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It Is a Freedom Thing

It Is a Freedom Thing

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Election Lifts GOP, Oh Really?

Liz Sidoti, AP writer, would have you believe that the elections Tuesday of Virginia and New Jersey republicans as governors of their respective states is a true GOP victory.

Not so. As New York -23 showed, it is about principle not party. Doug Hoffman lost in a race in which he should not even of had to run except that the local GOP presented a candidate that was paid for by ACORN, is an abortionist as well as a gay rights type of person. This is not the sort of morals I would expect of a conservative candidate and indeed, she proved herself by withdrawing and then throwing her support to the democratic contender who won by a slim margin.

The margin of victory was too close... Doug Hoffman would have had to had a 20 point lead going into the election just to overcome the fraud and corruption of the democratic apparatus in New York. While I applaud the victories of the two governorships, I am not so sure these are people who support pro life and the anti gay agenda and not someone I would want in congress with the right to vote for or against supreme court justices. Okay maybe alright for governors, but the GOP needs a higher standard for those who influence the laws of our Republic which is being assaulted by Obama today. I may be wrong and these are fine, I simply do not know as all I hear is them described as moderate republicans...what the hell is that?

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