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'But what saith it? The Word is nigh thee, even in thy mouth, and in thy heart: that is, the word of faith, which we preach: That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in your heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.""

It Is a Freedom Thing

It Is a Freedom Thing

Monday, July 26, 2010

The Sherrod Charade and the Obama World Dominance Scheme

Good evening all.  By now Shirley Sherrod is old news and we are all getting a bit tired of this story.  What was it all about to begin with?  Race, you say....maybe, maybe not.  I do believe that Andrew Breitbart was set up when the NAACP only released that part of the Sherrod speech wherein she did sound like a bigot and where the NAACP crowd in attendance indeed was cheering her on for it.  Breitbart ran with what he had and got egg on his face for falling for it and for playing into the NAACPs hands.

Glenn Beck didn't fall for it....he is quoted as saying, 'hey, context means something, let's hear the whole story.'  So, in a sense, Obama, Sherrod and the NAACP did not get their big fish.  Later, the NAACP released the whole tape including the part that previously only the Obama administration had their hands on.  This was a well orchestrated plot to embroil Beck and Fox News, the only real news worthy network available for real Americans to tune it to.  But it failed.

It was quite easy to figure out as the thinly veiled, so called apologies by Department of Agriculture head, Tom Vilsack hit the air waves.  I guess I figured out where they were coming from about the third time Vilsack felt it necessary to mention the 10,000+ harmed blacks and Indians still awaiting the redistribution of America's wealth from us working people to the hands of those "Gimme some more, please" people out there.  Ah Obama, you really are a queer duck you know....nice try though.  Did Sherrod really have a redemptive moment?  Maybe, but she sounded awfully venomous toward Breitbart on all the liberal talk shows she visited when it was the Obama administration and the NAACP who set her up...if she was set up at all.  Perhaps, quite honestly, she is complicit in all of this.

Okay, enough about that garbage....America has wasted too much time on the NAACP and Shirley Sherrod already.  We have bigger fish to fry.

I listened to Beck's show today and still am a tad unimpressed that he thinks America still has a chance to restore the Republic as we thought we knew it.  You know, that America wherein you get what you work for and therefore, what you deserve.

I have said this before and I will repeat it right now....II Chronicles 7:14 tells us essentially, that if we will fall on our knees and cry out to God that he will hear from on high and heal our land.....and his word is true.  The deal is however, is that this healing will take the form of a New Jerusalem coming down from heaven, with Jesus Christ sitting on the throne therein and born again Christians who have died previously and who will soon be raptured are kings and priests in this new world.

But first, we must suffer, that 'we',  being the entire world, a bit longer as horsemen ride, seals are broken on scrolls and angels empty vials upon the face of the earth.  Saints (born again Christians) walking the earth right now still need to be raptured, that man of perdition, the devil incarnate must be revealed and his trusty sidekick, the false prophet must also show his ugly face.  I think America has a strong contender for the anti-christ in President Obama but considering that Mr. 666 is scripturally to come out of the revived Roman Empire (read: the European Union), and Javier Solana name keeps coming up that he is a contender also.  Obama could be simply because this Kenyan is not even truly all African...he is a mutt with who knows how many mixed genes and I also do not believe that Pope Benedict is the false prophet.

St. Malachy's prophecies suggests that their will be a defective pontiff and that this one will be the false prophet and his name is to be Petras Romanus (Peter of Rome) but of course, Benedict has to bite the big one first before ol' Peter can make the scene.  Hmmm, Catholic church starts with one Peter and ends with another, sounds like poetry to me.

I have said this a dozen times in the past year since I awoke as both a Christian first and as an American second that there is simply not enough time for another restart.  Enough time for us to overcome the arch-enemy of the United States of America (President Obama) and his many minions and to reverse everything before it all has to come crashing down.  I like you, would love to think so and I will certainly keep on keeping on but I take God at his word when he tells us that the 'generation alive when Israel becomes a nation again will not pass before Jesus Christ returns.'  Israel and Jerusalem hold the people that are the apple in the eyes of God, they are the covenanted people and the best us born agains can be are heirs and joint-heirs with our Lord Jesus Christ when he does indeed reign from Jerusalem.

My generation (born in 1947) and Israel (born in 1948) are aging and far too many of us are calling out to God and saying as we find in the very last verse of the bible "....Even so, Come Lord Jesus".

Many events still have to unfold, many of them nasty.  I wouldn't be anywhere near either coast in this country for example nor would I be anywhere near Damascus, Syria which in one night will cease to exist (Isaiah, chapter 17....the whole chapter, which is relatively short, is a good read).  Why Syria and not Tehran you ask?  Well, because God said it and besides they are joined at the hip with Iran (which was Persia and in Farsi means Aryan) and is home to the headquarters of both Hamas and Hezbollah (the party of Satan).

God's word has never failed....if you care to check it out people.  So many of you do not wish it to be so because your sins are dark and you indeed do not wish to come to the light that is Jesus Christ and exist in that Utopia ruled by Christ, "Ye, must be born again" (John 3:3 & 3:7).  Sodomites, murderers, thieves, robbers, liars will not share in this new world...there are 'believers and non-believers and the non-believers are condemned already.'  

Be careful people, not to cling too tightly to those things that have little spiritual or heavenly value.  Feed that hungry man, fill his stomache but if you do not share the true gospel of Jesus Christ with him, all you will be doing is fueling the flames of hell as the fat broils from his body.

Racists indeed....'still around the throne of God, I see people of 'all kindreds, tribes and tongues.'  President Obama can still turn from his sin as can everyone else and then give his heart to Jesus Christ and be saved but somehow, I do not believe that he believes he really wants to do that.  How about you? you want to be saved?  Or like, rot in hell? How much time do we have?  Only the Father knows the hour and the day and yet his children are to know the season...'tis the season'.  Seven years for the Oslo Accord (that 7 year peace deal) to play out with the first 42 months being the wrath of the Lamb while the last 42 months is God's wrath.  Some Christians will come out of the tribulation period at the cost of their heads as martyrs and while they are still alive, you will be able to tell them from Obama-ites because they will not have suffered the fate the first angel's vial produces in Revelations 16:2.   MMM, MMM, MMM, all the beautiful people.

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