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'But what saith it? The Word is nigh thee, even in thy mouth, and in thy heart: that is, the word of faith, which we preach: That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in your heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.""

It Is a Freedom Thing

It Is a Freedom Thing

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Lefy Lies of the Week

Democratic talking points were easy to pick out in the news articles this week.  Some of the more blatant lies, half-truths and innuendo have been provided to you by that underachieving writers group at the Washington Post while other light in the loafer liberals add their two cents in Fort Wayne's liberal news rags.

Recession End Evident: This one provided by silly Journal-Gazette reporter Sherry Slater, whose parents must own Slater Steel because....Sherry, we still do not have daddy hiring?

Darryl Fears of the Washington Post gives us the story about DC handing out female condoms to fight HIV...and I suspect that will help in some cases but by far the biggest percentage of HIV is still the product of homosexual liaisons and shared drug needles among males....Mom's rubber won't help them...

Associated Press' Gene Johnson explains how California's 9th Circuit Court of Appeals (the weirdest group of humans on the face of the earth) are forcing Marines in western states to be alert when showering and  particularly if they should happen to drop the soap in California...In Virginia, you just have to deal with the stares....

Sylvia Smith,  Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette writer assigned to the Washington beat wastes her time today trying to defend Obama's use of reconciliation to pass his health care bill which has nothing to do with health and merely proves he doesn't care....  Sylvia tries to proffer up her own version of a republican crying foul over democrats use of reconciliation to try to stop it now with out remembering ol' Harry Reid, the hypocrite with the dirty forehead, rant about how he 'prays to God' if the democrats ever get the house and senate that they restrain themselves from using this unbridled power....that was then....this is now....nice try Sylvia....and it isn't only the republicans it is from WE THE it and you are looking for a job house members, and about one third of you senators....

Scripps Howard columnist, Ann McFeatters weighs in on Obama's bungling of the health care message...Ann is just another one of those confused thinking that Obama did not explain his case well enough to the American public and that is why his measures are under attack....Worn out story, Ann, we hear Obama but he obviously does not want to listen to us....scrap that piece of crap legislation. 

Ann, the public is 'confused, distrustful and angry', you are correct.  All of that because we have seen Obama in action for about 15 months now and we come by that distrust and anger honestly.  I, for one, am not confused by Obama...his actions are transparent even if his words aren't.

Margaret Carlson asks us to be the judge as to Senator Jim Bunning and Congressman Charlie Rangel dragged the congress close to the bottom....okay I will.....first of all, congress is lower than whale poop already, and that is on the bottom of the, Jim Bunning took a principled stand by throwing a hard fast ball under the chins of those in the democratic party who just touted "Pay as You Go" and then didn't want to pay as they went......  Rangle is just a thief who has been protected too long by the other thiefs in the progressive halls of congress. Margaret is right about one thing.....regarding Texas politics...Texans may be angry at Austin by they really hate Washington DC.....seems,  just like the rest of us.

Mary Flaherty, Washington Post writer gives us a story about John Patrick Bedell, pentagon shooter in which she emphasized he was obsessed with marijauna laws and oh by the way, was a conspiracy buff.  Poor Patrick, hey son, didn't have to go crazy over that weed man, Obama is cool with that stuff, he even 'inhaled'.   Poor Mary...listen sweetie...JPatrick Bedell was a 9/11 truther ala Van Jones, good friend and communist confidante of President Obama.  I don't see Obama shooting up the neighborhood, so it probably wasn't the pot....Let's call this one as we see it ...domestic terror...just like the recent incident of the guy who flew his plane into an IRS building in Austin, Texas...spouting communist mantras and 'death' to capitalism....

Jennifer Loven of the Associated Press says our flip-flopper in chief might now have the 9/11 trials shifted back to the military.....this goofy story includes lightweight rino Lindsey Graham selling his soul (agreeing to push to close Gitmo) for these concessions on KSM etal.  Hey Lindsey, wingnut, do you really think you will be able to take them all out from the air and that Obama's practice of ongoing 'renditioning' will continue to slip under the radar.....Where are you going to keep next years' batch of muslim terrorists, Lindsey?

Strange story comes to us from Juan A. Lozano of the Associated Press about Texas District Judge Kevin Fine.  Seems ol' Kevin is a little light in the loafers when it comes to crime and doing his best to single handedly end capital punishment in Texas.  This looney says because he  believes that innocent people may have been executed in the past that the practice should end including the case before him where eye witnesses watched the dirt bag murder this woman and wound her sister....the witnesses were the woman's two young children. 

I suspect there Mr. Judge (no Solomon this one), that you ought to make damn sure they are guilty like the subject dirt bag and then simply put them down expeditiously so that tax payers don't have to keep paying to feed these people.  God has already given you the authority and in fact it is a mandate to 'take the life of a person who spills the blood of another human' as man is made in God's own image and he regards life rather highly....apparently God places more value on human life than his are so disobedient....

On cue, Bloomberg News gives us the news that our land lord, Communist China, has given Obama the green light on his job, small business killing, and industry busting legislations such as that crap and trade bill and that bogus health care bill designed to put the big "O" in charge.  China, tee hee hee, says they may start limits on carbon emissions signalling that they are okay with the climate gate scams and the UN Habitat Agenda. 

Mary Beth Sheridan and Walter Pincus of the Washington Post tell us that the U.S. is Weighing Role of Nuclear Arms and of course that Obama 'pledged last year to 'put an end to Cold War thinking' and move toward global disarmament.  Of course Obama would disarm us unilaterally...this one is  no war fighter and doesn't understand the deterrence of being the biggest and the baddest.....His lousy wagering ability puts all of us in his hand gun policies...innocent people won't be able to defend themselves from the bad guys who have their crap illegally anyway....Light in the Loafer Politics is shameful as this former 9 year active duty Marine will attest.  My years were 1964-73 and Johnson didn't know how or simply would not fight to win Vietnam and Obama is just as bad, if not worse.

Gregory Katz of the Associated Press tells us that British people are surprised to learn that their trash containers contain microchips to monitor how much people throw away....the story goes on to tell us that microchips were first fitted into some British trash bins eight years ago, and the debate over whether the state has the right to weigh or otherwise analyze residents' refuse has surfaced, periodically since.  

That fits hand in glove with the UN Habitat Agenda's plan of urbanization and having green jobs such as apartment/office building monitor of waste people throw away and to keep too can be a waste stream manager right after Obama continues and completes his destruction of the American Republic.

Local GM dealer as reported by Amanda Iacone of the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, has appealed to Government Motors to be one of 660 dealerships GM is to reopen.....I suspect most of these will be in democratic congressional districts so Fort Wayne's local GM dealer will stay closed.  The fact that GM is even reopening all of these dealers while they continue to have their hands out for more bail out money does not make sense.....Who needs the dealers when nobody can afford nor want a government motors car? 

Oh Yeah, I just is getting near vote buying time...speaking of which, congress...we are eyeballing not screw up and vote for that health care bill if you want to keep your jobs.

Speaking of vote buying, sorry don't remember the source but is easily checked....1.8 billion to black farmers somehow discriminated against.....?  Eh?  Since when?  Not by me!  Redistribution of wealth appears to be in full swing...did the native americans get theirs yet? Reparations...yeah right!

What else...and all of this just the last couple of days...anyone trying to keep up with all of this crap has their hands full but WE THE PEOPLE must keep up on what the seditious enemies of our Republic are up to.

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