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'But what saith it? The Word is nigh thee, even in thy mouth, and in thy heart: that is, the word of faith, which we preach: That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in your heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.""

It Is a Freedom Thing

It Is a Freedom Thing

Sunday, January 3, 2010

2010 Trends to Watch

My analysis of the issues of the world today including political, military, peace, Israel, Iran, war, apocalyptical events are not in the least bit scientific and therefore...stand a better than average chance of passing the test of prophesy:

Political: 2010 will see the end to political parties....there is no way in hell, Obama is all of a sudden going to become subservient to elected officials in our country's legislative bodies, the House and the Senate.  You do remember he has his czardom in place don't you?  World governance becomes increasingly evident by virtue of the demise of the American greenback, left leaning U.S. Supreme Court increasingly willing to subject the American Constitution and our Bill of Rights to a lesser role with International Law taking precedent in all matters of your individual freedoms and silly goose, you!  Look for another opportunity for Obama to add a Supreme Court justice and will do so and this court will lean left all the way to a 'one world rule'. 

Expect health care bill to pass and to be hated by the majority and expect cap and trade to be rammed also...come on people...these are the cornerstones of Obama's ball breaking agenda....these are too big to fail and will be bought through congress...damn the costs to you or your liberties....Constitutional challenges will fail.

Military:  Obama continues to de-nut our military with his silly rules of engagement, his practice of embedding a lawyer with every 8 troops in order to mirandize enemy combatants before we can gain any useful intelligence and expect that by the end of 2010...Obama will have U.S. Marines pointing their M16s at American citiziens for the first time in history....Marines obey their chain of  command. 

Terror:  Expect Obama to become increasingly transparent in his actions even if he has never been transparent in his words...our muslim leader,is indeed, not at war with Islam as he too recognizes that the 12th Imam must come forth and that Israel must captitulate and fall to her surrounding enemies...who gave them the right to exist, anyway?...causing all this turmoil, damn that Jerusalem!" (Psst! I am only quoting Obama).  I call Obama a muslim because his father was/is a muslim and that sort of thing passes from father to son in Islam and those who would break away can be targets...unless of course they are not breaking away at all)...ummm, ummm, ummm. 

Expect more and more homegrowns and other muslims living in America to hear the call of Ahmadinejad  to Al Mahdi and to all the followers of Mohammed to read his later writings and obey...muslims know that which is last is first...Mohammed more or less peaceful early Meccan writings become secondary to his later Meccan writing in which Mohammed exhorts his followers to conquer and convert by the sword. That is the also the reason why muslims consider Jesus Christ little more than a junior prophet to Mohammed because Jesus came earlier and the authority came later...I know, I know...goofy, but that is their belief system. 

General John "Blackjack" Pershing used to kill 'em and bury them with pork chops stuck between their teeth...even back then, our military knew the fanaticism of Islam...

In his effort to protect these 'criminals of the law', Obama will continue to provide them with lawyers and other protections afforded real American citizens as well as continuing his efforts to disarm you...ummm, ummm, ummm.

Watch the revolving door that is Obama's means of dealing with Gitmo continue with more and more realizations that the hundred plus already released to Saudi Arabia and the 6 released in December back to Yemen are either found dead in combat or otherwise recaptured rearrested. As of this date, the U.S. has closed her embassy in Yemen along with the United Kingdom doing the same.

 NYC trials are to be three ring circus and gigantic slap to the face of the American people...don't need a crystal ball for that one.

America, the paper tiger under Obama remains broken in 2010...toothless against all enemies,  foreign and domestic....will remain thus until key legislation passes for Obama's agenda (health bill and cap  trade..neither of which  further health, care, jobs, etc...just the opposite).  Given these agenda items then watch Obama pick up the assault on what he considers to be threats to the United States including tv evangelists, foxnews broadcasting, conservative radio, those against illegal immigration, our returning war veterans and of course against those who oppose abortion....and yet his fight against real muslim terrorism will be non-existent. 

Spiritual & Apocalyptic Events: These are to be scripturally tied together as apocalyptic events, like a pregnant woman in labor, will increase in frequency and in intensity the closer the world comes to see the returning Messiah...all those things like you know about since your childhood, wars, rumours of wars, pestilences in diverse places....all of these are still in place.  What is most significantly different for this age is the fact that the "age of the gentile" is drawing to a phophesied for that age that sees 'information/communication' explosion and also for that generation that sees Israel, after having her 2nd temple in Jerusalem destroyed by the Romans,  and after having been scattered as a disobedient people to all the nations of the world, watching her citizens return to a land that has been rebirthed as of 1948.

