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It Is a Freedom Thing

It Is a Freedom Thing

Friday, January 22, 2010

Obama Attacks Supreme Court Decision on Corporate Election Limits

President Obama was hoping he would find a friend in the Supreme Court when in fact, yesterday, they overturned a previous supreme court decision that upheld the McCain-Feingold Reform Act as unconstitutional.  Amazing as far as I am concerned.  It was narrow, a 5-4 victory for capitalism but it is great as it comes on the heels of Obama's unprecedented and unworthy attack on the engine of America Industrial society, banks.  Banks fuel capitalism and left alone they will do it once again but listen people....time is running and Obama is relying on his jihadist virtue of patience, and he will continue his attacks on our sovereignty and on our Republic....  He does not believe health care is dead so you shouldn't either because by now you know, just how low he and his evil cohorts in congress and in his czardom will sink.

Here is his activitst mouthpiece, "Organizing for America" spouting off about the evils of the Supreme Court Action and how Obama now has to rally congress to create and enact laws to somehow go around this terrific Supreme Court decision.....

Obama...Ummm, Ummmm, Ummmm.....I am glad you taught our nation's children those words as they are so applicable to your diminishing stature....ummm, ummm, ummm.

Michael --

Yesterday morning, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that corporations can spend freely in federal elections.

It's a green light for a new stampede of special interest money in our politics, giving their lobbyists even more power in Washington. Now, every candidate who fights for change could face limitless attacks from corporate special interests like health insurance companies and Wall Street banks.

While the GOP is celebrating a victory for its special interest allies, President Obama is working with leaders in Congress to craft a forceful response that protects the voices of ordinary citizens.

Please add your name right away to help show that the American people support strong, urgent action to prevent a corporate takeover of our democracy.

Congress: I support bold action to ensure fair elections.

The Supreme Court decision overturned a 20-year precedent saying that corporations could not pay for campaign ads from their general treasuries. And it struck down a law saying corporations couldn't buy "issue ads" -- which only thinly veil support for or opposition to specific candidates -- in the closing days of campaigns.

The result? Corporations can unleash multi-million-dollar ad barrages against candidates who try to curb special interest power, or devote millions to propping up elected officials who back their schemes.

With no limits on their spending, big oil, Wall Street banks, and health insurance companies will try to drown out the voices of everyday Americans -- and Republicans seem ecstatic.

While opponents of change in Congress are praising this victory for special interests, President Obama has tasked his administration and Congress with identifying a fix to preserve our democracy -- and we need to show that the American people stand with him.

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Mitch Stewart


Organizing for America

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