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It Is a Freedom Thing

It Is a Freedom Thing

Friday, February 5, 2010

From the Rock, He Slithereth Forth, Once Again

Read the article and understand that this communist former green job czar of Obama's, Van Jones, is of course, still doing Obama's bidding...listen if Obama can hand over a broken down American Republic to the UN...the UN may just reward him with the title King of the World...kinda like that bullfrog but I really do not want him to tell me what he would do...or should I say, he has already told me too much...

Obama keeps pushing his energy bill (read: cap & trade) because he needs the jobs, industry, infrastructure destruction this bill ensures...additionally, he needs your electric rates to "necessarily skyrocket" just as he promised....

A society totally dependent on the government, as Obama would have it, is easy prey to the United Nations and their world governing Habitat Agenda 21. The outcome in short, as Obama envisions it in the dreams of his father, is Kenyans and Americans working side by side with the same pay scale....Kenyans come up a little in his scheme and Americans go down alot. "A bushel of wheat for a day's wages", kind of thing is to be the outcome of his progressive/socialist/jihadist push to destroy American industry and then the Republic.....

Later, you too may find a job as a highrise waste stream manager in Obama's new green world where population control and urbanization is the name of the game....alot of female empowerment too...among certain peoples, that is by far the best choice. Someone is going to have to keep track of the recyclables, reporting that upstream, contacting with the hauler to ensure that all residents or business occupants are doing their part....yada, yada, yada.....I read enough of that at the UN web site that it made me want to throw up....Don't know if it is still there but I downloaded and printed out a bunch of their crap.....

Urbanization...note that the EPA has already passed new rules ensuring that any ponds, streams, rivers, any viable water source bigger than a bird bath and maybe will include birdbaths...belongs to the federal government. So I suppose the land this water is on...could that be there's too. They will need to control the water supply you know. I call that John Holdren's 'spikeability'. Creepy science czar John Holdren would do forced abortions and is indeed in favor of spiking the nation's drinking supply with infertility drugs....hey, you could a apply for a government license which if you are approved would also give you the antidote, so you can have your little Obama clone. Hey, who knows what was really in those H1N1 syringes most of you caved in and took because of the Obama fear mongering.

Did you ever notice that Obama's transparency always is accompanied by a bite in your ass? Read on....

Van Jones returns, will speak at forum with Kirsten Gillibrand
By Garance Franke-Ruta

Controversial former Obama administration official Van Jones is scheduled to discuss the Obama administration's jobs agenda at a forum with Sen. Kirsten E. Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) in early March, according to an e-mail Thursday from the organizer of the invitation-only event.

Jones had been the Special Advisor for Green Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation at the White House Council on Environmental Quality when he resigned from the administration in September. Conservative activists, media personalities and elected Republican officials had called for Jones's ouster for his political views and writings.

Gillibrand faces reelection in the fall and may face a primary challenge from former Tennessee representative Harold Ford Jr., who has been publicly considering a run.

The forum, at the Harvard Club in New York, is being sponsored by the Agenda Project, a group founded by Democratic organizational and communications consultant Erica Payne. Payne is also the founder of progressive consulting firm the Tesseract Group and was a co-founder of the Democracy Alliance.

"Van Jones is a globally recognized, award-winning pioneer in the green jobs movement. He also happens to be a super fun speaker so this will be a very lively conversation!" wrote Payne in the invitation to the March 8 early-morning discussion, which also describes Jones as a "Green Jobs legend." (Glenn Beck has made Van Jones a legend in his own mind)

From her letter:

As you likely know, new jobless claims are worse than expected at 480,000. One out of 10 Americans are unemployed, 1 out of 6 are 'under-employed'. In light of this (and perhaps in the wake of a crushing defeat in Massachusetts), the President appears to have turned his attention to addressing this problem. The budget he presented to congress includes $100 billion in job-creating measures including tax credits for green jobs and infrastructure projects. He proposes increasing the size of SBA loads to $5 million from $2 million, giving community banks access to $30 billion to lend directly to small businesses, tax credits for 95% of the country's workers through an extension of the Making Work Pay program. But is this enough? How much effect will it have and how quickly? Will these programs create the jobs we need to create for a 21st century economy? Or do they only address short-term problems? What does it mean for regular Americans? In the face of endless deficit news, how much of this budget will survive?

For insight into both the policies and the politics around this critical issue, we will be joined by two awesome leaders - Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and Green Jobs legend Van Jones.

Payne describes the Agenda Project as a group "formed to help realize the promise of this pivotal moment in American history" that will hold "several by-invitation-only gatherings around policy and political strategy" over the coming year, ranging from policy breakfasts to salon dinners, book parties and private movie screenings. She did not return an e-mail or phone call Thursday about Jones's appearance.

By Garance Franke-Ruta | February 4, 2010; 6:00 PM ET

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