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It Is a Freedom Thing

It Is a Freedom Thing

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Fox News Unmasks

WE THE PEOPLE apparently have more to concern ourselves than just Barack Hussein Obama and his, in the very least, progressives agenda for America's 57 states.  There is an unmistakeable push at the national and state governing levels of the Grand Old Party to thwart the will of the voters in favor of their chosen one 'Williard Mittney Romney".  Listen.... I only know one other Williard and he was a rat.

Remember on the eve of or early the next morning,  how the republican party in Iowa fell all over themselves declaring Mitt Romney the winner with 8 votes (and 8 missing precints...purportedly).  Now come the official talley, minus those same missing precint results, and Rick Santorum pulls off a 34 vote victory, apparently, but the gop in Iowa waffles and nows calls it a tie with their delegates being split 50/50.  And for the record...the precincts filed their results electronically and just did not submit the paper votes....these were pitched once tallied and ratified within their own precincts.  Romney should have zero votes from Iowa and you and I both know it.

On the face of it...we all see it as pure horse crap... a distinct bias toward Romney and away from the will of the individual voter.  Now, with Newt Gingrich fielding a bunch of crap in South Carolina and knocking the libtard Debate questioners such as John Kane from ABC and Fox's own Juan Williams, right out of the ring.

Here we go the 11th hour...Fox News turns their morning gossip commentators Brian Kincaid, Alyson whatever and the big dumb one into Gingrich attack dogs.  These froot loops, certainly working at the behest of Rupert Murdoch jumped into the political arena by trying to defend ABC's goofy questioning line of something that happened 18 years ago for which Newt has been public, repented and deserves to have those froot loops and Fox froot loops seditiously trying to influence the vote toward Romney, to just shut up.  Mitt Romney would be a pushover for Obama....  Hell. I could push that 1% capitalist pig Romney over with one finger.  That would be Obama's winning theme.  Fox News ought to know that. I am sure.

America sees the classware both ideologically and soon, literally, as we approach spring and summer.  That occupy crap is the brain child of Soros/Van Jones/Obama etal...globalist pigs who not only want to share the wealth of earners with the 'gimme mo please' class in America but also want to take America's wealth and redistribute it across the world to places like Kenya...Obama's homeland.

Romney is the perfect guy for Obama to push around as one of thoses 'dreaded 1%ers' and that should be as obvious as the noses on our respective faces.   On top of that...this fundamental, born again in the Spirit Christian, is not willing to support someone so willing to flip flop on the subjects of abortion (Planned Parenthood embedded in RomneyCare in Massachutsetts), 2nd Amendment (gun control advocate) rights assailant or supporter depending on when you catch him and who is asking the question; and of course Mitt is  one more for overall big government than for cutting it.

Big government... the tops of both parties... the ruling class... the Dick Lugars, the Lindsey Grahams, the John McCains and of course McConnell from Kentucky....capitulate because they also favor big government....they vote in Obama's picks like Sotomayor and Kagan for the SCOTUS and Cass Sunstein to nudge existing regulations as Obama's Regulatory Czar so that it becomes increasingly difficult to find a job in America, to find freedoms we once had in America and to have our voices heard in America.

All of these, and certainly not excluding the Shumers, Reids, Pelosis and the nasty ilk from the democratic side of this progressive movement, do not have our best interest at heart.  Fox News, has been unmasked this election day in South Carolina...showed their stripes so to speak.  Ever since Rupert Murdoch capitulated to the forces of freedom and gave up Glenn Beck... he apparently has adopted a new philosophy... wolf in sheep's clothing.  From this election forward... my fellow patriots need to take Fox News with a grain of salt also... let us keep up the horizontal communication and in that regard, contact your Senators as PIPA...the legislation designed to stifle this horizontal communication is still alive in the Senate.  SOPA is at rest in congress and presently not moving...PIPA is moving...they vote on the 24th.

