still leaves 2009 as the worst bleeder of our GDP since 1946 by another 2%. 

Americans and even Hoosiers, and we are not progressives Evan, can look to their neighbors on their left and on their right and across the street....I have two empty houses around me and two adults with 3 toddlers out of work next to me....please Evan, do not try to convince me that we are healing.....we are merely awaiting the pop of that big financial bubble the fed has us sitting on.

Evan, the nation carries a 10% unemployment rate average.  I do not know which state(s) are dragging the average down to that low level, not many I suspect, but your constituents in Indiana counties are averaging more like 13-14% with who knows how many giving up the search and out of unemployment....oh yeah, thanks for at least voting to increase unemployment to 99 is jobs, Evan...

If the president's economy cannot produce anything but government and union jobs building silly assed green projects, how is that going to affect the vast majority of people out of work, and out of hope....Come on Evan, you are toast in 2010 and you should be considering moving to DC maybe.  You are wearing out your welcome in Indiana.

Americans can see through the charade that is the blue dog caucus in the democratic party.  There is no such thing as a moderate democrat....there are only those democrats, both in the house and senate, who are up for re-election this year and worried about it.....Evan Bayh should be even though most pundits do not see him as a potential loser....yet!   Hoosiers are the best guages of their own elected officials....we are the ones they lie to as they make poor decisions.....normally Evan Bayh has the Inskeep Family's pet hound Sylvia Smith try to explain his fiscal worthiness but today Andrew Taylor of the AP chimes in with Sylvia's inputs of course.

Inkeeps Family, to non-hoosiers, are the losers that own the morning and evening editions of the only newspapers in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  These are died in the wool progressives who think that government can and should run everything in our daily lives....ummm, ummm, ummm, and you all thought these type died with Woodrow Wilson, Teddy Roosevelt and Franklin Delnanor Roosevelt....Surprise!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Hamas’ 54 Democratic Congressmen

You people simply have to read this yourself and click on all the places there are to click in order to see the list of those who would subvert our constitution and republic....

Shame on you stinkining progressives....

Hamas’ 54 Democratic Congressmen

Junkscience:  Climategate Distortion of Temperature Data

America...since the state of the union address, it is again obvious that Obama is not shaking off his silly progressive/socialist agenda.  Like Larry the Cable Guy said the other day," it was so cold in Canada that a polar bear begged me to shoot it in the head."

Even with the liars admitting now that they skewed their data on purpose that the Himilayan snow cap is not melting, yada yada yada....and still Obama pushes his industry busting and wealth sharing schemes.....ummm, ummm, ummm,.....Obama, you are a bad, bad boy and you must be punished.

Junkscience: Climategate Distortion of Temperature Data

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

State of Union: Arrogance 101

America, if you have not seen arrogance in action before, witness the spectacle of Barack Hussein Obama pretending to know what is best ala 'father knows best' for you and I.

He has not softened his progressive stance, his threats to anyone making more than a pissant still stands....but he acknowledges you and small business as the engine that runs America.  He still wants his captive audience which he will hook in through his health bill....of course, it still lurks....yep...even though climategate is a total bust with the liars even admitting their political agendas....Obama's agenda continues.

Just now he says, he will have our troops out of Iraq by the end of August....good thing, because it is getting hot again and now that they put Chemical Ali to death and weapons of mass destruction, officially died with him, we have no reason to stick around....let them blow each other up like before we took out Saddam and Chemical Ali for the Iraqi people...nope, never got a drop of oil for our efforts.

His rhetoric hasn't changed....the lies in many cases were so thread bare I totally expected someone on the conservative side to stand up and yell "You Lie" again.  Listen,  America if you are not listening to Obama tonight, you are not missing anything hopeful.  His intention to bust our Republic by tightening this law and that, harming every little bit of capitalism and then suggesting that small business will bring us out of it even as his theme programs, health care and cap & trade do major league harm to employees, jobs, and whole industries across our nations heartland like Elkhart, Indiana and medical device home, Warsaw, Indiana and truly across America.

No one is hopeful here in Indiana  with Obama in power....if we have a bit of hope it is that we expect to get a chance to vote next year, many of his official hench men/women will be gone but his czardom who people like Dick Lugar, Indiana senator loves to vote in, will remain.  What if we do not get a chance to vote next year? What if there is a crisis....could Rahm and Obama pass it up?

You ordinary people, people just like me, who just a year ago was screwing around in bowling alleys and golf courses and some bars....and now, who has time for boy toys?....we have a Republic to retake.

Right now he is pushing to reverse 'don't ask and don't tell' and he will do it.  This former 9 year Marine and Vietnam veteran has had many friends, acquaintances and work buddies who have been/are gay or lesbian and on a one to one, personal basis, that is between them and their God.  Now, when someone tells me that we need to nationalize a policy that got places like Sodom and Gomorrah in deep hockey puckey, I say no.  With God back then it was a matter of percentages and when we change that policy then it is because a majority of Americans want it and then so help us God.

Oh yeah!  Small minded military people, including some, but probably just a few good men, will probably hold blanket parties....and Obama will be remembered for his thoughtless policies.

I am coming away from this eerie state of the union address wondering what twilight zone America has wandered into.  I started to say the only hope we have is an active WE THE PEOPLE. 63 years old, and no longer, by far, believe I have seen it all anymore...our prez hates us!

As he reads these letters from people, or purported letters, or purported real people, he wants us to feel good about each other...he wants us to honor our spirits....he knows our spirit live on through 220 years...but he does not know that as President of the United States, he squashes spirit with his socialist/progressive attitude and ram, ram, ram, ram.....

No fiscal sanity in Obama and extraordinary fuzzy will be fun to reread his talk as the days goes by and pick apart what he really means from his rhetoric....he usually speaks the truth but you have to know where he hides it....if you don't see it then he can always say well, he told  you so.

His agenda is in tact....his rhetoric is in tact....he mollied far too many of his progressives left and right....and his narcissism was in abundance and he villied the Supreme Court with all of his cronies sitting around them over their 5-4 vote on a correct freedom of speech vote for corporations.  That one almost cracked the plaster on Pelosi's face, she contorted with laughter so badly...teehee teehee teehee....she said. Obama is a true asshole, for that one alone.

Lefties and progressive righties are still fair game....Tea Parties will claim the turf in 2010.  Watch the weak, progessive Judd Greggs and John McCains allow some of the so called moderate 'blue dog' democrats sneak more to the center with panels on this or is wrong to provide bail out space for the democrats just because like, Evan Bayh, they are up for re-election this year.   McCain is a progressive, yes that was his picture on Glenn Beck's wall.

Hey, enough for tonight.  Let me post this around a  little bit...more to follow as the days progress.

Semper Fi and keep your power are apt to need it, unfortunately.

Monday, January 25, 2010

State of the Union Lie

Hi of my daughters forwarded this to me and I couldn't resist posting it as it is so true.  While I was debating my response to President Obama and his State of the Union address, it came to me...this is it.

My name is not John but I am 63.  I was looking forward to full retirement in 2 more years and now I am beginning to question the security of everything that for the last 45 years I worked and paid social security and medicare taxes....bull shit...I am well past the questioning stage.

President Obama you are going on national television just to lie to the American people one more time.  I will watch this dreaded event only to get the talking points all your clones in the media will be using for the next couple of  have your campaign experts helping to figure out how to jam health care.

Mr. Obama, notice the change people, now I am into wishful thinking, alot of people say you are a progressive (read: socialist/totalitarian) and that you are moving at a deliberate speed on purpose and that you have this weird assed agenda because you have feelings and empathy for the down trodden people, not just in America, but across the globe.   Give me a break dude, okay, head dude in charge!  (Psst!, if you sense a hint of haven't earned any respect get that the old fashioned way...EARN IT!).  You intend to bust this country and run that sorry assed globe.

America, now is not the time to be asking who are these nasty influences that seem to surround our President.  These nasty influences are there at his behest...this is his secret government, his czardom!  Now is the time to find a legal means to oust this man from office...we do this now before his claws are too far in and we can win by cutting off the head of this glib narcissist....if we stand by idly...then we will have to take care of the whole  beast maybe a finger or a foot at a time...much messier.

Wednesday night Obama will lie about jobs.  I hope he is smart enough not to mention Serious Manufacturing (Window Manufacturer) with whom he is having an incestuous affair and to whom he intends to send  our orders for the energy efficient windows his  EPA brown shirt 'swat teams' will install in our homes, on our dime.  Serious business people...brand new near Pittsburgh or in Pittsburgh...also the company owner's wife works for Obama in the EPA as the weatherization czar-ette. Mr. Obama, quit your spending and taxing...quit your job busting health care push and cap & trade bs.  No one trusts you...that is why no one is lending and no one is hiring...straight scoop dude.

Mr. Obama, I would at least have liked to have  been able to say you are nothing more than a one term president....but honestly, sir, I do not want to even look down that dark, dark alley.

3 More years, oh crap.

This should be required reading for our families!!

