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It Is a Freedom Thing

It Is a Freedom Thing

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Bayh Jets His Pork for GE aka dem's Halliburton

Of course, Sylvia Smith, Bayh's push for a back up engine made by GE is pork but pork Obama will savor. Eveyone knows Jeffrey Immelt is on Obama's list of advisors in all things health and many others areas of American interest, (GE Medical, locally Medical Protective Services, GE Financial, GE Wind Turbine, GE MSNBC & NBC and Jeffrey Immelt autographed knee pads).

GE is a the democrat's Halliburton, even worse, because they are in alignment with Obama's socialist agenda. Again, Bayh is Obama's hoosier mouthpiece and never waivers from Obama's interests while Sylvia Smith is a Fort Wayne Journal Gazette reporter assigned to suck at Bayh's teats.

Pratt-Whitney has been making marvelous jet engines for decades and this push for a secondary source, such as GE, is indeed pork and shameless pork at a time when Obama is busting our economy in so many other directions.

Sylvia has this great idea...teehee teehee....she worries that Pratt and Whitney jet engine manufacturing plants could be targeted by terrorists so why not have another source of engines. Hmmmm...if I were a terrorist and if I was as goofy as Sylvia Smith, then I guess I would have to blow both of those damn plants to kingdom come.....Good grief, Sylvia....if you cannot stand for something, someday, you will keep falling for anything, everyday. Are you a puppet or a evil, junior minion complicit in the socialistic affairs of Obama such as trying to deform public opinon?

Give it a rest JG and Sylvia...WE THE PEOPLE are tiring of your crap. I hope the Inskeep family is listening. This black ribbon of mourning is for you and your lack of news integrity. Death to the republic as epitomized by our fringe liberal media will heretofore be memorized by the wearing or black ribbons. Put these on public edifaces, trees etc in the face of our local media folks who refuse to publish truth.

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