The ruling class of which I speak will be one member short in November as we Hoosier Patriots (.org) fully intend to unseat 36 year sitting and now corrupt Dick Lugar.  I expect others states to do the same... replace the rino's with true constitutional conservatives and the libiots with real people of courage.  Regardless of who wins this 'family (-really gop, family really???) struggle and even if Mitt does get in a miraculously defeats Barack Hussein Obama we must have tea party folks in control in both houses to hold Mitt's big government ass back. This election...every municipalities damn dog catcher needs to be a conservative...we have to push hard to turn back the tables and if God has listened to us as we prayed according to II Chronicles 7:14...then maybe Jesus will tarry some more...we'll see.

The tea party (and we are all the tea party) turned 67 seats in the House of Representatives in 2010... we took 6 or 7 Senate seats because only 1/3 of the Senate with their 6 years terms was exposed to us then.  Sadly McCain was and Arizona even had a good, viable candidate but brought back one of the two authors of the amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that lets President Obama decide which domestic extremists (because Obama doesn't know any Islamic terrorists) are his enemies and then use our military to come into our homes in America and then haul us away without a trial, without charges and with an opportunity to provide any sort of defense, indefinitely.... We all know and have heard Obama and Napolitano both express their fear of anti-abortionists, fundamental christians, Islamaphobes, gun owners, gold owners and of course WE THE PEOPLE of the tea party. 

We have another 1/3 of the Senate exposed to us here in 2012 and we will further the push of constitutional conservatives but we have to acknowledge the danger of moderates like McCain who we now have until 2016 thanks to Arizonans and others like SC's own Lindsey Graham who was the first I heard of who wanted to push that National ID Card, purportedly on illegals...a short stretch from illegals to all and from your wallet to your the way.... that embeddable rfid chip is in the Obamacare bill and due to be introduced to you at a medical center near you in 2014.... forehead or back of the right hand, ma'am?  Sir??

The old fashioned Rule of Law as provided for by our founders in the form of the Constitution is under severe and dangerous assault with state's and individual freedoms being whittled away as each day passes under Obama.  So far.. I see it working fine.  We took the House in 2010... we will take the Senate in 2012 and maybe the Presidency...but I cannot and willnot support a milque toast version of Barack Hussein Obama...I will not support Mitt Romney.

So as Fox News continues to diminish the electability and worthiness of candidate Newt Gingrich and the continue to trot out the John Sununu's, Tim Pawlenty and Virginia's sitting governor...the latter of which really need to consider the terror problem they have in their Somali communities in Minnesota or the safe havens for illegals in Virginia...towns such as Woodbridge wholly given over to these communities.  Sununu is a New Hampshire governor and calls himself a republican.  America knows New Hampshire through their voting habits...kind of like Massachusetts and Scott Brown...and oh yeah and Massachusetts and...Mitt Romney.

Nope.  WE THE PEOPLE have the Republic of America at stake.  No half steps... no compromising... no legislation is better than the legislation that has been forthcoming lately such as the bs 2 month extension of the Payroll Tax Cut how does social security get funded? stuff like that is Obama the right to fear monger and say seniors don't get their checks until the debt ceiling is raised and of course our GOP wanted a year so that would make two years with no social security funding.  Time to change them out folks.

Fox News...our big time, career politicians (Lugar..36 years) need to understand that we are awake... we are the great sleeping bear and obviously not Fox News and that is run by a corruptible man.... and not our weak minded sell outs in Washington DC already.  We will pick our candidate for this election.  We have already watched the lame stream media trash 3 or 4 of our other choices and now we absolutely abhor Fox News, once thought of as a friend, piling on. 

I implore my fellow conservative patriots and my fellow veterans (USMC: '64-73) to keep up the fight.  Let us not cave to the big boys.  This Vietnam veteran thought his fighting days were well behind him and indeed, certainly hoped so... I was enjoying my early retirement and leisurely rounds of golf.  No Gamecocks... I did not share sandfleas with my fellow Marines at Parris Island as I was a hollywood Marine...went through bootcamp in San Diego and like my South Carolina trained brothers... share that feeling that while no one likes to fight, someone has to know how.  Come on now...America needs us again and damn if some of our state side enemies aren't the same as in the 60's...some mentor Obama.

God bless our efforts and each of you reading this. And Ooh-rah to my fellow veterans. Boys and girls alike.

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