Subject: Letter from Grandpa - priceless

John G. is 63 years old and owns a small business. He's a life-long Republican and sees his dream of retiring next year has all but evaporated. With the stock market crashing and new taxes coming his way, John assumes now that he will work to his dying day.
John has a granddaughter. Ashley is a recent college grad. She drives a flashy hybrid car, wears all the latest fashions, and loves to go out to nightclubs and restaurants. Ashley campaigned hard for Barack Obama. After the election she made sure her grandfather (and all other Republican family members) received a big I told-you-so earful on how the world is going to be a much better place now that her party is taking over.
Having lost both roommates, Ashley recently ran short of cash and cannot pay the rent (again) on her 3 bedroom townhouse. Like she has done many times in the past, she e-mailed her grandfather asking for some financial help.

Here is his reply:

I received your request for assistance.
Ashley, you know I love you dearly and I 'm sympathetic to your financial plight. Unfortunately, times have changed. With the election of President Obama, your grandmother and I have had to set forth a bold new economic plan of our own..."The Ashley Economic Empowerment Plan." Let me explain.
Your grandmother and I are life-long, wage-earning tax payers. We have lived a comfortable life, as you know, but we have never had the fancier things like European vacations, luxury cars, etc. We have worked hard and were looking forward to retiring soon. But the plan has changed. Your president is raising our personal and business taxes significantly. He says it is so he can give our hard earned money to other people. Do you know what this means, Ashley? It means less for us, and we must cut back on many business and personal expenses. You know the wonderful receptionist who worked in my office for more than 23 years? The one who always gave you candy when you came over to visit? I had to let her go last week. I can't afford to pay her salary and all of the government mandated taxes that go with having employees. Your grandmother will now work 4 days a week to answer phones, take orders and handle the books. We will be closed on Fridays and will lose even more income to the Wal-Mart.

I'm also very sorry to report that your cousin Frank will no longer be working summers in the warehouse. I called him at school this morning. He already knows about it and he's upset because he will have to give up skydiving and his yearly trip to Greenland to survey the polar bears.

That's just the business side of things. Some personal economic effects of Obama's new taxation policies include none other than you. You know very well that over the years your grandmother and I have given you thousands of dollars in cash, tuition assistance, food, housing, clothing, gifts, etc., etc. But by your vote, you have chosen to help others -- not at your expense -- but at our expense.
If you need money now sweetheart, I recommend you call 202-456-1111. That is the direct phone number for the White House. You yourself told me how foolish it is to vote Republican. You said Mr. Obama is going to be the People's President, and is going to help every American live a better life.

Based on everything you've told me, along with all the promises we heard during the campaign, I'm sure Mr. Obama will be happy to transfer some stimulus money into your bank account. Have him call me for the account number which I memorized years ago..

Perhaps you can now understand what I've been saying all my life: those who vote for a president should consider the impact on the nation as a whole, and not be just concerned with what they can get for themselves. What Obama supporters don't seem to realize is all of the money he is redistributing to illegal aliens and non-taxpaying Americans (the so-called "less fortunate") comes from tax-paying families.

Remember how you told me, "Only the richest of the rich will be affected"?

Well guess what, honey? Because we own a business, your grandmother and I are now considered to be the richest of the rich. On paper, it might look that way, but in the real world, we are far from it.

As you said while campaigning for Obama, some people will have to carry more of the burden so all of America can prosper. You understand what that means, right? It means that raising taxes on productive people results in them having less money; less money for everything, including granddaughters.

I'm sorry, Ashley, but the well has run dry. The free lunches are over. I have no money to give you now. So, congratulations on your choice for "change." For future reference, I encourage you to try and add up the total value of the gifts and cash you have received from us, just since you went off to college, and compare it to what you expect to get from Mr. Obama over the next 4 (or 8) years. I have not kept track of it, Ashley. It has all truly been the gift of our hearts.

Remember, we love you dearly....but from now on you'll need to call the number mentioned above. Your "Savior" has the money we would have given to you. Just try and get it from him.

Good luck, sweetheart.



"As an American I am not so shocked that Obama was given the Nobel Peace

Prize without any accomplishments to his name, but that America gave him

the White House based on the same credentials." - - Newt Gingrich

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Washington Post Lefty

David Waters wrote this piece of crap for the Washington Post condemning the practice of a Michigan government contractor for rifle sights of embedding bible verses in on their product....verses such as John 8:12 which reads "Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life."

David apparently finds this bothers his sensibilities and obviously squeemish sensitivities.  David would rather have us follow this scriptural verse: "Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you and persecute you." Matthew 5:55.

Okay David, I will bless and pray for you...does that make you happy?

On the other hand I believe our Marines and soldiers should continue to pray for good sight alignment and a steady trigger squeeze while they continue as the spiritual 'point of the spear' from a nation that ever since her existence has fought the godless tyrants across the world. 

American soldiers, the christians among them, know that when they die they face judgement and if their name is found in the Lamb's Book of Life and they know the only way it can get there, by belief that God raised Jesus from the dead and they proclaim Jesus with their mouth and believe on Him in their hearts.

I see absolutely nothing wrong with soldiers carrying forward in their righteous battles against Islam with God's Word in their mouths, in their hearts and of course, in their hands.

Fear not them that can kill the body, but rather fear him David, who can kill your body and your soul.

David, you should know this too and say you heard from this former Vietnam veteran and 9 year Marine is not our job to die for our country.....surprised???  It is our job to make the other dumb son of a bitch die for his and please, do not take solace in his premature demise.  It is probably either him or you, David.

Lay off of our freedom fighters....

Fed Chairman Bernanke

Unless and until someone can explain to the American people why Senators Christopher Dodd (D-Ct) and Judd Gregg (R-NH) are working so feverishly to keep anyone from auditing the federal reserve books, I would ensure that your Senators vote against affirming another 4 years for this chairman who presided over the breakdown of our financial systems including the out of touch actions of Freddie Mac and Sallie Mae.

Barney Frank, Christopher Dodd, Bernanke etal, have explaining to do.  What are they hiding from the American people?

Obama, why all the secrets?  Why all the czars?  Why don't you just confess to your inability to pull yourself away from your muslim tendencies to want to destroy us here in the West?

Cloward & Piven said overload the system...all system...break it and be done with it....Obama listens well to the wrong people.

Listen to me, Prez....listen to my friends, Prez and listen to all of  WE THE PEOPLE.

No Such Thing as a Moderate Democrat

Hey Fort Wayne and anyone else interested in Indiana politics.  How is everyone doing this glorious Sunday, a day in which the Indianapolis Colts will thump the New York Jets to move on to the Super Bowl...probably against Minnesota.

I am starting out today by picking low hanging fruit...Sylvia Smith and continual propaganda regarding the electability of our own Evan Bayh.  Sylvia Smith is employed by the Inskeep family the owners of our city's two liberal rags, the Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette and News Sentinel.  Sylvia is just one of many liberal resources that the paper employs in their attempts to shield Northeast Indiana residents from the truth of Evan Bayh and Washington politics.

Democrats like Sylvia are trying to spin the election of Scott Brown in Massachusetts as a good thing for so called  moderate legislators in the democratic caucus, like Evan Bayh.  Why, you ask?  Well, in her convoluted way of looking at this, Sylvia knows that the health care bill must be broken down to it's various parts and passed congress piecemeal to pass at all.  Sylvia also knows that when this is done that the resulting action will only require a simple majority of democratic senators to vote for it. 51 votes is all that Harry Reid, Senate Majority Leader will need to pass the piece meal health care measure and Bayh will be excused.

Why would Harry Reid excuse Bayh from voting for health care measures that only require 51 votes?  Harry Reid has 59 democrats and does not need 8 democrat votes...Bayh is up for re-election this year, Bayh will oppose health care as if he truly is against it but it will pass without him.  Just remember this about Bayh, when Harry Reid needs a cloture vote to advance a bill for vote, he needs 60 votes and Evan is there for him but after cloture when Harry only needs a simple majority, Bayh is excused....Bayh's voting record reflects the truth of this.

Also remember this....when the Senate voted on their version of the health care measure....Evan Bayh voted for it....they needed 60 votes and now that Scott Brown is in the mix....keep remembering that Evan Bayh is for the socialist takeover of America and you will come to the same conclusion as the rest of us conservatives, that Bayh and his blue dog democrat bull crap was merely a ploy to keep our trust and his job and he has already lost our trust.....his job is next.

Who are the Palestinians and who is occupying what?

This one is a subject near and dear to my heart because only an idiot, in my view, would not take God at his Word.  I am afraid to report to the American people that their Commander in Chief, is not an idiot, but rather one evil son of a gun.

Obama thinks he should force Israel to split up their land and give some to the on and click below to find out just who the palestinians are and let me add that their history does not extend back to the time when the Babylonians and later the Romans destroyed the Jewish temple in Jerusalem, and carried the people off into captivitiy.  Palestinians have no right to any of the land they reside on today let alone any of the land in Israel today including Jerusalem.  Yet Obama thinks it is in our best interest to proceed, along with that dumb assed gang of four, UN, EU, Russia and Obama, to split the land.

Americans, we can pray our President heeds God's words and that instead of cursing Israel he would continue to bless Israel as America has since her re-birth in 1948 because if he curses Israel then God will indeed curse America....Obama splits Israel and God will split America, literally, west to east.