Israel, that fig tree beloved of God, has blossomed again and as the scripture says, "the generation that is alive when that takes place, shall not perish before Christ returns.".....I am old, born on the 1st day of the year before Israel was took me 30 more years to be reborn and I am still here.  Oh yeah, the age of the gentile officially ends when the real Christians of the world simply disappear, or are raptured as we like to say.

Speaking of Israel, I am pretty sure only God and mossad know the state of readiness of Iran's nuclear arms plans or if indeed they are a reality as we speak...something has to happen..these weapons must move to Damascus as that is the city that will disappear of an evening....and become a "ruinous heap" by the next morning...this according to Isaiah 17:1 (the entire chapter is a good read, watch those who would attack Israel come running and then watch God chase them off)... the meanwhile, while the Christian and their indwelling Holy Spirit of God aka 'the restrainer', are still here, watch those earth quakes pick up and get harsher.  East and West coasts of the U.S. can take some solace over the fact that God promised he would never destroy  all of existence with a flood again...but perhaps you should still consider moving inland as your states are simply the bluest of the blue and by far the most amoral, hypocritical, and downright, evil and I expect as these natural disasters intensify, you will simply get your share of what little does overflow the shores of our oceans.  You red states, you have that rainbow as your promise....just make sure you are not 'lukewarm' for God.

Watch that Pacific rim string of volcanos rumble to life as they are stirred by intensified quaking activity, them 'ol plates rolling together and essentially watching the calamities of the world all of sudden provide the springboard for a global governing body to this screwy "green" scheme that has unfolded in Copenhagen in December  has been exposed as just that.

America, watch that New Madrid fault that cuts through our nation heartland, west to east..speaking of spiritual that gang of four including Obama (U.S.), Russia, China and the European Union, revive that failed 1993 Oslo agreement (you remember that 7 year peace deal that never took off?)...when that things gets inked and thereby causing God to say "....and they parted my land", America, God will part our land along that fault first....California, yours is on the way also....

On a secular tone, jobs will haunt this administration simply because their efforts are to bust industries and jobs and Obama has never had any intention of doing anything but that...Obama will be satisfied with the state of affairs that emerges when all of his legislation is in place and Americans are standing in line for their everyday food stuffs, gasoline and healthcare...forget that health will be non-existent. Pre-2010 election money spent to stimulate the economy and to create or save (hmmm)  temporary or government jobs will disappear after the election and Americans will and should feel deluded if they vote for this piece of crap liberal political machine again....that is assuming some emegency doesn't arise and like I say, that preclude elections altogether....

Anyway, all anyone can do is tell you what...and not when as this falls under the purview of the man upstairs, being truly in charge....

I have said this before America...2010 and your regard of that time can be large influenced by your own personal decision to choose belief and faith instead of uncertainty and fear for whatever might befall the nation or you personally, along with your families....

God has pretty near gotten to that point where His mercies are boundless but if you miss this opportunity to answer  Jesus Christ' call to your hearts for you to be saved after that rapture I spoke of, will literally cost you your head and life...are you strong enough?  Maybe it is time to take stock of the golden calves that bog us down in our lives...

He still holds forth that choice you get to use your free will making:  John 3:16 or Revelations 16:2.  Your call!  After you look up Revelations 16:2 and you read what awaits Obama-ites, you will have to agree that God indeed has a sense of irony about Him....ummm, ummm, ummm, all them beautiful people.

Once again, 2010 is the beginning of the end of this earth as we know it, but if you insist on hope and optimism then I insist that you pin your hopes on something other than some politician including President Obama as these will simply disappoint....

Like never before trust your gut...are your neighbors finding jobs? (mine aren't)...are the prospects good when all of the Obama's initiatives are anti-capitalism like he grew up in some deprived nation where such a thing was perceived as the evil that kept them penniless.....oh yeah, he did? Oh crap, we are in trouble now.

 Everything I have mentioned is on the way....Scrolls Opened, Vials Poured, Seals Broken, Horsemen riding...ummm, ummm, ummm...only individuals will survive this.

2010: BRING IT ON!

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