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It Is a Freedom Thing

It Is a Freedom Thing

Sunday, January 24, 2010

No Such Thing as a Moderate Democrat

Hey Fort Wayne and anyone else interested in Indiana politics.  How is everyone doing this glorious Sunday, a day in which the Indianapolis Colts will thump the New York Jets to move on to the Super Bowl...probably against Minnesota.

I am starting out today by picking low hanging fruit...Sylvia Smith and continual propaganda regarding the electability of our own Evan Bayh.  Sylvia Smith is employed by the Inskeep family the owners of our city's two liberal rags, the Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette and News Sentinel.  Sylvia is just one of many liberal resources that the paper employs in their attempts to shield Northeast Indiana residents from the truth of Evan Bayh and Washington politics.

Democrats like Sylvia are trying to spin the election of Scott Brown in Massachusetts as a good thing for so called  moderate legislators in the democratic caucus, like Evan Bayh.  Why, you ask?  Well, in her convoluted way of looking at this, Sylvia knows that the health care bill must be broken down to it's various parts and passed congress piecemeal to pass at all.  Sylvia also knows that when this is done that the resulting action will only require a simple majority of democratic senators to vote for it. 51 votes is all that Harry Reid, Senate Majority Leader will need to pass the piece meal health care measure and Bayh will be excused.

Why would Harry Reid excuse Bayh from voting for health care measures that only require 51 votes?  Harry Reid has 59 democrats and does not need 8 democrat votes...Bayh is up for re-election this year, Bayh will oppose health care as if he truly is against it but it will pass without him.  Just remember this about Bayh, when Harry Reid needs a cloture vote to advance a bill for vote, he needs 60 votes and Evan is there for him but after cloture when Harry only needs a simple majority, Bayh is excused....Bayh's voting record reflects the truth of this.

Also remember this....when the Senate voted on their version of the health care measure....Evan Bayh voted for it....they needed 60 votes and now that Scott Brown is in the mix....keep remembering that Evan Bayh is for the socialist takeover of America and you will come to the same conclusion as the rest of us conservatives, that Bayh and his blue dog democrat bull crap was merely a ploy to keep our trust and his job and he has already lost our trust.....his job is next.

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