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It Is a Freedom Thing

It Is a Freedom Thing

Friday, October 9, 2009

Fort Wayne Neighbor, Warsaw, Under Obama Assault

As details of the senate version (Max Baucus, D-MT)of the health bill emerge it is quite apparent that President Obama has those states in his sights that aren't truly liberal enough for his liking.

As the senate version clears the finance committee and supposedly then comes to a full senate vote before the reconciliation process with the house bill (3 of them and 2 senate versions), we know in the very least that the tax assault on Kosciusko County in Indiana will total about 4 billion dollars per year.

When Obama was politicing for his job and promising things to Elkhart County, Indiana, we were all his big fans. Elkhart now has more soup kitchens and when this health bill passes, unemployed Kosciusko County employees of our medical device giants headquartered in Kosciusko County will have to drive to Elkhart for their soup until Kosciusko gets government money for their own soup kitchens. Zimmer, DePuy, Biomet, Paragon Medical and others will not survive when the sale of their devices is taxed 100% for anything they make over 25 million per year. Goodbye jobs. Grandma, gramps, your stents, those knew knees, and of course, those hip joints necessarily will skyrocket in costs, if they are even still available, as our dying industry struggles to survive and passes more costs on to you.

Fort Wayne residents never see a message like this, cocooned between two daily liberal newsrags who supply a steady diet of the likes of Eugene Robinson (the racist), E.J. O'Donnell (this one even professes to be a christian) and of course their home grown Sylvia Smith, Garrison Keillor, the ugly parade never stops... but they do say, citizens can get one opinion per month posted, assuming, of course, the weirdo, Tracy Warner, approves of it.

Americans will deserve to lose their freedoms if they do not wake up and fight for them as they disappear right before their very eyes. Czars with socialist agendas, a president, who unflinchingly told us that he was 5 days away from radically transforming America...and I am pretty sure we all thought he meant something different than the global, bust our society, ambitions he is displaying now.

October 17th, America will be rocked with a 'CAN YOU HEAR US NOW' campaign. Fort Wayne, you may have a bad drive day that day or the day before or the week after, get over it....Fort Wayne Journal Gazette and the Fort Wayne News Sentinel have to commit to telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth or take their acts elsewhere.

How ironic that Obama wins the Nobel Peace prize today when he has America closer to the brink of civil war than any time since 1865. Nominations had to be closed within two weeks of the time Obama took office. Recent winners included the very ugly Al Gore, even uglier, Jimmy Carter and most offensive Kofi Annan. I guess that list deserves Obama and now he has another $1 million he can sneak to ACORN.

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