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It Is a Freedom Thing

It Is a Freedom Thing

Friday, November 13, 2009

Purdue University, Diverse or Perverse

Purdue University has wisely chosen not to discipline school 'Government Information and Political Science Librarian, over comments he made on a private blog at Bert Chapman, a christian conservative, was questioning whether money spent on AIDS/HIV would be better used for other health initiatives such as cancer or heart research disease.

Mr. Chapman's point, which so infuriated some Purdue students including senior Kevin Kasimer, was that in America, AIDS/HIV is primarily a gay men/needle user issue and not the heterosexual issue as in other parts of the world such as Africa where it is rampant...oh do you remember the other day when Obama lifted the immigration restrictions and travel restrictions on those thusly infected in those poor countries. I think we need to pull a giant rubber over America. Mr Chapman is correct but Mr. Kasimer replied thusly: "People have confused what we are doing as attacking free speech, but freedom of speech does not mean freedom from consequences."

Mr. Kasimer, I could not agree with you more on that one and I do hope you recall the fate of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Purdue University history Professor, Yvonne Pitts, herself a lesbian, rode in to save the day. I quote her thusly: "While I totally disagreed with everything Chapman wrote, if the university disciplined him for his views it could chill others in the academic community. I would be disturbed if he lost his job because I would fear that my job could be in jeopardy for my activism. It is really good for students to be having this debate but you cannot call for his job."

So there Mr. Kasimer, your attempt at abridging the first admendment rights of Mr. Chapman go up in smoke and gratefully, I might add.

As an IU grad, I always thought there was something abit strange about some of them PU folks, I mean other than the fact that they cannot field a basketball team. Hah.

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