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It Is a Freedom Thing

It Is a Freedom Thing

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Watch Your Guns

If the likes of Washington Post group writer, E.J. Dionne, have their way, you will not have a gun to defend yourself or your families in the very near future.

There is so much tweaking of regulations being done by the "Nudger", Cass Sunstein, Obama's regulator czar, that seemingly harmless legislation all of a sudden comes up and bites us in the ass.

For example: E.J. Dionne is quoting a soon to be released survey conducted by Frank Luntz, republican pollster, who I happen to agree with usually, that "in a survey of 832 gun owners, including 401 NRA members, Luntz found that 82% of NRA members support "prohibiting people on the terror watch lists from purchasing guns......"   That only makes sense to me if we know who (what classes of people) are on Janet Napolitano's watch lists.

Last I heard.....

I believe I might be on her list because I am a returned veteran of a foreign war.   I also might be on her list because I am against illegal immigration.  I also might be on her list because I oppose the murder of little boys and girls in mom's womb.... you get my drift....How can we trust decisions from our government agencies when we cannot even trust our president.....nor any of his nasty czardom....?

Frank Luntz will reconsider publishing that with a whole lot of caveats, I am sure.

It is amazing that mayor of American cities who cannot seem to control the crime in their cities what to pretend to tell the rest of us what to do...Paul Helmke, former republican mayor of my home town of Fort Wayne, IN and now an Obama knee pad wearer, is all about gun control...the brady bill....yada, yada, yada, yada,.....and yet...we can hardly drive across town without closing our windows and locking our car doors....and that is not out of fear, well maybe a little, but we understand it to be common sense.

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