I love this from Golda Meir, former prime minister of Israel: "When the Palestinian children love their own children more than they hate Jewish children, there will be peace."

Who are the Palestinians and who is occupying what?

When Is a Person Not a Person?

Now in this time, when we have a very brief respite in the ongoing fight for our Republic let us recall the tenets of the socialist belief system and trust me, you can see them in play today, as recommendations and laws presented by Ezekiel Emmanuel, bioethicist brother of President Obama's Chief of Staff, Rahm.  One thing for sure, do not let their nice bible names convince you that their is anything spiritual about Rahm or his brother Zeke...these are not 'nice' Jewish boys. 

I could go on and on about this, about how under Obama's utopian socialist mecca (mecca-muslim, fits Obama), life diminishes for those who early on will show themselves to be a drag on resources and not really providing much to show for themselves such as children requiring lifelong medical care for this reason or that, and certainly diminishes for those of us who are growing out of our earning years when we expected to enjoy the retirement benefits we kicked into social security for so many years, but will now be viewed as 'useless meateaters', no longer earning our keep.

I could go on and on but you can read.  Oh yeah, respite is over! Pick up the fight against Obama.

When Is a Person Not a Person?

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Insurance exchange plan in House Reform Bill raises prices and limits choices for everyone

This post from Canada Free Press is one I just read through and thought worthy of posting because healthcare is not is but sleeping for now.  It is good to understand that their are as many ways to hook you as their are hooks in existence.  The bottom line tenet about healthcare is that Obama needs the majority of Americans to be on a government insurance plan that will then limit their choices and care...and render great savings so that the number and types of people that Obama thinks should survive, indeed, can.

I have said this at least a dozen times...Obama is not about health or care...he does not care about you or America...he will deliver up America's broken spirit to the United Nations in exchange for his being the "King of the World."   Hey people, we have a genuine, evil object operating in our behalf or to us...

Insurance exchange plan in House Reform Bill raises prices and limits choices for everyone

Ed Schultz Reveals Liberal Strategy for Winning Elections

This one from another lying liberal talk show host reveals alot about why Scott Brown beat Coakley by 5% points when it could have been a 15-20% victory...of course, without the ACORN style cheating in a state that does not require a picture ID to dumb is that Massachusetts? I know you insist on a picture ID before you will let a video rental go out so why let someone vote without one?

Typically Massachusetts is liberal and everyone knows that so you would expect the election laws to favor those who are inclined to cheat to Ed Schultz below....

Typically, was not last Tuesday...damn, good job Massachusetts!  Too damn bad Ed Schultz, idiot!

Hey Ed, you do not deserve to share the air the good Lord provided for the rest of us.

Ed Schultz Reveals Liberal Strategy for Winning Elections

Isn’t It Rich? 364 Days On, America Comes Roaring Back!

John Lilipopp asks us how rich it is that just as Obama who is trying to fast track his socialist agenda all of a sudden hits a serious road bump in the Massachusetts race to fill Kennedy's old seat.  Scott Brown's election provided that and yes it is rich....John, you and I all need to understand that our end zones dances need to be muted as we are far from the end of this particlarly, nasty assed game.

Isn’t It Rich? 364 Days On, America Comes Roaring Back!

Barack Obama Executive Orders Subjects

Hey America and all of my conservative friends here in Northeast Indiana, here is a clickable list of  Executive Orders Obama felt it necessary to sign since he has been in office.  Somewhere along the way, I will be doing all that clicking and making an attempt at understanding how his pea brain might work depending on what I find in his decisions about matters that are apparently near and dear to him and his progressive constitutents (and anywhere you ever see me use the word 'progressive', understand this, I will never confer upon the word a positive connotation, even if we are talking about insurance companies). My meaning of the word progressive is one who wants to rule you and confer upon you a subservient second class citizen status....Hillary Clinton proudly proclaims herself to be a proud "early 20th century progressive in the true Woodrow Wilson vain.

Let me know if you pick up something that is offensive to your American senses and that would abet Obama and his czars in their destruction of our Republic and in their grab of our liberties....Please!

Barack Obama Executive Orders Subjects

Friday, January 22, 2010

Glenn Beck Revisits Che, Mao and Josef Stalin

Today, January 22nd, at 5PM EST Glenn Beck on the Fox News Network will bring you a special documentary on the lives of the subject murdering totalitarians so admired by the progressives in and otherwise influencing our government today including Barack Hussein Obama.  Set your VCRs, DVR or whatever if you are unable to view it at the presentation time but this is not the history you will find in your kid's history books today.  Sadly because it is true that those who forget history are bound to repeat it. 

We are not going to let you forget yesterday's history nor today's. 

In Obama's utopia, there is a finite 'sustainable' number that their structure will support.  Here are some of the estimates of what the world population needs to be to fit the "sustainable" criteria as determined by some progressive outfit, world ruling of course, like the Club of Rome...the United Nations is to be the dupe organization to carry out their plans with their Habitat Agenda....Copenhagen slowed this down a tad only!

Earth First! Co-Founder, Dave Foreman: "Reduce world population worldwide to no more than 100 million.  Destroy industrial infrastructure and see wilderness return with full complement of species worldwide.  One vote for 100 million.

The First Human Declaration of the Club of Rome:  "All dangers are caused by human intervention and only through changed attitudes will the situation improve.  The 'sustainable' population is hence more than 500 million but less than 1 billion.  America has 300 million roughly and if all Americans could stay, then our chances seem to be improving under the Club of Rome plan.  I think, however, that Obama would appreciate it if some Kenyans could survive....blood thicker than America, apparently.

Non-specific author of the "Population Bomb", Paul Erlich: "Uncontrolled population explosion is a cancer.  We need to cut out the cancer.  Operation will need many apparently brutal and heartless decisions." Gees, I wonder what they have in mind. Health care rationing, forced abortions, sterilizations...ummm, ummm, ummm, Obama, you are a bad boy.

Speaking of sterilizations, isn't John Holdren, Obama's science czar a big fan of forced abortions and of spiking the nations' water supply with infertility drugs?  Here is what Holdren's buddy and mentor has to say about that matter.  The buddy is David Brower, the dead (gratefully) former Executive Director of the Sierra Club who now has a climate change war facility attached to UC Berkeley named after him.  His quote is: "Child bearing should be a punishable crime against society unless the parents hold a government license.  All potential parents should have to use contraceptive chemicals with the government providing the antidote to those who can obtain government licenses."  

Remember the late and also not so great Jacques Cousteau?  Here is how his brain worked: "In order to stablize the world population, we must eliminate 350,000 people per day.  It is a horrible thing to say but it is just as bad not to say it."  Thank you Jacques, go back to sleep.

And finally, for comic relief, here is the Prince of Edinburgh, Prince Philip:  "If I were reincarnated, I would wish to come back as a killer virus to lower population levels."  I thought he already is a parasite living off the English people and all and now I am all for his taking that first step toward reincarnation....die Philip!

Okay, so now you know a little bit more of our junior messiah's mission here on earth....the only thing you do not know is when he will run out of patience and become violent....How quickly does Obama want to see world population levels lowered and what is potential cost to us....Watch Glenn Beck's documentary special tonight and tell all of your friends to do the same.

Serious business America...Obama is no one to dink with...he know what he wants and is willing to fight to the bitter end...somewhere along the way, he will be more than dangerous.

Nah, Nah, Nah, Nah; Nah, Nah, Nah, Nah; Hey, Hey, Goodbye Bye, Bayh!

Good Morning Fort Wayne and people everywhere.  This is the day the Lord hath made, I will rejoice and be glad in it and you should too!  So there!

One has got to love it.  Here,  Evan Bayh,  who has a formidable war chest with which to fund his relection next fall was chomping at the bit to get started....

Oops! Here comes the supreme court decision that will allow corporations opposed to the socialist/progressive party's destruction of our captialistic way of life, to offer up campaign resources to movements opposing certain politicians.  All of sudden, Evan Bayh realizes that corporations, are the great equalizer and that big money will come against him, as it should, this fall.

Thank you Lord for providing a means for American cizitens to fend off the evils of their socialist government. 

Fruit cases like Eugene Robinson the house racist of the Washington Post along with that mealy mouthed spokesman for the same organization, E.J. Dionne, would have you believe that it was a lack of 'comity' (courteousness) and a "lack of enthusiasm" from Obama himself in delivering his health care message that turned  you off to Obama's overtures.

You know and I know that Obama is not about health or care...he is about population control, a broken world ruled by him in his vision of a new world order.  His membership price is our broken Republic.  The Club of Rome welcomes this junior messiah with open arms.

It has little to about his message delivery but rather the message itself and Americans are proving that they can read, even when you force them to do that between the lines.

Washington Post needs to understand that America could use a few Edward R. Murrows and instead of supporting the devil, they could stand for something and lead the charge against fact, if Evan Bayh wants Hoosier votes next fall, he should be doing the same thing right now as the only thing that might save him would be for him to change parties....

