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It Is a Freedom Thing

It Is a Freedom Thing

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hoosier Evan Bayh Sways In Obama's Wind

Once again America, and in particular my fellow hoosiers, our democratic senator Evan Bayh is showing his true lack of fiscal responsibility....and it has to do with what is set to destroy the Republic that is/was America.  Once again, Evan Byah has proven to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid that he will be there when Harry needs 60 votes.

Evan was one of those 60 votes, who  strictly along partisan lines, agreed to increase the nations' debt limit by another 1.9 trillion dollars....yep....trilllion.  Harry needed 60 votes just like Harry needed 60 votes when the Senate passed their version of the health care bill on Christmas Eve...remember....Evan was there for Harry.

Today Evan Bayh touts Obama's lies on spending freezes to his advantage and he will continue to vote against anything that increases our nation's rush to bankruptcy as long as Harry only needs a simple majority.

Spending freezes indeed.  First off, it is to only affect 17% of the budge, not begin until 2011, and cap at 2009 levels which is a Republic buster all by disingenuine can a person be?  Evan, we are not mathematicians but your fuzzy math is troublesome.  We are already waiting for someone to stick a pin in the bubble which is this inflated GDP...which even with a 4th quarters increase still leaves 2009 as the worst bleeder of our GDP since 1946 by another 2%. 

Americans and even Hoosiers, and we are not progressives Evan, can look to their neighbors on their left and on their right and across the street....I have two empty houses around me and two adults with 3 toddlers out of work next to me....please Evan, do not try to convince me that we are healing.....we are merely awaiting the pop of that big financial bubble the fed has us sitting on.

Evan, the nation carries a 10% unemployment rate average.  I do not know which state(s) are dragging the average down to that low level, not many I suspect, but your constituents in Indiana counties are averaging more like 13-14% with who knows how many giving up the search and out of unemployment....oh yeah, thanks for at least voting to increase unemployment to 99 is jobs, Evan...

If the president's economy cannot produce anything but government and union jobs building silly assed green projects, how is that going to affect the vast majority of people out of work, and out of hope....Come on Evan, you are toast in 2010 and you should be considering moving to DC maybe.  You are wearing out your welcome in Indiana.

Americans can see through the charade that is the blue dog caucus in the democratic party.  There is no such thing as a moderate democrat....there are only those democrats, both in the house and senate, who are up for re-election this year and worried about it.....Evan Bayh should be even though most pundits do not see him as a potential loser....yet!   Hoosiers are the best guages of their own elected officials....we are the ones they lie to as they make poor decisions.....normally Evan Bayh has the Inskeep Family's pet hound Sylvia Smith try to explain his fiscal worthiness but today Andrew Taylor of the AP chimes in with Sylvia's inputs of course.

Inkeeps Family, to non-hoosiers, are the losers that own the morning and evening editions of the only newspapers in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  These are died in the wool progressives who think that government can and should run everything in our daily lives....ummm, ummm, ummm, and you all thought these type died with Woodrow Wilson, Teddy Roosevelt and Franklin Delnanor Roosevelt....Surprise!

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