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It Is a Freedom Thing

It Is a Freedom Thing

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fort Wayne Miscellaneous Garbage Pimped as News

Federal aid to go to Auburn, Indiana to upgrade their electrical utility system. Over 2 million dollars from us taxpayers to Auburn in anticipation of Obama's Cap and Tax bill passing as soon as they can get this health care off their plate, Obama can legalize Mexicans as citizens, and then, cap and tax, in that order. Sounds good, huh? That upgrade will allow Auburn residents to become part of that "smart grid" which will allow government controlled electric utilities to monitor individual work place or residential consumption and to slow down available power accordingly. Gonna be a cold winter when this bs is fully implemented folks. Sylvia >Smith, J-Gs own liberal liar authored this story.

ECONOMIC PICTURE IN EYE OF BEHOLDER: by AP writer Tom Raum. This article has folks purportedly questioning why their seems to be a financial recovery afoot while America is still shedding jobs. They question, how can this be? Easy. There is a large part of financial America that, while skeptical, want so badly to believe that things are getting better that it influences their decisions on Wall Street and among other high flyers. Maybe those who forsee the coming two class system, the rich, ruling class and all others, know that green industrial technologies should be sufficient to sustain their lifestyle so why sweat the small stuff like jobs. After all, the health care bill being rammed through and the cap and trade bill coming next are both major industry busting bills with those in middle America being hurt the most.

Watch for that word 'sustain', 'sustainable', cannot be 'sustained', etc. as that is UN speak for about 300-500 million people world wide although the Club of Rome members think we can go all the way up to 1 billion. Granny dearest, of course they are after you and me....for that matter. When you have a chance google the UN's Habitat Agenda and see how many times you can find that word and yet no written explanation of it's parameters. Hmmmm!. Hey even Beck is seeing their evil intentions. More serious job loss is on the way...and gone forever...unless

NUCLEAR INCENTIVES WOO CLIMATE VOTES by Steven Mufson of the Washington Post which has forgotten how to stand up like they did against Nixon. This to me is pure hogwash like allowing us to drill oil (in the Gulf of Mexico) where heretofore only China is allowed to drill. This is a classic bait and switch suggesting that Obama will entertain allowing investment dollars for new facilities etc.... Remember, Obama still wants this cap and trade bill in his hip pocket before he heads to Copenhagen to sign our sovereignty away. After our little green president gets his cap and trade bill then he will change his mind about Nuclear. Obama....Liar, Liar!

AARP Could Gain From Health Bill: by Dan Eggen of the Washington Post. No shit, AARP signed on to be Obama's partner along time ago. Obama intends to ram through his version of deathwatch and then allow AARP to charge you for supplemental insurance so that you might have a chance at affording that knee or hip replacement that Obama is pricing out of your range today. Medical device manufacturers cannot 'sustain' that 40 billion tax bill over 10 years without passing the costs onto you. Warsaw and Pierceton, Indiana will shed plenty of jobs when this comes down.

All I can say is that I finally got my opportunity to resubscribe for another year of AARP....I believe I will pass. There are other organizations like the 60+ organization that has your overall best interest at heart and they are not for Obama 'let grannie die' care.

SOCIAL SECURITY, COST OF LIVING ADJUSTMENTS TOUCHY SUBJECTS: By Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette's own Opinion Editors including the Inskeep family and that lefty Tracy Warner. Here the liberals are all in a tither because Obama wants to pay seniors $250.00 even when there was supposedly no rise in inflation over the past year.

I believe these goofy people think that if as seniors, we have taken responsibility for our financial futures, have provided for ourselves with retirement plans as well as social security, that our benefits should be curtailed and tied more closely to individual need before we draw from this "entitlement" program. You silly people....I agree that I am entitled because I have paid in to social security and medicare for 45 years of my working life...never welfare...never even unemployment.

You are unhappy because the system is broke because you and yours could not keep your hands off the money we were kicking it to support us. Had this money been maintained and grown, we should each be eligible for annual dividends far in excess of $250. You socialists just don't get it...when everyone is poor...who pays the way?

Enough of this for today. My stomache can only handle so much of the Journal Gazette.

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