But as Mike Pence may find out, or I suspect Mike already knows, that he has to appeal officially, to WE THE PEOPLE before he can mount an election try for the Senate...the tea party movement already  has candidates and Mike just needs to work this through with us.  Mike was present on September 12th and he was a speaker when 1.7 million of us visited our home under our Dome last fall.  He did Indiana proud rhetorically that day and I think he is genuine...his  congressional district today should be able to tell us if he is a worthy leader of our emerging New Republic.

Obama Attacks Supreme Court Decision on Corporate Election Limits

President Obama was hoping he would find a friend in the Supreme Court when in fact, yesterday, they overturned a previous supreme court decision that upheld the McCain-Feingold Reform Act as unconstitutional.  Amazing as far as I am concerned.  It was narrow, a 5-4 victory for capitalism but it is great as it comes on the heels of Obama's unprecedented and unworthy attack on the engine of America Industrial society, banks.  Banks fuel capitalism and left alone they will do it once again but listen people....time is running and Obama is relying on his jihadist virtue of patience, and he will continue his attacks on our sovereignty and on our Republic....  He does not believe health care is dead so you shouldn't either because by now you know, just how low he and his evil cohorts in congress and in his czardom will sink.

Here is his activitst mouthpiece, "Organizing for America" spouting off about the evils of the Supreme Court Action and how Obama now has to rally congress to create and enact laws to somehow go around this terrific Supreme Court decision.....

Obama...Ummm, Ummmm, Ummmm.....I am glad you taught our nation's children those words as they are so applicable to your diminishing stature....ummm, ummm, ummm.

Michael --

Yesterday morning, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that corporations can spend freely in federal elections.

It's a green light for a new stampede of special interest money in our politics, giving their lobbyists even more power in Washington. Now, every candidate who fights for change could face limitless attacks from corporate special interests like health insurance companies and Wall Street banks.

While the GOP is celebrating a victory for its special interest allies, President Obama is working with leaders in Congress to craft a forceful response that protects the voices of ordinary citizens.

Please add your name right away to help show that the American people support strong, urgent action to prevent a corporate takeover of our democracy.

Congress: I support bold action to ensure fair elections.

The Supreme Court decision overturned a 20-year precedent saying that corporations could not pay for campaign ads from their general treasuries. And it struck down a law saying corporations couldn't buy "issue ads" -- which only thinly veil support for or opposition to specific candidates -- in the closing days of campaigns.

The result? Corporations can unleash multi-million-dollar ad barrages against candidates who try to curb special interest power, or devote millions to propping up elected officials who back their schemes.

With no limits on their spending, big oil, Wall Street banks, and health insurance companies will try to drown out the voices of everyday Americans -- and Republicans seem ecstatic.

While opponents of change in Congress are praising this victory for special interests, President Obama has tasked his administration and Congress with identifying a fix to preserve our democracy -- and we need to show that the American people stand with him.

Add your name today:



Mitch Stewart


Organizing for America

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Obama Learned Nothing From Massachusetts

My title probably is not my best attempt at grabbing your attention but somehow I got on this "Organizing For America" mailing list and I am therefore privvy to Obama's talking points and therefore, you are too.

Here is what your commander in chef (he cooks up an evil stew) is up to today.  First off, he isn't a bit concerned about Scott Brown's victory in Massachusetts...well maybe a little because it will slow him down but trust me....ol' big ears isn't done with this at all.   Remember his one world government agenda with him in charge needs to bust our Republic and the structure to accomplish that is found somewhat in the Stimulus Bill where they buried the authorization for the panels that will indeed restrict health care (read: rationing), the Health Bill will break many small businesses and not just insurance companies and medical device manufacturers, and of course his Cap & Trade (or even his EPA ruling that CO2 is dangerous), are the three legs that the milking stool would have that is holding his dumb ass off the ground. 

It is agenda people...all about Obama's agenda.  He doesn't need congress except as a pose.  He fully intends to have his way on all the issues below including screwing the banks that power capitalism...many banks who have never been insolvent and other banks who have paid back their loans with interest.

It is his job, in his pea brain, to bust our jobs.  Figure that out people...let us move beyond basics.  You have people like Saul Alinsky, Clower & Trade; Piven and Barack Hussein Obama, who changed his named from Barry Soweto in Kenya to his current muslim name which speaks to the light that strikes earth from heaven (hint: Lucifer took that route).

Anyway, folks, here is his current talking points post Scott Brown:

Michael --

Yesterday's disappointing election results show deep discontent with the pace of change. I know the OFA community and the President share that frustration.

We also saw what we knew to be true all along: Any change worth making is hard and will be fought at every turn. While it doesn't take away the sting of this loss, there is no road to real change without setbacks along the way.

We could have simply sought to do things that were easy, that wouldn't stir up controversy. But changes that aren't controversial rarely solve the problem.

Our country continues to face the same fundamental challenges it faced yesterday. Our health care system still needs reform. Wall Street still needs to be held accountable. We still need to create good jobs. And we still need to continue building a clean energy economy.

The President isn't walking away from these challenges. In fact, his determination and resolve are only stronger. We must match that commitment with our own.

But it won't be easy. Real change never is. For that reason, I am grateful you're part of this fight with us.
Thank you,

Mitch Stewart


Organizing for America

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dangerous Time for America

Congratulation to all of us wishing for any ray of light in the fight we face for our republic.  Hopefully, and I mean that sincerely, Scott Brown's Massachusett's victory last night means we have a chance to defeat the liberal, fiscally unsound, and republic breaking stranglehold Obama has on our nation.

Hopefully, we will have an opportunity to vote in a free and open election come November, that the country isn't plagued by 'emergencies' that are just too good to waste....maybe a great time for martial law?

What happens next is up to Obama.  Already we heard him say that he does not wish congress to vote until Scott Brown is certified by Massachusetts as the winner and is seated in the Senate.   We have heard Obama say many things over the year and then he acted just 180 degrees the opposite.  He, essentially, is not to be trusted and this is on him too...he earned the mistrust.  Transparency isn't when something comes up and bites you in the ass to announce their presence....gotta be that weird czardom he has surrounded himself with.  One goofy, progessive crowd...for sure.

Obama needs the control structure and industry/job busting pieces of the health care bill.  He absolutely has no concern for your health or mine.  Read back people....population control is necessary if the socialist world that Obama hopes to lead is to be sustainable.....

Because this is true, you are not merely embarrassing Obama with the victory our Republic earned Tuesday night, you have pissed him off.  Already this one will not run from the light of the press...of course, the main stream media is still peeing all over themselves in adulation, and you see that....he will not run from you and if you trap him in a corner, like any respectable rat...he will turn and fight...and between him and his "Van Jones/Andy Stern" type of thugs...oh yeah, include the little pissant, Rahm Emanuel....they will scratch and bite you...and maybe even pinch.

Corner him...fine but just be careful out there, I am pretty sure that Obama rat is rabid because, understand this, he is no one's dupe....this is all Obama, his muslim/black theology victim bs, and he aims to break this country so that  his brothers in Zubukuville, Kenya are no worse off than us.  We are going down..they are not coming up.   Expect lies, cheats and paid for Republicans to get health care passed.

Indiana has Richard Lugar who has already sold his soul to Obama, same with Ohio's Voinovich, and Maine's best Senators....true conservatives...not.

My prediction, if the dogs in congress do not feel threatened by next November, then you had better make peace with the Lord, because the nation's and world's days are numbered. 

Meet them in the streets and meet them at our house in Washington DC...remember we own that Dome!

Monday, January 18, 2010

God Bless Massachusetts

One can hardly think of Massachusetts without thinking about Kennedy....all of them.  When I was growing up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and was a junior in high school, John Kennedy got assassinated.  I was a ward of the county since my 7th or 8th year, dysfunctional family and all, and in November, 1963 I was residing at Perpetual Help Boy's Home, a place when we weren't doing homework, we were polishing the linoleum floors with cinder blocks on top of army blanket pieces.

I wrote a poem at that time and sent it in to some writer's magazine:

He traveled through the town spreading faith and good cheer
remembering what happened doth bring forth a tear,
to the eyes of the old and to the eyes of the young,
over a President, now sung...

A man of valor, of courage and kindness,
who hath fired that shot, hath fired in blindness.

I don't know if it ever got past the person's garbage can who opened the envelope but the point is Kennedy was a democrat and back then, they were just all right with me.

Six weeks later, 19 days after my 17th birthday, I was on my way to Marine boot camp and one year and six weeks later I was fighting in Vietnam, the war John Kennedy thought was important to win...important to beat communism.

I went to Vietnam twice, Marines did 13 month tours and mine spanned mid-65 to mid-66 and then a year in language school, back in mid-68 to mid-69 and had friends from that "Dirty Water" state.  I spent 9 years total in the Corps and distinctly remember this boot corporal from Boston, when I was between tours  and stationed at Camp Elmore (Norfolk, Va)(FMFLant), one in particular used to zoom around in a little TR3 with the radio blaring especially when he cranked up that 'Dirty Water' song. We were buds.

I didn't change much....spent many years really apathetic after we quit Vietnam and I doubt if my fellow Marines from Boston or Texas or wherever, really changed that much.   Once the democratic party was a proud party...they had good intentions.  I loved John Kennedy and Bobby. I loved Bobby's passion and maybe I was just young but I knew instinctively that when me, other poor white trash like me along with my bro's from the hood were the only ones in Vietnam....something was going on.

