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It Is a Freedom Thing

It Is a Freedom Thing

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Even A Flawed (Health) Bill Might Lead to Reform

Washington Post liberal mouthpiece Ezra Klein supports a crappy health bill to no bill at all. I imagine liberals across the country have this is common never realizing that come November, 2010, many in the House of Representatives will be voted out of office and a third of all Senators up for reelection next year need to be careful also.

The health bill is any way, shape, or form is bad for America. Why because it busts industries (medical device manufacturers, insurance companies, small businesses not able to afford all the new mandates) and is will continue to cost American jobs. Warsaw and Pierceton, Indiana workers will fair the same as Elkhart, Indiana as Obama all glowing with promises now tells Elkhart residents where the soup kitchens are located.

Health care provides for anyone with a social security number (not a card) just a number and a name to receive hospital services. This means that as the word gets out, our porous borders will overflow with North and South Americans sneaking into our country for health care. We already have about a 20 million illegal person problem in this country with the borders wide open...what does one think will happen?

Pelosi allowed the Stupak amendment to be added to get the necessary votes on the house bill. That amendment will be stripped out in conference with the senate bill as Obama cannot afford to allow Americans not to kill their babies...remember it is about population control. You always have to have that in the back of your mind when you think Obamacare.

Seniors care will be rationed as the stimulus bill, which no one read, has already established those dreaded "death panels" their coordinators and has empowered and funded this part of Obama's "sicko" agenda. Zeke Emanuel is just awaiting final passage of the healthbill through the Senate.

This bill in any way shape or form stinks. Do not let up the pressure. Call Bayh and Lugar and make sure they know that Indiana does not need anything bad enough from the federal government to trade for this piece of crap legislation. Our senators votes should not be sold. Bayh is up for relection in 2010 and quite vulnerable. Lugar we will have to wait a bit longer to get but we will get him and his czar approving ways.

Do not be dictated to by the likes of Washington Post goons. Liberal rag, liberal agenda, liberal path to hell....keep it all in prospective.

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