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It Is a Freedom Thing

It Is a Freedom Thing

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Future Gas Tax

Americans, if you read this story and if you are not coming out of your chairs with a baseball bat in your hands ready to find someone deserving of a pounding...then you are asleep.

In Obama's dream know the one where America is broken down and on a par with Obama's home country, Kenya, you will pay through the nose for every breath of fresh air you take....because of course, you are polluting the atmosphere with your every breath....

At least, however, when we all sign on to Obama's bs, we will all be driving green cars with great gas mileage....

Oh the fed is not getting enough gas tax money...oh what to do, what to do....if you are Senator Richard Lugar, you will increase the gas tax by about $1.00 per gallon like he suggested last year when prices came down from all time highs.

But what they will do as their take diminishes is to charge you not on your new, great gas mileage but rather on the number of miles you have driven....mmm, mmmm, mmm....them Obama kids have it right...Obama is a socialist. Ever wonder why you feel like a dog chasing his tail?

"As gas tax revenue dwindles, federal and state lawmakers have an option created by innovative new technology: charge the nation's 201 million drivers for every mile they travel."

So do you like that little bit of progressivism brought forward by the so-called non-partisan Brookings Institute. Non-partisan my ass...these people have Cap & Trade a done deal....I think we need to make sure this legislation never sees the light of day. Also, we need to understand that weirdos from the left have infested otherwise sound reasoning think tanks like the Brookings Institute and their ramblings are not to be believed until they spray for roaches.

No thanks additional gas taxes and certainly no taxes on the miles I drive. As I intend to visit Washington DC a few times this spring and summer to make sure you hear me.....

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