The democratic party and America are now watching, almost idly, as progressives make a giant raid on our Republic...oh please, let us throw in the elitist republicans like Richard Lugar (I live in Indiana now) who factored hugely in the acceptance of President Ubama's czardom.

Massachusetts is simply joining the rest of America in awakening to the evils under the dome in DC.  And all at once I am proud of the people that produced Bobby and John Kennedy...Patrick, this is a school day, go to bed early tonight.  I do hope Marcia Coakley doesn't get anywhere near Kabul, Afghanistan....even though I hear there aren't any terrorists there anymore....moved to Pakistan and Yemen you know.  Hey, Martha, some actually did move to New York City you know, or will before the trials begin....

It is difficult on an individual level or on a corporate level to turn back to true north after making so many damn wrong turn in one's life, and often not much fun in doing so.  But when you don't know how to get back to where you started, when it looks gummed up left and right...there is always up. Prodigal sons and daughters eventually, look up.

Massachusetts is looking up and looking good.  This is not about party, this is about the American Republic and we all know it.

Semper Fi,

Michael R. Konkel
Sgt              USMC

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Distracted by Stupidity

Americans, you simply need to read this.....Being surrounded by and distracted by stupidity is so prevalent in this country that the main stream media may never many of those will go under.

Distracted by Stupidity

Why we must support Israel?

I am offering this great article to you simply because I could not have said it better myself.  I know alot about God and his chosen people, Israel.  His chosen people is one nation we all had better keep in mind as God's Word, like He, Himself is unchanging.

I thought it sufficient to bless Israel and not curse her because God tells us in his Word that if we bless her, He will bless us but if we curse Israel, God will curse us.  I do not know why anyone needs more than that but Jerusalem has been prophesied to be the stumbling stone the nations trip over in the end times...umm, ummm, ummm, I am pretty sure it is in the best interest of America to "Pray for the peace of Jerusalem"!

Yet, Obama, the one with his fist unclenched to the terrorist nations in the world who would destroy Israel and the United States without blinking, offers that closed fist to Israel and insists that they split up their land and share it with the arab interlopers, those hated edomites, who have no claim to the land. 

God told Abraham that he would be the father of many peoples and indeed today, Abraham is the patriarch of both the Jew and the Arab.  Abraham, when he was over 100 years old disobeyed God when God told him to take his wife Sarah and begin that ancestry of which he would be a patriarch.  Sarah was old too and between them they figured God was goofy and Sarah offered Abraham Hagar, her handmaiden in her place.  Abraham boinked Hagar and out came this character Ishmael, father of the edomites (all of Israel's enemies who surround her). 

By this time, God was pissed at Abraham for his disobedience and lack of faith.  God gave Abraham another chance and the two golden oldies, Abraham and Sarah, went at it and produced Isaac.  Later Isaac produced Jacob and this began the lineage of the Jew....Ishmael line went another bastardly direction.

God has made only one land covenant with anyone.  That convenant is with Israel and it is for land that far exceeds the place they occupy today and which Obama wants to take away from Israel.  Israel has been a bad people, many are stubborn, hardheaded and unrepentant today but you people miss the point.  Israel has no choice but to play her hand out because the land she has been covenanted, regardless of her disobedience to God, will be hers because God will see to His Word.....end of story.

And by the way...America has been a bad, bad, bad people too and should expect judgement.  I would be extraordinarily remiss if I did not tell you that this covenant thing with God, it is really important, it is as if the last straw has been broken when God says "....and they parted my land."  I have told you in the past, when America, the United Nations, the European Nation and Russia, that so called Gang of Four, revisits this peace deal with Israel and her enemies and go on to ink it...when they split that land, God will split this land...the United States of America along the New Madrid fault line...right through Jimmy Carter country...

How many of you realize that the peace treaty will be the revisited 1993 Oslo Accord, which just happens to include a treaty spanse of 7 people judge but understand the stakes.

Why we must support Israel?

Death by Hypocrisy

Daniel Greenfield makes an excellent arguement for why it is like pissing down your own leg when trying to help failed countries like Haiti.  As you read his article by clicking on it below, you will see the expanse of largesse the U.S. had wrongly been directing toward Haiti for decades and the culpibility of people like Bill Clinton who has seen what has been going on but has not ever tried to change the culture of the 'perpetual hand out' typical of liberals...

Daniel explains the old adage which needs no explanation among free thinking and self-sufficient individuals that if you give a man a fish, you sate his hunger temporarily...but if you teach him to fish....he can take care of himself and should indeed.

Haiti has never learned to take care of herself....kind of like the generation after generation of victims of America's black theology teachings from the likes of Reverend Jeremiah Wright...these are the ones with generation upon generation of welfare recipients who believe this is somehow due them.....

Yet, let us do what we can for Haiti but do not be fooled into thinking that your donations will do anything but line the pockets of our liberal politicians and their constituents which are leaving them in droves.  I gave to the red cross yesterday even in the face of the tepid response by Obama....good rhetoric though.

Death by Hypocrisy

Cass Sunstein – The Red General

This guy, this Cass Sunstein, is creating more havoc in our daily lives and will continue to do so as Obama's socialist agenda moves forward....

Sunstein, voted in by Indiana Senator, Richard Lugar and of course Evan Bayh, wrote a book called the "Nudge" in which he argues that all he has to do is nudge existing laws and rules to change America dramatically...whether the subject be gun control, hunting, water use, rules and laws from anyone's perspective are subject to Cass' communist fingers.

Sunstein is one of the  main proponents and quite necessary to Obama's shadow government.  Congress, our House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate are becoming increasing irrelevant and Obama has all of his power players in place...Obama uses our legislators to introduce the bills that his shadow government writes and once his health bill, cap & trade and a couple of other minor pieces fall into will matter little what happens in our 2010 elections....

The time to stop Cass Sunstein, Barack Hussein Obama and the rest of the communists trying to destroy our American republic is right now....hey snow is melting and pretty soon we should be able to hit the road and go to our house in Washington DC and retake control.

You let them vote their crap into law even as they do this by hook and by crook, and it will be that much harder to undo it all even if we have elections later this year....and do not count on that...some emergency, some martial law and goodbye elections.

Cass Sunstein – The Red General

A black-on-black discussion of black racism

Lloyd Marcus, the author of this fine article was present on September 12th, 2009 on the Capitol grounds for our great tea party....He is a terrific inspiration and a Facebook Friend of mine....Lloyd will tell you that as a conservative black man himself, just what it means when 96% of all the blacks in the nation, in one giant "group think" joined forces to back a man they knew absolutely nothing about except his skin color.

As Obama continues to divide our nation and our families along race lines, which he does with a purpose, to divide and conquer, more and more voices of color are speaking louder and I welcome Lloyd and many others like him who have been adamant from the beginning that Obama is not...."the Great Black Hope."

Bottom line, is Obama black enough to provide an American Republic that people of all races can prosper in or has far too much of that 'green' socialistic poison seeped into his ancentry....

Obama is a greenie!

Really is not too late to admit you screwed up and come to the understanding that Obama is not providing the 'change' the country needs and wants....No one world government...none of that Obama even if you are the Head MF in charge in the new world order.

A black-on-black discussion of black racism

Pope Continues Global “Green” Crusade for World Government

I am probably going out on a limb here but even as people, like Glenn Beck, are now finally calling Obama the very least of his evil potential (a socialist), I find Americans with their wonderful 'glass half-full' attitude really, really reluctant to face the potential of what if?

What if? The anti-Christ is alive today and most fundamental theologians believe that to be true, and simply waiting in the wings for the rapture of the saints?  He can do some while Christians are still here but not as much as he will be able to do once Spirit filled Christians are raptured as they take the Holy Spirit of God, also known as the Restrainer, with them....then all hell is able to break loose....

Do you know this isn't the season?  Only the Father knows the hour and the day but indeed wide awake Christians are to know the season.  Are you wide awake?

Anyway, whoever the anti-Christ is is almost immaterial.  I know America has a candidate in the race for Mr. 666 title and of course, the pope is probably a shoo-in for his evil sidekick, the False Prophet....popes have been pretty nasty fellows over the centuries and Benedict has the aura of one of the worst.....

And if all of this is true which is not even a question...but the question should be is the truth at our doorstep today?  Just because you might not want it to be does not mean it isn' as individuals, keep your lamps full of oil and keep a is indeed the season and indeed the eleventh hour:  Matthew 20:6

Pope Continues Global “Green” Crusade for World Government

America needs one brave Democrat | Washington Examiner

As I reposted this excellent article to Facebook  from my friends at the Washington Examiner, I specifically noted that there is no democrat hero type to be found in Indiana....all we have is Evan Bayh and offically, Evan is on his 563rd pair of knee pads ever since Obama first deluded Evan with the idea that Evan was a serious potential for VP....and then to get beat out by Joe Biden...should have stuck to your conservative roots, Evan because now that you are a bad, bad, boy, we the people are going to have to say....

"Bye, Bye, Bayh" ...and yes people, bumper stickers are on the way.

America needs one brave Democrat Washington Examiner

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Can America Even Save Herself?

