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It Is a Freedom Thing

It Is a Freedom Thing

Thursday, November 19, 2009

HHS Boss Kathleen Sebelius Backs Off Cancer Screening Dictates, for now!

In 24 short hours, Health and Human Services director, (Obama apointee), Kathleen Sebelious has backed off of enforcing new department regulations until after the Health Bill is the law of the land.

The stimulus bill, written by the Van Jones' Apollo Alliance, as evidenced when Senator Henry Reid (D-NV), praised them profusely for their inputs and read by no one else provided for the empowering of the U.S. Preventive Health Service to "nudge" regulation in favor of Zeke Emanuel's cost model's for the distribution of heatlth care.

Only trouble is, this activity, prior to the passage of the healthcare legislation is tipping their hand on how they intend to pay for this travesty being thrust upon us.

Zeke (Rahm's bioethicist brother), is Obama's czar-like advisor on such matters. Zeke has economic models that show the care of people between the ages of 15 and 40 is where the thrust of the money, your government intends to expend on healthcare, ought to go. If you are younger than 15, and certainly with issues that could be life long and expensive, you fall outside that proviso, and if you are over 40 with less time in your life to contribute to society and with many years of expecting society to repay you for your social security and medicare payments, you fall outside that proviso. Seniors, you will not be able to afford that hip, knee, stent or anything else you may need to lead more or less a happy life in retirement.

Women have just seen their game plan to take what have proven to be sound recommendations for annual mammograms beginning at age 40, to changing that to every two years beginning at age 50. Same is true for men and their early prostrate cancer screenings. Then of course, Sebelius reversed herself but of course, did not reverse the policy as she needs the health bill to pass with the public option....after that, Beware! Inside of 10 years, 94-96% of all Americans will be on the public option as their insurance companies are driven out of business or they, themselves can no longer afford the private insurance premiums. As czars like Zeke Emanuel and Cass Sunstein continue to "nudge" regulations, life expectancies will shorten and that period awaiting the grim reaper, will be more painful....Obama care is neither about health nor care as the only sacred thing in play here is Zeke Emanuel's cost models....

I am surprised at their impatience....doesn't sound like Obama.

Population control, people....when will you ever learn?

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