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It Is a Freedom Thing

It Is a Freedom Thing

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Now Evan Bayh Wants to be a Fiscal Conservative

This is just too easy and this is Evan Bayh's opinion of himself.

Bayh says we all owe 39K and the debt ceiling cannot grow. First lie, individual debt is more like 344K per person, I suspect Bayh is not factoring in monies that were supposed to be set aside for social security and medicare, both of which are bust...and now they want to pretend like they don't even owe keeping magic...come on Evan, you ain't no Birch. Ask Evan about that 210 billion (the doc fix)his senate buddies set aside for additonal payments to doctors to support this..comes from medicare of course...not factored into the bill though except that since it comes out of medicare...CBO says it reduces the health bill.

Stick with me now, that means it is just 210 billion spent by the goofy liberals all by itself.

Evan is not trying to convince you that the socialist government he is so complicit in shaping is not interested in providing more governance without being able to afford two the rest of the story....bend over and spread ' governance will increase as well as your taxes....don't want to blow that budget you know.

Bayh, you and yours are such stinking liars and the only good thing about you is that we are done with you next year. Lugar, the lameduck gets to screw us over 5 more years.

And one day, I will tell you how I really think...don't choke on an Obama bone you turkey.

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