It has been very difficult, ever since I got off work Wednesday afternoon (semi-retired) to pay attention to anything other than the horror that is Haiti today.  If there are those out there who have been used to seeing fairly regular blog postings from me and have not seen much this week, I am sorry and as I said, it was hard not to be preoccupied. 

Like anyone else, my wife and I contributed monetarily and we prayed for the survivors including those that were outside of and those under the rubble.  I want to be there myself and if all they can put in my hands to dig with is nothing, then like the Haitian people themselves, and the numerous civilian rescue teams and our military, then that is what we will dig with.  This part was heartening and the people that were able to be pulled and dug out from the rubble and saved was more than heartening.

I kept expecting to see big ships pull into harbor with deck loads of heavy equipment and helicopters like I used to see in Vietnam.  The Chinook CH46 is a work horse that can carry a dozer, a tank, a 105mm howitzer and are typically employed by our Navy's Seabees (combat engineers).  I saw none lifting equipment into the areas surrounding the epicenter as of the middle of the fourth day. 

Yet we know, and without anyone saying so except perhaps one voice I heard this am, Yvonne Tribble who along with her husband have been missionaries in Haiti (Haiti for Christ)  for the past 30 years, that hope is lost for tens upon tens of thousands of Haitians who may have survived the initial collapse of structures but have died in the days since awaiting the heavy equipment necessary to lift what their fingers and arms and buckets could not.  This is the disheartening aspect of heavy equipment and none on the horizon for the 80% of the population that dwell in the vicinity of the quakes epicenter.  As of this moment, we are beyond three and one half days of 90 degree temperatures and the dead body smell intensifies and Yvonne Tribble has a right to feel panicked as she watches the hours tick by....Well, at least the Hospital ship, a magnificient 500 bed hospital ship is leaving their Baltimore port today for the short trip to Haiti

Make no mistake people, the mission now is two-fold...ensure no riots and get food and water, medicine and necessary medical care to the living....those who died in Christ this week are with Him already and Christians can take solace today.  Those who died apart from Christ will now join the fate those who will not have their names inscribed in the Lamb's Book of Life and those witnessing this tragedy,  in the very least ought to come away with a sense of their own mortality and maybe begin to question how/where they will spend eternity even as they consider that tomorrow is promised to no man....not slave nor master.  I would be remiss if I were not to tell you that today and tonight in Haiti, there will be a "wailing and gnashing of teeth" as from a people with no hope...and indeed some have none unless and until they open the doors of their hearts on which Christ constantly knocks.

So what? Is this a Godly judgement perpetuated by God on a people who purportedly made a pact with the devil centuries ago like Pat Robertson has stated?  I would think, a more relevant factor would be the mere timing of the season to which Christians are to have some knowledge....the beginning of the end of the age of the gentile....

What is that  you say...good grief people, the gospel has been spread to all the corners of the world...all have had a chance to accept or deny Christ and those who died before Christ and those who died without knowledge of Christ lived and then died according to the laws God wrote upon their hearts...on these they were judged.  Americans, of all people, should be the least surprised of the travails that are now and will increase in number and intensify in magnitude.  Americans are truly living in a nation that was founded on Judeo-Christian principles regardless of what our president says or thinks on the matter and those of us concerned with the spiritual well being of our nation has watched it denigrade, bit by bit, for over 40 years beginning with Madelyn Murray O'Hare, through the right to murder the infants in your womb, the right to, in God's very face, pretend to be married and have that marriage sanctified of God when the participants are same-sex, and right up through today into the reign of the last president America will see as a sovereign nation.  Number 44....sounds kind of spiritual laws go. 

All of our hearts should bleed for the survivors in Haiti or abroad who have lost loved ones...their grief will be very real regardless of whether or not they believe their loved ones were saved by Jesus Christ and have eternal life....the pain of grief reminds us that we are indeed, alive...that much is good.

And yet, as Christians, understand this...while some,  like Glenn Beck declare our new Obama led government as socialist in nature and I agree in fact, I also know that there is absolutely no new prophesy that needs to be fulfilled before the born again believers in Jesus Christ are lifted from this in raptured, and along with us goes God's Holy Spirit also known as the "Restrainer." 

With Israel back home where she belongs with nations on all sides attacking her and calling for her extinction and no friend found in America anymore...this country is not exempt from the calamities the likes of which just struck Haiti...remember like a woman in labor nearing the hour of her birth...these labor pains are going to increase in frequency and in sharpness...and America is wide open on her left and other left coast and through her New Madrid fault line that runs through Jimmy Carter's neck of the woods.   More and sharper, that would convince me to consider eternal potentials.

Do you wish to bet your life that this is just a freak one like Italy last year or Iran two years ago? Or China with all the school kids dead?  Keep your eyes firmly feasted on that  'ring of fire'....that ring of volcanoes that populate the Pacific Ocean from one end to the other.  Does America have any volcanoes we should be concerned about?

Maybe we can get Al Gore and Barack Obama to divert some of their climate change attention to disaster relief Haiti is not, in any way, shape or form, end up  a  success story.

I have always been a glass half full kind of person pretty much until the last year and I have been born again since my 31st year and I am 63 today so I am part of that generation alive when Israel returned home in 1948 (fig tree budded again) and which is to still be alive when Jesus returns...I am old but not gone and I look toward the Eastern sky continuously.

Horsemen riding, seals opened, vials dumped....ummm, ummmm, ummm, John 3:16 still remains one of your free choice options along with, of course, Revelations 16:2. 

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Rationing Medicare: Update

I am presenting an excellent article to point out what you have been told by me, right here for many months now....rationing is real, ongoing and will be used to make healthcare affordable for the masses.  Are you a baby boomer like my wife and I, heading into retirement with all the hopes and dreams we held as we worked for the past 45 years of our lives?

Obama wants to steal that away and by golly, I think he is pissing me about you?

Watch this space for action updates...WE THE PEOPLE will respond...

Rationing Medicare: Update

What If?

California just suffered an earthquake measured at 6.5 on the richter scale....tomorrow is 01.11.10.  What if around 11:11 am or pm, California had another earthquake only much know....on the scale of that big one for which they have been waiting?

I would hope, being how tomorrow is a normal working Monday that this take place at night as their will be less people on the roads and in places where they can be hurt.  If it happens at 11:11 am then I guess one can assume that God is really pissed.

What if these things come to pass? Would people in California and elsewhere take it as a sign from God that he is in charge of health and that He cares for us when our own government does not?

People, you know the only thing keeping this Republic breaking legislation from becoming law is your Senator's vote as conference details have been addressed all this past week in the White House with Obama, Pelosi and is all over but the shouting.

I imagine that when God does deliver His judgement so much deserved by the United States of America, that Obama and his ilk will not even see it as any sort of divine sign....but they will 'wail' and their teeth will be 'gnashing'.

Hey, God is showing them still who controls the climate....brrrr.  And it sure as hell isn't Al Gore.

Obama Uses CIA Satellites

Okay, and you people think just because this global warming has been proven to be a lie that it will keep President Obama from ramming through his garbage Cap and Trade legislation and to one day indeed, sign off on a treaty under the auspices of the United Nations such as the UN's Habitat Agenda.

Obama is not concerned in the slightest bit if the earth is melting, freezing, dying, or living....Obama cares about busting the American Republic and offering it up as an homage to the world that has suffered because of the captialist pig attitudes of Americans.

Today we learn that Obama is using CIA resources, that he probably could be using in fighting jihadists and other such terrorists, satellites specifically,  to dwell on glaciers and so called melt at the poles.....all in an effort to force a world governing body on us all based on one big fat green lie.  Oh, he will also have 60 scientists of his choosing to analyze the data....hee hee hee... talk about the rat watching the cheese...give it a rest Obama...Obama will lie and these jackasses will swear to it.

President Obama simply needs to make his play...we know he is a communist with empathy gained as a muslim youth in Kenya and has some limited sympathy for American blacks...not much as he is merely using this victim crap as a means to an end...Obama knows there should not be any victims in America today...unless of course one happens to be...lazy? So many people are being deluded into believeing that they will be part of Obama's New World Government ruling party....ummm, ummm, ummm. 

America, are you prepared to go at care is a done deal...senators will come back, get the news and vote...bam,  then cap & trade...bam, then amnesty for illegals...bam, then automatic voter registration for all on the government roles such as signing up for amnesty....hmmm....does anyone believe we will not have a fight securing free election this November.

I already can foresee a need for tea party types to arms themselves with cameras and self defense articles and watch the polling places in their respective communities...making sure car loads, van loads and bus loads do not show up at different stations with the same people....making sure Black Panther and union thugs, like Andy Stern's SEIU creeps are not making a nuisance of themselves....

We have a busy year ahead of us hoosiers and fellow Americans...Bye, Bye, Bayh....

You can tell by the continued bs articles that the Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette continues to run like the one entitled "All Hot and Bothered"

Our victory begins here today....

Obama renominates anti catholic lawyer

For us Hoosiers, the shameful thing is that Richard Lugar is backing her nomination.  This woman compares bearing children to slavery and backed  up her beliefs in her official legal capacity for  NARAL Pro-Choice America.

