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It Is a Freedom Thing

It Is a Freedom Thing

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Anti-Abortion Group Launches Billboard Campaign Targeting ‘Blue Dog’ Democrat Districts

Hey my fellow Hoosiers....we should be seeing these campaign ads as Evan Bayh (Bye, Bye, Bayh) is the leader of this non-existent moderate democrat  group.  Evan Bayh constantly has Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette writer, Sylvia Smith,  defending his every move and trying to show him to be a fiscal conservative and yet...when he agrees and votes on legislation that murders the most innocent and most defenseless among me, Bayh is anti-life so how can he be for health and how can he care?  Plus, you will soon find out the costs of this legislation far outweigh any purported benefits to the majority of real Americans.

It is wise to understand that there is absolutely no such thing as a 'moderate' democrat...they are all liberal and have already agreed to jam health care up our American butts.

Again, democrats cannot control the climate and truly, not even their own health....

It's ironic...I am sure Obama and his followers consider themselves somehow enlightened yet one has to go back over 35 years before we can find a time when babies could be safe in the womb and not exposed to the 'terror' prevalent under liberal rule.  It is good to be old enough to not have to depend on liberal's revisionist views of history on such matters. 

All Americans will pay for abortion in this health care bill.

Anti-Abortion Group Launches Billboard Campaign Targeting ‘Blue Dog’ Democrat Districts

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