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It Is a Freedom Thing

It Is a Freedom Thing

Friday, March 9, 2012

Whores, Islamists and President Obama

What a tidy package.  Whores, Islamists and President Obama.  As our good president continues to attempt to convince  the American citizens that conservatives have declared war on women and his communist leaning Attorney General begins his assault on the New York Police Department for 'purportedly' surveying Muslim communities, America simply looks around and says WTF!

Let's begin with the whores like Sandra Fluke, The Georgetown University law student who testified before Congress on behalf of President Obama that Georgetown (a catholic university run by Jesuits) insurance  offered does not include the cost of contraception, the morning after pill or sterilizations.  The tiniest bit of research on this story will provide data the whore in question is and has been, a long time activist for ungodly social causes including having taxpayers pay for transgendered sex change operations....and more than likely, Aids cocktails for those infested by too much poopy packing.

I am including the following blog I penned in 2010...not so much for it's content on homosexuality but more for the emphasis I place on 'political correctness'.  PC is a danger and it often leads to folks not willing to share the truth about a matter such as Islam or homosexuality...I do not suffer from this liberal  

There is no assault on women taking place in America except in Islamist circles as far as I can tell.  Women in Islam are less than the dirt they walk on....have no rights and are little more than possessions a Muslim can divorce by simply saying three times "I divorce you".  The shame of America is that we let these miscreants import their unholy, really bad ideas of culture into our fabric.  We are what Islamists call 'dhimmitude' already sold out and in submission to Islam and Sharia Law.  Political correctness does that to a nation...evidence the United Kingdom wherein Islam runs rampant and police and others are powerless to stop them.  As Muslims get the numbers in a place they move to usurp the laws of the land and the will of the people.  America simply needs to regard Europe and it's struggles to understand the path we are on today.

Women, you will love this.  If a pair are taken up in adultery under Sharia Law...the punishment is stoning.  The woman gets buried up to her neck and then they simply stone her to death.  Men only get buried to their waist and if they can dig themselves out before they get stoned to death, they are off the hook.  Men usually receive lobbed, underhand stones...quite often inaccurate in their aim.

If someone wishes to say Rush Limbaugh was wrong for calling out Sandra Fluke for the whore that she is, then others on the left including Larry O'Donnell, not so funny guy, homosexual Bill Maher and Indiana's own late nite joker David Letterman need a phone call from President Obama also suggesting they apologize for their nasty name calling and assaults these weirdos make against conservative women like Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann.  Sandra Fluke will graduate from Georgetown and first year lawyers from elite schools such as Georgetown earn nearly $170,000.00 in their first year on the job.  Not a bad average.... one would think that Fluke could buy her own pills and not make me, a Christian, complicit in her unholy and unnatural schemes against the most innocent among us.  Used to be, mom's womb was a safe place for babies to be.  Not so much anymore...and this your great shame.

Back to  Eric Holder. we know Holder is responsible for running guns to the Mexican/Colombian drug cartels in his now famous 'Fast & Furious' which he still owes congress many explanations about.  Bottom line, Obama/Holder have been running guns including .50 cal sniper rifles and AK47 automatic assault weapons for some time now.  They have been doing this in an effort to 'prove' that American made weapons are finding their way into Mexico and into the hands of these bad seeds...the end goal is to destroy America's right to bear arms...our 2nd Amendment.  We know about roughly 3,000 such weapons and who knows how many more have gone this route.  Mexican President Felix Calderon is playing the game...suggesting that all the deaths in his country are the results of American made weapons finding their way in.  I wonder how many have stayed in this country and are in the hands of Holder's bros in the New Black Panther Party...I mean they do intend war in the streets this election season.  All blood will be on Obama/Holder's hands.

I wrote this in August, 2010 warning of the dangers of being politically correct toward Islam...:  

We also know that Eric Holder cannot find a victim among white folks...this was evident when he dismissed the charges of those two New Black Panther Party thugs seen tapping nite sticks in the palms of their hands as they tried to influence voters in Philadelphia in 2008.  Holder had professional, lifelong department folks quit over his refusal to recognize that voter intimidation is a crime in this country...

When this was relevant...and of course it still is...but when it was in the news, I penned the following: 

The New York City Police Department has indeed been surveilling the muslim community in New York/New Jersey area...and have actually thwarted about 40 potential terrorist attacks in the past three years....since Obama has been in office.  Today...Eric Holder says he is 'disturbed' by this surveillance.  I happen to agree about Holder being 'distrubed'...he certainly is.  And the fact that he is our nation's number 1 crime fighter with his FBI, ATF and other departments...disturbs me.

America, wake the hell up.  You and I are being assailed on all fronts and as long as we stay silent and idle...we will find ourselves as the focus of Obama's attention.  Take it from this Marine who served 9 active duty years including two tours in Vietnam....America is losing her sovereignty and has already lost her way.  Time now to make your voices heard since the lame stream media has drifted far afield from that so-called 4th Estate....the one that is supposed to protect us from tyranny.  They are failing in this regard and with their progressive agendas...I doubt that they will change.  Wake up your neighbors...wake up your families...but wake the hell up.

Hey, if President Obama wins re-election, I fully expect him to follow the advice of Janet Napolitano, his director of Homeland Security, and to use our military to begin locking up those of us who disagree with his communist agenda.  The best thing I can do is ask you all to make this go viral and when I disappear to some fema camp somewhere, at least you will know why and what to concern yourselves with.  I am a willing sacrifical lamb because Obama cannot hurt...maybe my body, but certainly not my belongs to Jesus Christ.

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  1. Hmmm refuse to recognize the downfalls and tyranny of your own religion? Maybe before you start tearing a religion apart you need to loo deeper at your own.