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It Is a Freedom Thing

It Is a Freedom Thing

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Protest Health Care-Call your Congress Person

My good friend Emery has asked that we provide an opportunity for everyone to participate in Thursday's rally at the nation's capitol. If you cannot make it in person, the least you can do is contact via phone, email, fax or whatever, your representatives to protest this lousy health care bill that they are going to try and ram through the house on Friday.

REQUEST: Washington DC / November 5TH, 2009‏
From: Emery McClendon (
Sent: Mon 11/02/09 7:44 PM

Please forward this to all of your contacts.

As many of us has heard, Michelle Bachman has requested that as many Patriots as possible are asked to converge on Washington DC on the steps The Capital on Thursday November 5, 2009.

Many are planning to do just that from across this great country. There are many that cannot make the trip also. There is a way that all of us can join in to make this event even bigger as we work together to show our elected officials that we stand together.

I am asking that all of those not going to Washington DC to start calling, faxing, and emailing Congress, and The White House at 11:00 A.M. to let them know that we stand with those that are attending this event to oppose the take over of our Heath Care system. Let them know that we do not want this bill to pass, and that at home support the in person efforts that will be taking place in the hall of congress on our behalf.

If we all join in and call, fax or email our elected officials we will be adding to the message that Michell has asked those attending in person deliver to Washington. Not only will they hear live voices, but our voices will also continue to be heard via other forms of communication to those that hold our future in their hands.

This is our last stand, and we want to show that we as Patriotic Americans are standing together to stop this power grab. Take the time to make sure that our children, and grandchildren have the opportunity to enjoy the same America that we have lived in.

What we do on Thursday will make an impact on the future of our Constitution, and future prosperity.

Let us Pray, and take action to save our Republic.


God Bless America!


Emery McClendon / KB9IBW

Americans For Prosperity

Families United For Our Troops And Their Mission

U.S. Army Freedom Team Salute

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