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It Is a Freedom Thing

It Is a Freedom Thing

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Media Malpractice!

Washington Post associate editor, Eugene Robinson, wants you to believe that polar ice is disappearing while we speak regardless of what we think about Climategate.

Eugene, Eugene, Eugene, you poor little misguided Obama clone....we know you have socialistic aspirations on a par with your junior messiah, Barry from Kenya.   But please, Eugene, long before the details of how unscientific scientists were cooking the books to show the data they needed shown in order to bolster their false claims of man induced global warming and the trapping of green houses gases in our atmosphere, real scientists have been trying to break the stranglehold the green ideologues have had on the so called all important scientific journals with it's so called peer review mechanism to keep it above board.

The scientific journals have been under the green thug thumbs at the IPCC for quite a while now but that has not kept real science from emerging on climate change.....real scientists know that green houses gases escape as usual, that man's contribution is negligible anyway and that the real controller of earth's atmosphere is our sun and it's solar flare activities.

But until we see another solar maxima, supposedly around 2012, liberals will continue to downplay God's hand in all of this and instead would insert an unholy left hand while suggesting that arrogant little man could subvert God's plan for our weather.  Such silly arrogance is bound up in the green ideology....besides being disingenuine in their climate change claims (read: lying), they would use this as a mechanism to take America back to the early 19th century..."a place wherein the industrial infrastructure is destroyed, worldwide population levels reduced to no more than 100 million, where they can see wilderness return with a full complement of species worldwide."

This last comes to you from David Foreman - Earth, First! Co-Founder.  Now, when Obama passes his crap and tax, all based on trumped up science, and begins reparation payments to the rest of the underdeveloped world for the U.S. evil in fueling the industrial revolution and we all fall under his sway as the one who sold out America to the cause of a "One World Government."  Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, he still has to sign the UN Habitat Agenda treaty in Copenhagen in a couple of weeks and then he needs a super majority in the senate to confirm our loss of sovereignty which this treaty provides.  He will get these with a feel bribes and promises to elitists in the senate to be part of the future ruling class.

Science Czar, John Holdren suckled at the teats of the late, David Brower, Former Executive Director of the Sierra Club whose center abutts the campus of the University of California, Berkeley.  This west coast white house is the hope and home  of the modern progressive movement, a movenent designed to have government take over all means of production, health care, and all other meaningful aspects of life as we know it in the United States of America.  What these people propose and support is little more than domestic treason. The means of leverage was to be world environmental found to be a huge pack of lies foisted on us by elitists of both parties in the United States and from world wide globalists who somehow see this in their favor...

Obama I understand...because, eventually, Obama expects to be King of the World...just like Jeremiah the Bull Frog....let me tell you what he will do....oh hell that would take too Revelations.

Here is what John Holdren, who himself is a big fan of using drinking water supplies as a means to deliver infertility drugs and of forced abortions when tests indicate that the child might be a drain on public assistance such as one born with autism, thinks and pushes:  "Child bearing should be a punishable crime against society unless the parents hold a government license.  All potential parents should have to use contraceptive chemicals with the government providing the antidote to those who can obtain government licenses."

Pretty scary huh?....That was David Brower who said that but remember, that sort of idea left David's teats and went straight through the lips of John Holdren, and into the perverted brain of Obama's science czar.

So to answer my own question...Eugene Robinson and other members of the fringe media that continue to push this industry and job busting Cap and Trade bill, are guilty of domestic treason.

In America....that means, don't read these idiots, people....turn the page.

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