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It Is a Freedom Thing

It Is a Freedom Thing

Thursday, December 3, 2009

AARP Backs Medicare Fund Cuts

Oh go figure....just when you think the collaboration between AARP, and Obama couldn't get any cozier, these no goodniks at AARP which were big contributors to Obama's campaign for president and now are big contributors on this health care bill which really sucks.

Cuts in medicare paid for by seniors for 44 years in horrendously offensive to anyone with a sense of ethics, morality, common sense but not apparently to the democrats in congress and the big stupid president at AARP.

Deficit neutral is such a stupid idea to try to foist on the American people.  Ain't no such thing.  Look any purported benefits of the health bill will not be forthcoming until 2013-2014, depending on whose version gets adopted but you and I will be paying for this piece of crap immediately in mandates forcing insurance on everyone, driving up the premiums by at least 10% on all, taxes on small business, extraordinary taxes on medical device makers and every other way Obama can suck our blood.

As we all get driven into that public option, single payer plan that nobody wants except about 35% of Americans as of today, the panel authorized, funded and chaired per the Stimulus Bill, which oversees the U.S. Preventive Health Services Task Force, will begin enforcing their care rationing plan based on economic models developed by such great minds as bioethicist Zeke Emanuel (Rahm's goofy brother).  Read my previous posts for more on that creep and his 15-40 care thrust ideas.

They tipped their hands prematurely with the issues about cancer screenings for men and women and had to call it simply guide I said, these will be enforced after the health care bill is passed...we will be able to see what is coming as one by one, we all get forced into the system.

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