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It Is a Freedom Thing

It Is a Freedom Thing

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Diagnosis of Democrat Malaise: Single Symptom Disorder

It has been interesting, throughout the primary season this year, to watch the various races for state and natioinal congressional/gubernatorial seats.  The tea party, of which I am a member, is something you simply cannot wrap your arms around because it is a grassroots movement, widespread and growing, and has no specific leader to deal with.  I evaluate the politicians in Indiana, being from Fort Wayne, and make my voice heard as often as I can to fellow conservatives within the movement.  We are the people who will affect change in November.

Just this morning, on Fox News, I heard one of the announcers suggest that Republican party officials better get together with the tea party to formulate a game plan for the general election because they seem to be at odds with one another.  This tells me that news pundits also have no idea as to the magnitude of the influence us tea party types will have on the general election and what it is that we are looking to achieve.  After tea party backed candidates won in Delaware and New York Primaries last night over party backed incumbents it should be increasingly apparent to party officials that if the candidate you are backing has shown to be less than conservative while in office....count them gone.  You cannot appeal to me....I will not listen to you.  My only regret is, for example, that I have to wait two more years to get a shot at sending a pink slip to Senator Richard Lugar (R-IN) who voted to seat Obama's czardom and U.S. Supreme Court picks.

Conservatism....has many faces.  There is being fiscaly conservative which we all unite on and there is being socially conservative on issues such as the gay agenda and abortion.  I am against those things also while other tea party members may be for a candidate who agrees with those things as long as they are fiscally responsible.

As a movement, we understand that we are not going to unseat all those so deserving such as perhaps, Charlie Rangel and Nancy Pelosi.  All we can do is ensure that when these types wander the halls of congress that they are very lonely.  We are aware that voters in their districts suffer from a disorder, a single symptom disorder, which drives them to keep voting these people in because vast numbers of voters in that district are like minded in one issue or another.  For example.....socialists will keep Pelosi in congress and blacks will keep Rangel in congress because their constituents cannot see past the ends of their respective socialist or black noses that these people are pushing to 'transform' America into some third world country that no one recognizes anymore. 

WE THE PEOPLE are very much aware that Obama has gone a long way in a short while already toward globalizing American interests and reducing our sovereignty to but an idea and no longer a fact.  We are also aware that the forthcoming lameduck congress will do even more harm.  We know that we have a long road back to undo the damage that our socialist President has already foisted on us and yet our first step comes on November 2nd.  Republicans and Democrats in congress, your record speaks for itself, if you have been voting for Obama issues, big government spending, big government running every aspect of citizen's lives, big government taxes, big government subjugating America to the likes of communist red China.....we will remember you on November 2nd.  You have no one to appeal one to talk have made your bed and now must seek other employment.

To my fellow tea party members.....remember what uncle Joe Stalin said...."It is not the people who vote that determine the outcome of elections but rather it is those that count the votes who do this."  WE THE PEOPLE must vote November 2nd and then keep an eye on our polling places and on our various State representatives whose job it is to count the votes.  Note those states who are already trying to deny voting rights to the brave men and women in uniform submitting absentee ballots.  Keep on eye on ACORN and the Black Panther Party and of course those nasty big union types under Trumpka and Stern.   Bring your video cameras to your polling places and note within your various districts who may be moving from voting place to voting place in order to cast multiple votes...particularly in those states wherein a picture ID is not required (and that is why dems fight that requirement so hard).

Expect more on these issues as we draw closer to November 2nd and in the meanwhile, keep on keeping on real Americans.  We will overcome.

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