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'But what saith it? The Word is nigh thee, even in thy mouth, and in thy heart: that is, the word of faith, which we preach: That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in your heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.""

It Is a Freedom Thing

It Is a Freedom Thing

Friday, April 30, 2010

Prez. Obama, How Much Is Too Much?

As our progressive/socialist president continues to decry the evils of know that system that has fueled the American dream for a couple of centuries now, he wants us to know that there is a limit in earnings that anyone should be able to make.

How much is too much, Mr. President?  Do you make too much for what you do....2009, 5 million dollars plus your presidential salary provided by "We The People"?  Did your hero in charge of Fannie Mae, Franklin Raines make too much when over a five year period he earned 90 million dollars from again, We The People....with 52 million of that in performance bonuses.....

Really, Mr. President....Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae are the culprits in our financial melt down and while they were bundling the crappy loans they pushed on America, they were also crippling our economy.  If that was your intent Mr. President, then I can see why you might think Mr. Raines was entitled to 'performance bonuses'.

Quack, quack, quack.....the presidential duck sounds like a communist.  And look at all those other progressives flocking to his side.

Hey, did your goose stepping riot police shoot anyone yesterday in Quincy, Illinois?  You really need to get over yourself Mr. President....if you didn't hide yourself in front of friendly crowds you would hear alot more heckling from WE THE PEOPLE.  Man, you sure do hate that....perhaps you are in the wrong business regardless of what George Soros might tell you.  Does billionaire George Soros makes to much?  How about Michael Moore?  How about your gay friends in Hollywood, do they make too much?

In my part time status, I earn $13.00/ that too much?

Let me be clear about this, Mr. Obama (as I like to think of you), it is really none of your business (NUNYA)....even the good book tells us that you 'should not muzzle the oxen that are plowing out the fields.'

One final you think Al Gore, yourself, Goldman Sachs, Valerie Jarrett etal as shareholders in your new Chicago Climate Exchange scam will make too much from that multi-trillion dollar business?  At least manufacturers and other 9-5 people actually earn a living producing something of value and we all know by now that the green scheme you and yours have come up with are dealing in an invisible product based on proven lies.  Oh yeah, what the hell were you thinking when you got Franklin Raines and Fannie Mae to invest tax payer money in the Chicago Climate Exchange?  Since when does any sitting President allow public trusts to engage in private schemes and scams?  Why isn't Raines in jail today?

America.....foil his pocket lining scheme....defeat this cap and trade crap and fire any politician that even thinks about backing this lunacy.

Like I've told you  a dozen times already, Mr. President, the climate will change for the worse right after we Christians depart this orb....and of course, the one changing the climate then is the same one who created know the one you apparently hate.

Are you familiar with the verses talking about the destruction of 1/3 of the world's waterways, 1/3 of all the fish in those waterways, 1/3 of all the fowl in the air, 1/3 of all the beasts that walk the earth and of course, 1/3 of mankind?  Christians know these things....why don't you?

You know Mr. President, if all of your dreams were to come to pass, as you seek to redistribute the nation's wealth to your own pockets, those of your friends and some poor that I would probably qualify for some of those purported benefits.  I say keep it.....I do not want your blood money.

"Even so, Come Lord Jesus."

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