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It Is a Freedom Thing

It Is a Freedom Thing

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Climategate Scandal

Freedom – watch your back!, Marxism of the UN

The UN and Green Power

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Good Morning Americans,

Here is some more machinations from the ugly green people in the world.  Remember, we really do not need multi-trillion dollar programs to limit emissions from our activity, we can do as much or as little as that as we care to.  Afterall, greenhouse gases are escaping as usual and man does not contribute to a global warming problem.....all based on lies from greenies with agendas!

By Barry Napier Tuesday, December 1, 2009

In my book on the green agenda, I have warned of the Marxism of the UN and the way it is manoeuvring to be centre of the political stage. This has now been recognised by Fox News (30th Nov).

Two years ago, the UN featured a paper written about its world domination plans, but kept it under wraps. Its subject was the future strategy of UNEP (United Nations Environmental Program), which intends to be the Worldwide Greeny Inquisitor. The paper said that part of this takeover strategy was to put environmentalism on the same level as religion: “as the only compelling, value-based narrative available to humanity”.

You can see from this, that the UN wants to replace religion with greenism. Why? Because it can then be used to allocate resources, and demand obedience from the people on all matters that concern them, whilst derogating and eradicating religion (that is, any belief that includes a transcendent God or ‘god’… and that includes Islam in the long run). I have already detailed this plan in my book, so it is nothing new. What is new is the way it is now being leaked to the public.

Secularism At All Costs

What this also means is that secularism and atheism will again make themselves prominent, as they have been doing for several decades. They do it not with freedom in view, but with Christianity destroyed, using subterfuge, law and continual marketing. This is because, as I have commented before, atheism overall is godless and wishes only harm to those who dissent. Yes, there are pleasant and quiet atheists, but these are not our concern. The concern is about those Fascist and Marxist atheists who want only to dominate by law and repression. (Their argument against Christian laws is just propaganda). This they have been doing for years.

UNEP – a Ruse

The paper was collated two years ago by top environmentalists at a secret meeting in Switzerland. That fits the usual format of green politics! The meeting was held to ‘argue for a new and unprecedented effort to move environmental concerns to the “centre of political and economic decision-making”.’ Why? Because the environment concerns, held by only a few who want political power, are essential as a vehicle to bring a Marxist-Fascist superstate to the people, without their consent. You will note that the talk is not about green issues at all, but about “political and economic decision-making”! The idea is for UNEP to get itself centre-stage of world meetings and power, as a rule-maker and “supervisor of the New Environmental Order”.

This is behind Al Gore’s inane movement.

UNEP is just a ruse, a cover for something else – UN totalitarian power, based on its Marxist charter. The UN uses many such ruses and organisations to hide its true intent. Already the paper is found hidden in a four-year plan UNEP which will implemented next year. Did you vote for it? Of course not! Will Obama and Brown endorse it (again, without your consent)? Of course they will!).

Copenhagen – UN Implentation

The Copenhagen Summit starting on December 7th will be the debut for this underhanded plan. That these hide an even deeper plan is found in Fox’s reference to it as “(expressing) its aims in the carefully soporific language that UN organisations customarily use to swaddle their objectives.”

The paper is entitled ‘The UNEP That We Want’. Note that… it is the UNEP that WE want! Who is ‘We’? It is certainly not the people. It refers to those who put it into place, the 20 top environmental planners who met in secret and who want communist control! UNEP is pushing the UN’s Secretary General (not that he would oppose it) to ‘Seal the Deal’, so that the world doesn’t see the iron fist coming until it smacks them in the face.

Behind the Copenhagen Summit is two years of haranguing UN member states to sign a comprehensive green deal that will effectively destroy democracy worldwide. It is why a number of so-called ‘leaders’ (Miliband in the UK is the latest) are trying to come to a deal in advance of the Summit and Brown is bleating ‘Do it NOW’. It is all secret and it is not in our interests.

Needless to say, all the world’s environmental ministers were briefed last year. This is a well-developed military campaign, where the outcome is virtually agreed before the feigned Copenhagen battle begins. The original paper was written not by a greenie with a passion for saving the planet, but by Mark Halle, who heads the 30-country organisation, International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD). Sounds good, eh? The Canadian government heavily funds this ‘think-tank’ (or should we call it the Centre for Neo-Marxism?). Only its true aim is totalitarian domination of the world, using green fronts. Why fronts? (Good pun; get it?). Because if the world knew what was coming it would rebel.

