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'But what saith it? The Word is nigh thee, even in thy mouth, and in thy heart: that is, the word of faith, which we preach: That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in your heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.""

It Is a Freedom Thing

It Is a Freedom Thing

Friday, March 2, 2012

Survival Should Be America's Most Urgent Goal

Honest to God I am not talking about calling for  assistance from big government, from the elites on either side of the political aisle or across the entire political spectrum, in case some of you out there still think this is just between democrats, republicans and a few independents thrown in the mix.  This is not. 

As I watch the republican primary season least on the calendar....I am well aware of the fact that any hopes I may have had for my favorite candidates from among Michelle Bachmann, Herman Cain or Rick Perry were fairly well squashed right from the git-go.  I expected that the Soros sponsored Media Matters would indeed use their IRS tax exempt status to trash all persons conservative but the level of hate, of race baiting, lies, half-truths and omissions from members of our so-called 4th Estate astound me.

I am acutely aware of the fact that Media Matters disseminates false information in the best tradition of George Orwell's '1984' and using dupes like Washington Post writers E.J. Dionne and Eugene Robinson as their voices....I am aware of this because our own progressive Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette and News-Sentinel publishes and opinion page writers are flaming liberals and this is all they print.  Washington Post, Bloomberg News, AP and any other queer source they can find to echo.

Having lost a conservative voice in Glenn Beck to George Soros and with Soros forcing Fox News to get rid of Judge Napolitano now begins to wonder...coupled with the fact  that we lost another stout conservative voice in Andrew Breitbart....coincidentally (?), just yesterday.  Napolitano's last tv broadcast is sometime later this month.  I forget the date...maybe today or next Friday.

Fox News is presently engaged in something far less 'fair and balanced' than their heretofore forthright posture regarding the truth of all that matters in this war against our constitutional form of government.  I am disappointed.  A few of them still have their moments but as they continue to shill for the GOP establishment candidate, Mitt Romney, pretending that he is the most electable in this white house race... you begin to see that Rupert knows what side his bread is buttered on.  Hell, people die of natural causes at age 43, like Andrew Breitbart,  all the time.  Rupert is a lot older than that.  I am amazed that both he and Soros still share the air that I breathe at their ages.  Not from leading clean lives...I assure you.  Remember, only the good die young....oops..sad, that I am 65. 

I'm not that good but have great intentions and know that my salvation does not depend on good works...'lest any man should boast'.  I'm not that bad either, as long as I stick to the truth.

Let me build that case a tad for the and I, a case that our individual vote is presently under assault by national and state operatives in the republican party.  Examine the evidence....Iowa, party declare Romney early and awards all delegates...oops...miscount....Santorum actually wins but local gop decides now to split the vote between Santorum and Romney.

New Hampshire is next.  This bastion of liberalism where they like to say 'Live Free or Die' was Romney's to lose and before he did lose any of it...the party steps in and says the final results are in....much to the chagrine of Ron Paul who was expecting some good results from votes in counties from which the final results were not quite all in.

In South Carolina we witnessed Governor Nikki Halley, who was strongly supported by us Tea Party folks for her election and she won...she flipped to back SC state GOP favorite...Mitt Romney....same with Jan Brewer in Arizona. 

Blue state Michigan, a place where Mitt Romney calls home and where George Romney, his dad, was governor once, should have been a blitzkrieg for Romney but when they saw the polls that Santorum was actually ahead a few weeks ago, on February 7th...they changed the rules.  It was that each candidate would get the two delegates from the county they won and the two at large delegates would be split proportionately...under those rules with Romney and Santorum both winning 7 counties, Santorum is correct, he should have won 15 delegates and tied Mitt Romney with his 15 delegates.

It is very hard for the Romney camp or the GOP establishment along with their lame stream media minions to fashion a Romney victory out of those facts in Michigan.  Today they call it a Romney victory because the rules were changed regarding the two at large delegates.  Now the Michigan state gop says the at large delegates go to the one who supposedly won the popular vote...Romney by a slim margin. 

So here again, GOP meddling is causing constitutents to become disenfranchised and this we cannot tolerate.  Arizona re-elected John McCain 2 years know of the authors of the amendment, he and Carl Levine from Romney's Michigan, to the National Defense Appropriations Act (NDAA), that allows Obama to name his American born enemies and then use the American military detain without lawyers, trials.....none of that stuff.  I had no expectations for Arizona so I wasn't disappointed and I still back Jan Brewer and her fight with the federal government over the fed's failure to secure our borders.

