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'But what saith it? The Word is nigh thee, even in thy mouth, and in thy heart: that is, the word of faith, which we preach: That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in your heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.""

It Is a Freedom Thing

It Is a Freedom Thing

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Obama - YOU LIE!

Debt Commission:

America....primary elections are on our doorstep and  those of you who still have a degree of morality about you are truly up against it as you fight everything from the American Communist Labor Union (ACLU), to big unions in general (and their thugs), lying liberals in congress, hollywood and the arts.

Fiscal Reform - Progressive Senator Carl 'shitty' Levin (D-MI) attacked Goldman Sachs on capitol hilll yesterday  and was joined in this assault by the lame stream media....all in an attempt to sway the court of public opinion.  At issue, was Goldman's handling of bundled bad mortgages that ended up in their portfolios.  But, where did these bad loans come from....duh!  Everyone remembers the commercials wherein someone comes out of a finance center with a brand new Adjustable Rate Mortgage in their hands, walking on air because they can now have a piece of the great American dream...home ownership.  As the commercial continues we see a big bus coming down the street to smash them to pieces when of course, their rate adjusts and they can no longer afford that loan.

Who are these people, stupid enough to take these kind of loans?  Who are the lenders who would loan to people who are not credit worthy but could get the loans because the federal government, under goofy Barney Frank and Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, dropped the requirement to have a minimum of 3% down and like I said, no good credit history?

The distribution of your wealth, little or small, is ongoing big time today and you know not be swayed by this bs idea of social justice wherein bad actors can achieve the same as you and I did through hard work.  The stage play against Goldman Sachs is little more than that....setting the stage for Financial Reform that of course will not stifle government spending but will indeed increase the taxes of every breathing, and working, person in America...not just the so-called rich who provide us with jobs.

This debt commission with the likes of former republican senator Alan Simpson has been established to try to convince you that their is a bi-partisan effort in congress to come up with these heavy handed big government solutions and yet not a single elected republican in office today is for this scam.  Progessives cut across both parties but at least the ones in office no better than to lie to us and that is why Obama had to dig the graves of old progressives, like Simpson, to do his dirty work.  Don't fall for it Joe Wilson said, Obama Lies.  If you think, even a little bit, that big banks were the problem then their strategy is working. 

You will find that nothing has changed at Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae...they have been bailed out before and will require it again because they have strayed from sound fiscal the way that bailout money belongs to you and me.

Government Motors:

As GM debt is still held by us taxpayers to the tune of 34 billion dollars including another 12 billion for big union pension funds, why do you suppose their non-manufacturing ceo Ed Whittaker is permitted to go on public television and lie to us by suggesting that we have been repaid, five years early and with interest?  This happens because Obama encourages the lies and the lame stream media won't call them out on it.


Much is being made about Arizona's new law that targets the illegals in the state.  Yet, Arizona's law does nothing but mirror the federal statutes that Obama and Napolitano are not enforcing in our country.  Much is being said about people being asked for paperwork that documents their legal being here in this country and yet, legal immigrants already have to carry their green cards on them at all times now under federal law.  My wife is a French national, she carries her green card and loves this country where she has raised her kids and has been legal for the past 30 years and.....she speaks english.

Obama fully intends that every illegal in this country will be legal by November's elections and he expects them all to vote for his progressive party and they will because you cannot even explain to them in english what the real issues are.  They do not speak english and do not care if they ever do as long as they have a place to squat.  Some of you bi-linguals out there should tell them the truth....they are puppets and Obama does not care about them as people, just voters, and they will soon find that broken down Amerika is no better than broken down Mexico.

Obama, by entertaining ideas to make Puerto Rico a state, non-binding resolution of course since maybe Puerto Rico does not want to be a United state and I certainly wouldn't blame them....and by siccing Al Sharpton, Eric Holder and all things nasty on Arizona is merely looking for a 15-20 million person voting bloc for the democratic again...Obama lies and we ought to understand this. 

Along comes all things gay, California, now calling for a boycott of Arizona and I have to tell you long as California is still above ground....let us resolve to boycott all things California.  They cannot even run their own state as you and I will soon be forced to cover their losses as taxpayers and they call for fiscal harm on Arizona.  How about that goofy hispanic democratic representative from the Tucson area agreeing with California....sure, poncho, break the backs of your constituents while you are at it and see if you get returned to congress.

Energy (Cap & Trade):

Every thinking American knows that carbon dioxide, the air we breathe, is not toxic and is not harming the atmosphere and yet Obama's EPA calls it a dangerous gas...please keep my supply of this dangerous gas coming...okay.  Let us take a peek at that Chicago Climate Exchange corporation established to trade carbon credits (invisible products) that the lefties know will rape us to the tune of 10 trillion (with a 't') per year.  Who has shares in this besides Obama, Valerie Jarret, Al Gore and many other progressive types?  We now know that Obama and his ilk are attempting to line their pockets with the redistribution of our wealth, what little we have left, long after they are out of office...and little people liberals still fall for this green garbage.  Another opportunity for boycott in my opinion....home depot and all other businesses who are trying to capitalize on this legislation that will do nothing but destroy another huge segment of our economy and small businesses everywhere.  Chicago.....more corruption from Obama's second or third home..I lose count....Kenya, then Indonesia, then Hawaii and finally Chicago.

Simply remember this America....when Obama tells us "that our electricity rates are necessarily going to skyrocket"....this one you can trust him on.  They will.  You will pay extra for your 52" HD TV and you will pay extra for those downlights illuminating your wall hangings, and you will pay extra to ensure that everything about your house is energy efficient if you ever hope to sell it and you will pay extra to ensure that you have refueling (electricity supply) capaibility in your garage for those tiny death traps, Obama wants you to drive.

America....the honeymoon season, now to the November elections will soon be heating up and you can expect some upticks, short lived as they may be, in jobs and other facets of our standard of living as most of the nasty aspects of the recently passed health care bill and these new bills being considered will not take effect until 2011 and not a minute later.

Obama lies and still blames the Bush administration for all of his ills which of course, progressives feel they need to keep on spending to overcome.  Fact is, Bush doubled the national debt is his last four years in office what with fighting two wars but another fact is that Obama doubled Bush's national debt in his first year in office and is nowhere near done spending yet.

Greece has their fiscal rating downgraded to the status of "junk" and Portugal and other European nations are not far behind.  Before Obama, our national debt as a part of the gross domestic product (GDP) was 50%.  Under Obama is it now 75% and heading for 100% which means every dollar Obama spends must be borrowed from sources like our landlord, Communist China.  When America hits that 100% mark we will have the same junk rating as Greece,  Obama will have achieved his goal of destroying the American Republic as we used to know her.

America, at least that percentage of you who are still wallowing in your apathy, wake the hell up!  As Obama continues to attack the only true ally we have in the middle east, Israel, know that the end is indeed in sight and those few of us who are true Christians (born again in the Spirit), will soon be gone from here.

Along with all of those illegals comes the need to identify them and of course that RFID chip will be the mechanism Obama will extend your right hand, or lean forward so that the chip can be implanted in one of those two the good book says it will.

As for me and mine, we will follow the Lord and will never take Obama's mark.  If you wish to take this implant, know this, Revelations 16:2 is especially designed for you.

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