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It Is a Freedom Thing

It Is a Freedom Thing

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Public Option Outrage Downplayed by Hispanic AP Writers Group

If Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar (nationality unknown for sure), has his way you would believe that the real outrage felt by 70+% of all Americans over this proposed health care plan is bogus...that there is no reason for concern. This fringe media reporter is acting and speaking very disingenuious (read: lying) when he suggests that this plan offered by the Democratic Socialist Party in America and led by Nancy Pelosi is rather innocuous because only 2% of youth will migrate to it and that those over 65 years of age, like me before this bill's purported benefits actually kick in (end of 2013), are already covered by medicare. The punish their enemies and collect taxes for four years before any purported benefits are offered to anyone. 2013 and no one has time to read it....hmmmm. God, we must be dumb asses to buy this crap.

That part about me being covered by medicare in 2013 is true but what they are not saying is that they are pulling 500 billion out of medicare at the same time us baby boomers are entering the system that we paid for, many of us, since its inception, 44 years ago. They are also not telling you about the onerous taxes in store for private insurers, employers, medical device manufacturers (and for Fort Wayne/Warsaw, Indiana simply more pain like in Elkhart County), hospitals over taxed, almost 50% of all General Practicioners will quit and/or retire from private practice if this bill is enacted. They are forgetting to mention the drain on the system by the huge influx of previously uncovered members of society who are either in this country illegally, (yes they are covered) or those who would not consider working for a living and buying their own insurance, even when jobs are plentiful, i.e., before Obama.

This bill also mandates that your tax dollars be spent in the continued bloodsport that is abortion (97% for convenience sake by average age 25 years) and this provision should not appeal to catholics nor any others who claim to be christian because as a christian "ye have been purchased with a price and your body is not your own." Lest you forget oh liberal catholics and protestants...and Jews, God is still pretty pissed about your trysts with Molech.

Catholics, what I have against you and probably God has against you too since he admonishes us all to obey the laws of the land is your insistance that illegals be forefront with their hands out to our government services. That is wrong. You can stick out your catholic hand with goodies in it if you wish but please, the damn border is not even shut and you simply go way beyond taking care of widows and orphans, like your God commands. Remember, dem poor will be with us always as some will do nothing for themselves as evidenced by unbounded opportunities and public assistance since FDR and the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Unemployment is high now and will go higher under Obama but he is the cause not the answer...dumb asses.

Seniors,we will end up with rationed care, rationed services and flat out not be extended the opportunity for some perhaps life saving procedures which will be deemed too expensive for someone so close to the mortality age for their gender and certainly no longer providing as useful members of society. This will happen according to the gospel of bioethicist, Zeke Emanuel (ironic how those Emanuel boys have bible names, huh?), who has provided Obama with his chart of exclusivity of those under 15 or over 40 years of age. Before 15, you may or may not be a productive member of society (no illnesses requiring care of medication for life, no autism etc.) and after 40 years, your usefulness is declining as will your care options.

Remember this healthcare bill has little to do with health and more to do with the destruction of more American industries as Obama continues his march to socialism. Wait until you see what the Cap and Trade bill will do to even more Indiana jobs and to the American way of life.

Fort Wayne residents, in fact Americans everywhere are awakening to the destructive nature of the Obama presidency and many feel like they were victims of a bait and switch scam by Obama. You would be wrong...remember when we were five days from the election and he told us "America, we are five days away from fundamentally changing America". Little did we know that he was talking about socialism and worse at that time. Hey, we all fell, hook, line and sinker, but we do not have to stay duped...wake up and vote in 2010. Pay attention to the little things like what is going on in New Jersey, Virginia and NY district 23. You can see conservatives tipping the scale back in the direction of American patriots. But this is not a fight we go at it for tour of duty then demand rotation, uhuh, we must stay in this until these bums are out of office.

Consider the Honduran Supreme Court model of justice for Obama as he continues to trash our constitution with his czardom and dumb czars.

Also let Bayh and of course Lugar, who is no longer to be trusted as he is merely an Obama czar pimp and rubberstamp, how you feel. Do not let any of Obama's crappy legilation slip through. Cap and Trade, remember his words: "Under my plans, electric bills will necessarily skyrocket." I believe we should begin to take him at his words and stand up, fight back;.

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