Kind of sounds like President Obama when he said that "he would not want his own child punished with a pregnancy."   Ahhh, far we have fallen.  We all simply need to remember that God is pretty much against those who would sacrifice their children to that pagan god, Molech, and equally against those who would watch and not say a damn Leviticus people, if you have the nerve.

Obama renominates anti catholic lawyer

Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Crucifixion of Brit Hume

I was fortunate or blessed enough, if you will, to hear Brit Hume offer sage advice to Tiger Woods.  I personally was elated to see a public figure of the respected stature that is Brit Hume come out for Jesus Christ.  How cool was that?

This article raises the risk he shares as a public figure because of the exclusionary views he holds and chooses to share...exclusionary because one has to believe in the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ as the necessary atoning price for our own sins and for a pass to eternal life...the only path possible.

Unlike Steve Centanni, another Fox News figure who was captured by some terrorists along with a photographer a couple of years, who agreed to convert to Islam in order to save his own neck...Brit Hume is not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ and that is good, as I hear even God likes that...

"If you confess me before men, I will confess you before my father.  If you deny me before men, I will deny you before my father which is in heaven."  If there are any out there that read this and think you can be a christian and ashamed of the one thing that can provide eternal life, the gospel of Jesus Christ, you really need to fall on your knees, repent and of course, confess Christ from the house tops.

As for me and my household, we say....Well done Brit!

The Crucifixion of Brit Hume

Anti-Abortion Group Launches Billboard Campaign Targeting ‘Blue Dog’ Democrat Districts

Hey my fellow Hoosiers....we should be seeing these campaign ads as Evan Bayh (Bye, Bye, Bayh) is the leader of this non-existent moderate democrat  group.  Evan Bayh constantly has Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette writer, Sylvia Smith,  defending his every move and trying to show him to be a fiscal conservative and yet...when he agrees and votes on legislation that murders the most innocent and most defenseless among me, Bayh is anti-life so how can he be for health and how can he care?  Plus, you will soon find out the costs of this legislation far outweigh any purported benefits to the majority of real Americans.

It is wise to understand that there is absolutely no such thing as a 'moderate' democrat...they are all liberal and have already agreed to jam health care up our American butts.

Again, democrats cannot control the climate and truly, not even their own health....

It's ironic...I am sure Obama and his followers consider themselves somehow enlightened yet one has to go back over 35 years before we can find a time when babies could be safe in the womb and not exposed to the 'terror' prevalent under liberal rule.  It is good to be old enough to not have to depend on liberal's revisionist views of history on such matters. 

All Americans will pay for abortion in this health care bill.

Anti-Abortion Group Launches Billboard Campaign Targeting ‘Blue Dog’ Democrat Districts

Depoliticizing the Weather Forecasters

Dr Ball is providing us with another excellent article on why we should not trust anyone who is claiming climate control to be an issue and one that man caused and one that man can fix if there was such an issue.

This really fine article goes quite far in dispelling the rumors and outright lies the global warming alarmists have been spewing the past 30 years....hey, they have had their way in many regards but now it is time to roll back these alarmists, their agendas and of course their goofy commander in chef...not chief, chef...because he cooks up a foul, nasty stew that he expects Americans to survive on.....ummm, ummmm, ummmm,

Depoliticizing the Weather Forecasters

Obama’s Deception: Health Care, C-SPAN, and Other Broken Promises

In addition to the lies (Joe Wilson is now a genius), Obama's only transparency throughout the first year of his administration, is that which shows up as reality biting us in the ass as his stupid legislation begins to take effect. 

Bush left Obama with a .5 billion dollar deficit which was part of that TARP bill which both parties agreed was necessary...Obama as a U.S. Senator and Bush as POTUS...this pretty much has been repaid with interest and yet Obama still today...after an entire year in office will not accept responsibility for his own actions.  I, for one, am getting pretty sick of this narcisstic whiner who obviously is a product of international, muslim upbringing, mixed with black 'victim' theology as preached by the likes of Jeremiah Wright and so many other American progressives, continues to blame Bush....

Uh-uh Barry, W's gone, been gone and this is all about you....

Oh Yeah!...Joe Wilson is do lie!

Obama’s Deception: Health Care, C-SPAN, and Other Broken Promises

Sen. Ben Nelson: Say, Maybe We Shudda Waited on Healthcare ‘Reform’

By now everyone is the United States considers Ben Nelson a sell-out for Obama and his socialist agenda.  His fellow Nebraskans are set to throw this bum out of office this year but by then the damage will already be done....

Creeps like Nelson and Evan Bayh who tries to come off as moderates are selling us all down the drain...what did Bayh say....I secured an amendment to only charge medical device manufacturers only have of the 5 billion dollars in new taxes every year....So, our new knee and new hip costs will only reason to the moon and not all the way to Jupiter....isn't that dandy....Bayh, if you didn't support this socialistic legislation, how much in new taxes would that industry have to suffer?   Duh!


Sen. Ben Nelson: Say, Maybe We Shudda Waited on Healthcare ‘Reform’

Unions to Rake in $19 Billion Per Year From Obamacare

Andy Stern, SEIU President, of "power of persuasion or persuasion of power" fame is ensuring that his 2.1 million man army of goofy union workers is getting their piece of the American pie at taxpayer expense....pensions, cadillac health plans....yep...all provided for by Obama's largesse with your tax dollars.

I do not care to piss away a lot of time on this issue here today because this health care bill is a done deal...all over but the shouting as they say....Pelosi wants you to know that you are "absolutely nuts" if you think you are going to derail this socialist piece of crap legislation....

I will use this place to remind you that even as the good Lord is showing Obama and his ilk who is really in charge of the climate, he would also have Obama know who is ultimately in charge of our eternal health the good Lord picked low hanging fruit and perhaps this one belonged to Christ already, but Joe Biden's mom, age 92 went to meet her judgement and if she is one that belongs to Christ then I can only imagine that she died of a broken heart over her son's agenda for America....

Unions to Rake in $19 Billion Per Year From Obamacare

Friday, January 8, 2010

Enemy at Home

Well Americans, it should be obvious to you all that those people in America who wish to remain a sovereign nation with opportunities to be whatever you work hard to be, are under daily assault.  The enemy identified in the whitehouse, Barack Hussein Obama, is purposefully using a shadow government, thug tactics and illegal and unconstitutional activities to bust our American Republic.

People like Glenn Beck and many, many others are finally becoming vocal and loud in their perspective of Obama and his socialist agenda but is there still time to stifle, slow and ultimately, stop this idiot?  Obama believes he has all the angles covered...he has this voter registration thing he is going to push throught that takes the job of registering voters away from the states and purports to have everyone with government dealing to be automatically stamps, welfare, college aid, yep...all registered....15 million, by now...hell they are rabbits, illegal aliens become legal with another swoosh of Comrade Obama's quill and presto! another batch of democrats registered.....ummm, ummm, ummmm.....

I cannot even imagine there are still people out there who think that Obama is worried about the election in November this year...he will have done his best to get his pillar legislation in place before then and even after then...he will control the election.  His thugs will not control my polling station but I can only speak for one little voting place in Fort Wayne, Indiana. 

By the time your congress people return to work the health care bill will be awaiting their vote....all they could have asked for will be included and they will go through whatever machinations necessary to forget the conference to merge house and senate versions and ram a vote.  Pelosi, Reid etal have been meeting with Obama to hammer out the final version and it is a done deal....

Cap & Trade is right behind that..Illegal Immigrant Legalization after that...National Voter Registration Bill after that and bingo, bango, they say in Kenya, you are a product of the world and you piss ants might as well with Andy Stern when he says "Workers of the World Unite" no longer just a slogan..... is time to make damn sure your returning legislatures know which way their votes need to be in order to maintain order in the country....I know these are serious charges but these are serious times and the best anyone can do is forestall this illegal power grab by the executive branch or we will lose our Republic.

Stand idle now and you will be standing that way in breadlines later....Matthew 20:6

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

John Brennan Terror Expert or Just One More Marionette?

Hohum, Hohum,,, John Brennan, Obama's pick to be Counter-terrorism Czar visited the talk shows this past weekend and I do not believe, impressed anyone with any original ideas.  As a matter of fact, with his take on Quantanamo Bay Military Prison Camp of it being a 'huge propaganda tool' for Al-Qaeda which coincidentally mirrors Obama's own perspective, I can see his strings being pulled from here. His agreement that Khalid Sheik Mohammed and the rest of his shit crowd as well as the Christmas Day bomber with Obama, that these should be treated as criminals who are alledgedly accused of criminal acts is horrendous and proves that this one, Brennan, is but a dupe! Give them trials in the U.S. anywhere, ...indeed!

Janet Napolitano and her boss Barack Obama have been focusing on this aspect of the American population or that faction of American business as the enemy for far too long now.  It is more than bothersome to President Obama, that these terrorists simply do not fall in line....his hand is open and full of miranda rights, special protections normally afforded American citizens, lawyers, top University of Michigan burn center treatment and just plain that to mean bullshit, and they still resist and try to kill us.

