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It Is a Freedom Thing

It Is a Freedom Thing

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Journal-Gazette Offers Perverse Opinion of American Health

Perspective pages and opinions offered up by the lefty Inskeep family, Tracy Warner, opinion page editor and their selection of liberal letters from the public including their choice 'Letter of the Month' continue to show disdain for the opinions of the majority of their readership...and I might add, the majority that keeps them afloat.

The steady diet of liberalism such as letters from Dean Frantz, North Manchester's village peace-nik idiot and the bleeding heart one from the mom working on her dissertation who can't seem to make ends meet and afford health care.....

People, people, it the old fashioned way.....EARNNNN IT!

Americans already know seniors are to be victimized with a 500 billion raid on medicare to defray the cost of abortions and illegals who will be covered under this bill...Show up with a social security number and a name and you will be served....Think ID theft was bad before???

Americans already know the rationing plans by the U.S. Preventive Health Service who uses their economic models to determine who gets what service and under which could be too old or you could be young with life long problems such as autism, etc...

Americans already know the 85% of us happy with our insurance plans will see our rates go up as the government works to destroy our insurance carriers with onerous taxes which are designed to drive everyone into a public option in a few short years.

See, all the evil is hidden in the public option..and really not all that hidden.

Evil at the journal gazette in Fort Wayne, Indiana is not hidden at all....who in their right minds?...what moral person? one at the Journal-Gazette.

Americans, stand up to your local papers...I mean do you think THEY CAN HEAR, WE THE PEOPLE NOW???

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