We have Washington State primary tomorrow and ten more states next Tuesday....America....Andrew Breitbart didn't die so that we stand mutely as America and her freedoms and prosperity crumble around our ears. 

These are days that I believe will truly test the mettle of American citizens, patriots that want to see our American rights of life...of liberty and the pursuit of happiness to continue...unabated.  Under those rules, we know we may fail at times but we also know we have the right to grab our own bootstraps, pull ourselves up and try again.  The 'gimme mo please' folks in the OWS movement do not understand this...young, dumb and naive...the correct mix of fodder for those hating captialism.

As President Obama and his idealogs fight for socialism and use class warfare to do are needed to stand in the gap alongside me... this is open warfare for our Republic. 

If the GOP establishment wins out and Mitt Romney is the conservative (yeah right) candidate then for sure, you can expect to see riots, chaos and blood in the streets and this election years continues.  This is the mode of operation for the Occupy Wallstreet crowd.  There is/was nothing grass roots about them.  These were dreamed up and percolated in progressive think tanks populated by the same ones who tried to destroy our nation in the 60s...they call them grey beards today...but Ayers, Bernadette Dohrn...they are all still their fomenting even as they did in Egypt and Libya.

  OWS is but a necessary element if one is familiar with Saul Alinsky's Rule for Radicals which is a coffee table book in President Obama's den, as Obama continues to press his class warfare.  These agit-bot props will be manipulated throughout the summer and Mitt Romney will be Obama's whack-a-mole toy.  It is all about that class warfare...evil oil companies and the like.  For kicks, who knows that the federal government makes more off of each gallon of gas sold than the net profits of oil companies.  Oil companies make big gross proifts with big expenses with oil heading north of $110./brl.  Who, with a brain in their heads, believes Mitt Romney with his status as a rich, bitch whose wive tools around in two cadillacs is going to be able to withstand the Obama assault.  He cannot stand the truth from real conservative within the republican party.

I absolutely loved it when some of those pot stirrers like the Labor Secretary's Ray LaHood (in French, that means the hood-how appropriate) son Sam, got locked up in Egypt.  Too bad they let them go already. I expect blood in the streets this, not from us non-violent tea party folks but more than likely from the OWS heads the police are going to have to bust.  A crescendo concluding in martial law by election would work in favor of President Obama or so he thinks.  Jan Purdue, Governor of North Carolina believes the President should just suspend the 2012 elections and give his plans more time to work.  Whatcha think America?  Are you up for that?  You willing to throw over our elections and our constitution?  Then fight, damn it. 

So what will it be America?  Are we really so decadent these days that we will stick with President Obama,one who would genuflect and bow to Saudi and other Muslim potentates around the globe, will we go with the Mormon who as an elder in his church, Mitt Romney can tell you that baptizing dead Jews into the mormon faith can only help his chances in November and that when he bends a knee it is not to Jesus Christ as Mormons do not consider Jesus divine.  Hmmm...Islam is the same way...lesser prophet than Mohammed they all say. 

I am not afraid to vote for a man who will kneel to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, who when questioned and he has not 'ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ' (Romans 1:28).  Secular and luke warm christians in America can laugh and poke fun at Rick Santorum but that is fine...he is my candidate and if America is to survive it is because God has heard our prayers in accordance with II Chronicles 7:14 and we have elected a man just in time... one who knows the guarantor of our unalienable rights.  And we are 'wise' enough to vote for a born again Christian....Rick Santorum

Now is not the time to be screwing around with make believe religions... with man-made utopias or the progressive dreams of the socialists that have hijacked America's democratic party.  Now is the time to vote your conscience...and maybe, just maybe, as Jesus tarries, to give our kids and grandkids a fighting chance at that American dream.

John Adams told us that "Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people.  It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other".  If you think our constitution, the rule of law is outmoded, and outdated then vote Obama again or Obama-lite, Mitt Romney....choice belongs to your heart.

If after all of this, you still cannot find it in your heart to back the God fearing man that is Rick Santorum... I suspect as this year progresses and God continues to have His say... many more of you will  become less  ashamed to bow your knees to God...and if in the meanwhile, you see fit to choose Mitt Romney as the GOP candidate then I do believe we all will live to regret that.   

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