I am tired of half of our American population looking down upon anyone who disagrees with the socialist path Obama wishes to take us down as bigoted or any other such notion.  Democrats really need to understand what they are doing.  Do you really think I am going to stand in line behind anyone for my retirement benefits including social security and medicare for which I worked and kicked in to for 45 years?  If you people want to see the majority stirred up and civil unrest (non-violent of course) in the streets...just pass this dumb as health care bill, or any of Obama's industry, job killing legislation.  You certainly will not be happy in your new found banana republic, as I am pretty sure we will see to that.

I am tired of that percentage of American youth who have come to believe that the world owes them a living, and education and healthcare without them ever having to work for it...  I am tired of someone talking about taking away what I have worked my whole life for (under federal mandate) just to 'spread it around' to all who can sneak across the border (hell, they carry wheel chairs with people in them across), and/or to those who have made careers, generation after generation, of having their hands out in welfare....? And then somehow consider themselves as victims and entitled......!  How silly is that notion?  When did working for a living become passe, really?     I am tired of watching special deals with politicans to gain favorable treatment, as in bribery....I am tired of unions, UAW, SEIU,  etal.,  allowing pensioners to retire after just 30 years regardless of their and I, age 65...

Terrorism....not Obama's strong point.  I would be impressed if he fired Napolitano and explained to us how if we are not at war with Islam, just who the hell occupies that list to the tune of 500,000 to 700,000 warm bodies, depending on which offical source you listen to....? 

I despise the idea of illegals receiving while you take away from citizen  earners....yes, I am one of them earners..

I despise the idea of Americans offering their offspring to that pagan god, Molech in infanticide (45 million and counting) and now you expect me to pay for that ugly heathen practice and an insult to my God.  Your Supreme Court never has nor never will trump the Supreme Being and you really need to consider that fact....

I am horrified that true to Napolitano's word, returning military veterans from Irag, Afghanistan and other places are being placed on these huge watch lists...

Now, Mr. Obama, as I like to think of you, if you are saying that Napolitano was in error for suggesting that I might be on that list, then please tell me if in fact the list is made up of Islamic fanatics which are seemingly becoming the norm as terror participants?  As is should be....or does your upbringing as a muslim prevent you from thinking that way?  Americans, of course, deserve to know the truth, prez!

I suspect the list is mostly muslim which is pretty much profiling but what the hell, that is better than having some 'union' creep at an airport groping my crotch for whatever purpose.

People, if Obama and his new puppet, Brennan, want to continue throwing more and more rhetoric at the bad guys, and little else,  stay vigilant your gut and your eyes...

Oh yeah, our Yemeni partners should be good until they disperse the next 100 million in aid...scary huh? And they will not accept any combat soldiers from anyone else to assist them in their war against terrorism that you and I are paying for.

Hoorah and Semper Fi!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Stupid Or Spineless?

Hey America...the man wants to know and while you are reading his take on this, which is very well presented, let us not hesitate to do due diligence to our Republic and for our Republic...while we still can.

Are Americans Too Stupid to be Free? (or just too spineless?)

By JB Williams

It was more than sixty years ago when Americans were told to pass along to future generations, the politically correct but otherwise insane notion that we should avoid at all cost the open discussion of politics, religion and money, for fear of offending someone and upsetting the 24/7 cocktail party.

Sixty years later, few in America know anything about their country, their political system, the religion of freedom or the fiscal policies, which are the difference between the most prosperous free nation on earth and national bankruptcy. I know, shocking results, right.

As if only Nostradamus could predict the outcome of such overtly foolish advice, I attempted to raise the right question in a May 2006 column titled Are Americans Too Stupid to Run Their Own Country?

Americans answered that question in the following two election cycles, also warned against in my October 2006 column, When 51-49 becomes 49-51. My hit rate is better than that of Nostradamus at this point. But frankly, I was only predicting the inescapable outcome which every American should have been able to predict.

By November 2008, our nation had indeed become a nation in which the fools outnumbered the well-informed, at least in terms of active voters. Those who know nothing of history have doomed the rest of us to relive it.

End of discussion - the results are in - many Americans are indeed too stupid to remain free.

Thomas Jefferson warned more than 200 years ago, "Dependence begets subservience and venality, suffocates the germ of virtue, and prepares fit tools for the designs of ambition."

He was right, and the "New Deal" America of increasing federal dependency has created a society of immoral, unethical, self-centered fools fit only for the designs of ambition. In other words, a nation which could be relied upon to elect corrupt elitists who would one day squander the resources of the wealthiest nation on earth, in the false promise of a "greater communal good," - in an attempt to vote themselves more gifts from the public trough.

In 2008, over 69 million Americans voted for "hope" without even asking what kinds of "change" a Messiah with a blank résumé had in mind for the once free republic. They gave up their future of freedom in "hopes" of more "free stuff."

But almost 60 million other Americans voted against a rush into unbridled Marxism under the rule of the Democratic Socialists of America and their two congressional leadership councils, the Congressional Progressive Caucus established in 1991 by Representatives Ron Dellums (D-CA), Lane Evans (D-IL), Peter DeFazio (D-OR), Maxine Waters (D-CA), and Bernie Sanders (I-VT). - And the Congressional Black Caucus, formed by card carrying Communist John Conyers in 1971.

Additional House representatives have joined the ranks, including Major Owens (D-NY), Nydia Velazquez (D-NY), David Bonior (D-MI), Bob Filner (D-CA), Barney Frank (D-MA), Maurice Hinchey (D-NY), Jim McDermott (D-WA), Jerrold Nadler (D-NY), Patsy Mink (D-HI), George Miller (D-CA), Pete Stark (D-CA), John Olver (D-MA), Lynn Woolsey (D-CA), and Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

Today, our nation is run by these folks and most Americans are just too stupid to connect the dots. They fail to recognize that communism and socialism are NOT "progressive" ideas. They are "totalitarian" concepts intended to enslave societies, not liberate them.

These are the concepts of people like Karl Marx, not Thomas Jefferson or James Madison and as such they are wholly anti-American and even unconstitutional. Still, 69 million Americans voted these third world thinkers into unbridled power in 2008 and now many are trying to figure out what to do about it.

Almost 60 million voters saw it coming and voted against it. Nearly a year into unbridled Marxist policies later, over 70% of American's now say they are "angry" with what the federal government is doing to their free republic, 46% identifying themselves as "VERY ANGRY!" - According to Rasmussen Reports

So not every American is too stupid to be free. But are the Americans smart enough to oppose Marxism too spineless to stop it?

They gathered at Tea Parties, Town Halls and 912 events to protest the utter destruction of their nation. They wrote letters, emails and blogged, signing petitions and demanding to be heard. But nobody in DC is listening and they can't figure out why.

The American people are in charge of their government, but even the angry ones don't remember how. They think they are limited to their vote, protests, letter writing and petitions that nobody bothers to read.

Seventy years after being told never to discuss politics, religion or money, they find that they know nothing about politics, little about our nation's religious foundation, or how to manage money or the people who have made a career of mismanaging their money.

Even they angry Americans may be too ill-informed or too spineless to live free in the 21 Century.

For this reason, I remind my fellow Americans that the future of their nation does NOT depend upon what a handful of Marxists in Washington DC do, but rather what millions of patriotic Americans choose to do about it.

I remind you that "all politics are local." as in, your power exists at the local precinct, and together with other patriotic Americans, we have launched in order to place that powerful tool back in the hands of the American people, so that they can directly engage in the eleventh hour effort to reclaim control of their country.

I remind you that National Precinct Alliance is only the first of several targeted tangible strategies rolling out of www.FreedomForce.US for the grand purpose of returning America to its rightful place in the world, as the freest most prosperous nation ever known to mankind, and the true beacon of hope for a world under leftist siege.

I remind you as we begin what promises to be a very challenging 2010 assault on all who have placed the United States of America on the brink of disaster, that it is YOU who will determine the outcome of the current battle for freedom raging in the freest land on earth.

I remind you that unlike any other nation on earth, if America ceases to be free, then no nation on earth will be free. If America ceases to be safe and secure, then no nation on earth will be safe or secure.

I write this to remind Americans that the future has always been in our hands, but that more than protests and petitions are required to secure that future now.

I write to tell you that we are in the eleventh hour and that only YOU can save this nation from those who intend its total ruin.

I couldn't care less who might be offended by this column or any other I write. I am fully aware of the sad reality that not all who call themselves "American" are in fact "American" today, starting with our current resident of the people's White House. The opinions of those who stand against my country are meaningless to me.

But for all who still love and revere the power of freedom, I call upon you to stand as one, united in the common defense of individual freedom and liberty, and DO something tangible to save freedom for future generations here and abroad.

The future is in your hands, and we have gathered many leaders to help place the tools you need to reclaim your country, back into your hands. Join us in this mission at www.FreedomForce.US and join us TODAY!

Further, I call upon ALL constitutionally conservative writers, TV and radio hosts across this country to either publicly support the unifying efforts of Freedom Force, or begin to identify other solutions you like better. Our nation's problems are well defined at this stage. You have an obligation to direct your readers towards realistic and viable solutions!

If WE don't save this nation, nobody will!

JB Williams

"A wise and frugal government, which shall leave men free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned - this is the sum of good government." - Jefferson