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It Is a Freedom Thing

It Is a Freedom Thing

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Obama's Job Engine

Our ridiculous Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette published an article by Philip Elliott one of those Associated Press writers that tend to be a little less than candid regarding Obama and his true agenda.

Whatever silly little message Elliot is trying to convey, one thing for sure, the people he had in attendance for his job summit are not going to be the ones providing sustainable employment.

That is the issue....sustainable can spend government (our taxes) money out the whazoo, like Obama is currently doing, on make work jobs but when that make work is done so is the job and when that tax payer money is gone, so is the job.

Obama, I think, wants the American taxpayer to keep funding make work jobs so that it will mask his true agenda of industrial infrastructure destruction and job destruction in the public sector.

If Obama was serious about American jobs, he would not be pursuing his ridiculous agenda legilatives items such as this goofy health care bill, cap and trade bill and of course would not subject the American economy to a bill for reparations to the world because of our evil, sinful, polluting ways when he goes to Copenhagen next week., or December 18th or whenever he gets there.
I will say it up front....if our American congress pass all of these initiatives, health bill, cap & trade and then ratisfy that goofy UN treaty, then enjoy this Christmas as I fervently believe that this is the last Christmas Americans will be able to celebrate openly without fear of reprisals from Obama's Amerikan Politiko Appartas and people like Andy Stern's thugs in the SEIU.  The very best thing Obama can do to provide jobs in America is to not do what he wants to do with all of his socialistic legislation.  These bills bust jobs and industries wide open....these will never return.

I think also that Obama misunderstands the degree to which Americans are committed to freedom as spelled out in our Constitution and our Bill of Rights as guaranteed by our Creator. 

Your congresspeople, any that would vote for any of this nonsense need to understand from you...that they will be considered traitors to the republic and not welcome anywhere but perhaps in Obama's Kenya.

Obama, please visit us again in Indiana.....we have some nice new soup kitchens since you were here last....dumb ass!

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