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It Is a Freedom Thing

It Is a Freedom Thing

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Democrats' Budget Impasse & President Obama's Laughable 2012 Budget Moment

Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and President Barack Hussein Obama are doing their utmost best at fear mongering regarding the subject impasse suggesting perhaps that 65 million seniors could be at risk of an early grave.  Other so-called fears were the impact a federal shutdown would have on our economic recovery, that it would slow the processing of tax returns and limit small business loans and government backed mortgages during the peak home buying season.

That last one made me laugh....peak home buying season...nope...we haven't had one of those for a while...not since Bawney Fwank and his boyfriend at Fannie Mae saw fit to bust our housing market by guaranteeing loans to the "Gimme More Please" people who did not qualify for a loan and could not begin to pay it back.  A zero% down payment made it easy for a lot of losers to qualify.

I wonder if the IRS will be just as slow at receiving my contribution this year which I intend to have in the mail by midnight, at least a couple of minutes before, on April 18th...they are closed on the 15th for some bs reason.

What is really hilarious however, is President Obama, thinking that seniors, of which I am one, are more concerned about this budget impasse than we are about his irrational rationing decisions spear headed by his Medicare/Medicaid czar Donald Berwick...a champion of British style health care rationing where the plants get watered but people do not....Once Obama busts our insurance industry and forces the majority of the people in the country on the public dole then those can be subjected to Ezekiel Emmanuel style economic-based health care.  Rahm's bioethicist brother Zeke would have you know that if you are over 45 years of age your usefulness to society is in the waning years and you should not expect to receive expensive hips, knees, procedures or whatever...I do not want to be a drain on society do you?

Back to the does belong to the democrats in congress and so does the impasse.   This 2011 budget was to have been a fact of law by the end of September, 2010 when democrats still had the house, plus the senate plus Obama....Conservatives in congress are already offering up the 2012 budget which they get to do and will be mightily fought by those spending our country into a spiraling demise....Even this 6.2 trillion dollar spending cut proposed by Paul Ryan over 10 years is only .62 trillion per year....consider this...we owe 4 billion on debt service alone...each and every day of the in a year....we will have paid almost 1.3 trillion.   See the problem...we need to cut trillions and can hardly get to 30 billion because of special interest supporting democrats.

House republicans have passed a budget bill HR01...their first act after election in November but it has languished in the democrat controlled Senate....Harry Reid and company.  The entire deal comes down to democrats wishing to continue to use our tax dollars to murder babies in mom's womb via the new age Klu Klux Klan now known as Planned Parenthood...accomplish the same mission as the KKK without the hoods and without using their own money....they get to use ours.  They also want to use tax dollars to fund the liberally biased National Public Radio (NPR) and if NPR cannot speak for all the tax payers then of course, we need to shut their unethical mouths....or in the very least, pay for it themselves.

And then their is Obama's pet get rich scheme....this carbon trading bs based on liberal assumptions that the air you and I exhale is dangerous to their health.  When that bell rings that begins the final round, I do believe Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Barack Hussein Obama will understand that they have awakened the real patriotic great American  bear called WE THE PEOPLE....this should not to be confused with the big WE ARE GAY protests/rallies the unions etal.  have planned for around mid-May.

Finally, I believe WE THE PEOPLE account for about 48% of all Americans and that is a huge voting bloc.  If they cheat in November of 2012...and they will try...if they hit certain kick-points between now and then such as beginning to fill their internment camps or trying to disarm the law abiding citizenry....we will have to march on Washington DC with a goal to stay there until Obama and his are out of power....this we need to do not act like those union thugs/punks....Germans have a word "halb-stark' which means half strong, their description of punk, as these have to band together to find their strength. 

We must always retain the moral high road or God will not be with us....but if He is...who can stand against us? not one!

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