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It Is a Freedom Thing

It Is a Freedom Thing

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Pay Czar Grants 12 Waivers

Right out of the chute, I am inclined to ask the pay czar, who asked you?  Except that we already know that our legislators, specifically our legislators in the demoratic party abetted by people like Dick Lugar who rubber stamped Obama's czardom, have already capitulated the onus of crafting legislation by allowing subversive groups like the Apollo Alliance to write our bills.  Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) was quite candid in his expression of gratitude to the group co-founded by Van Jones...who still lurks in Obama's presidency by invitation from the white house....hey don't even ask Desiree Rogers, Obama's social secretary, as she will not be available for your questions....

Now, this article made like this capping the pay raises, bonuses, etc of 4 banks was justifiable and in many people's minds, because these firms accepted bail out money, we more or less agree.  So this article was just a repeat of the a talking point right....?

Not exactly, Kenneth Feinberg, the czar in question, made it quite clear that his scrutiny of the pay patterns of these tax payer money accepting companies was his mandate for now and that it could be enlarged to include any company, in any industry, in the country that violates what Obama considers policies that could hurt the countries economy....herein lies the socialistic hook...Obama....Nunya business.

By now, if you are one of those 35% of the American populace that still trust Obama's considerations on any matter then you are basically a clone with no hope for redemption. 

Obama and his pay czar are a another slap to the face of the Republic of the United States of America, a country wherein we allow the marketplace to rule......

Obama, oh evil one, why do you stay on this path to destroy America as we know her, as she was when she was the best in the world....did your boyhood in muslim land or your later boyhood in Chicago neighborhoods influence you into thinking killing the golden goose is a good idea?  When all of those for whom you wish to provide handouts are in your little red wagon....what happens when there are not enough of us left to pull that little red wagon?

Will that fix your little red wagon?

Also, the union fix is in....expect card check to be reality and expect more businesses to close as a result of increased taxes and fees, and salary demands from unions that never existed in their place of business before because employees could still vote in secret.....not be subject to the beat downs by thugs like those in the 2.2 million man union led by Andy Stern (SEIU president). Ol' Andy is becoming famous for his quote on how he deals with opponents of health care and other Obama initiatives...."We will use the power of persuasion and in cases where that does not work...we will use the persuasion of power."

Sounds just like another Chicago punk....he is. Germans call punks half-stark, which translated means half-strong, which is why they need numbers besides the fact that Stern and his ilk own the low road...and ultimately loses in the end.  He'll drip alot of fat on the fires of hell.

But for now, all of this is just one more facet of our looming socialistic governance.

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