Halle the Boss

Typically of committees, everyone at the meeting two years ago ‘brainstormed’ – but Halle made it his own, providing all of the features contained in the paper. If you want to read Halle’s document, click here

It is only six pages. What you will read is the official version. The real version will be revealed at the Summit and will go ahead whether or not we want it. The UNEP four-year strategy can be found


That document is 33 pages long, and hides the truth well.

The pressure for all governments to sign a legally-binding document at Copenhagen is immense. That this is being enforced before the meeting takes place tells us a lot about the strategy, to overwhelm ministers with stealth and pressure at the same time. They have already been brainwashed. Halle says so.

Whilst the USA and a few other countries want to delay decisions, their reasons are political and farcical, not green. They know that to bind their countries to a crippling financial deal will not go down well with the people. But, how do they think they can make this okay by next Spring? They can only do it by pretence and slippery deception. So, watch out for several attempts to deceive you yet again, with easy-sounding platitudes.

Future of UNEP, Not the World

The UNEP plan is about far more than getting a deal signed – it is about the future of UNEP in the far future. Again, note that: the future of UNEP, not the future of individual countries or of genuine environmentalism (there is such a thing)! How much warning do voters need before they kick up a fuss?

Like it or not, the UNEP plan is to push fake environmentalism to the centre of all future government plans, to change politics, economies and social contexts. As I keep saying, environmentalism isn’t about the environment! It is about Marxism, fascism and the imposition of atheism on the world… not the discussion kind but the totalitarian kind some thought was eradicated.

Remember that UNEP is funded by YOUR government. They keep each other oiled with lots of cash. UNEP says its influence must go “well beyond the world of those already concerned with the environment.” That is, all the world. To implement its strategy it will go to every sector and every decision-maker in the world. Prime Ministers and Presidents are the target. The more who sign-up, the greater will be the pressure on non-participants to bow the knee to UNEP aka Marxist Ruler.

Merging Green With Economics

A central priority is to “merge environmental issues with economics as the central priority”. (Ever read the ridiculous economic schemes proposed by greens? They are truly stupid). Once UNEP has that, they get full control. Already, it speaks of having a “stronger authority to command national governments.” Scared yet? You should be! We are seeing everyone marching to a Marxist drum, and the beat is frenetic and insistent. Though a known plan, the UNEP four-year strategy puts it less openly, restricting it to a mere footnote. Clever.

There is also “an extensive propagandising role for UNEP that reaches beyond its member governments and traditional environmental institutions, to ‘children and youth’ as well as business and political groups, to support UNEP strategic objectives.” Exactly how communism and fascism operated in the worst regimes known to history!

There is the aim to spread its propaganda to academics, schools and individuals. UNEP and Marxism is nothing if not thorough. This work will be done through the many faces of the UN, which already affect the globe. In other words, the communist net is closing. The paper says it will hit on “more powerful government ministers” to get its own way, and to “empower environmental ministers”. Sounds rather like the political officers under Stalin and Hitler?

UN Grab for Money

Behind this spider’s web of intrigue and power is the need for big-time financing of the UN, already agreed on by Obama, and secretly agreed on by ministers worldwide. The finances allow for UN takeover of all politics and countries. Hence my description of these countries as ‘treasonous’.

All along, the original paper reads differently from its formal four-year strategy, so that people will not become alarmed and ministers will not back-out. Halle has assured Fox News that none of this is yet happening… but do you believe that? I don’t, after watching governments and the UN for years, all moving towards a communistic-fascist goal.

Hitler signed a pact with Russia, only to attack it a few months later! And Russia shot its own soldiers who dared to become prisoners of the West. UNEP has similar attitudes and it is already moving its green troops into place. The greeny crowd are clamouring for governments to sign the deal. They do so because they know it will give them automatic power to influence governments to comply. They are the new form of political officers. These minion groups will use the UN covers for their own wickedness and control of the people. And Obama already has plans in place to subdue dissidents.

As Fox executive editor, George Russell says, the UNEP ‘rallying-cry’ will sound long after Copenhagen. Of course it will, because UNEP already has environment ministers in its power and will push for even more at country-leader level. Unless we act now, the death of democracy will arrive soon.

Therefore, again (by request of readers), I ask you to sign the two petitions and get others to do so. They need thousands of signatures (lack of signatures shows lack of concern or lack of will); you can always make your signature ‘anonymous’. If we don’t do it, our lords and masters will run away with the idea that their indoctrination has worked.

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