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It Is a Freedom Thing

It Is a Freedom Thing

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Hoosiers Want One of their Own...Not Coats

Sorry official Washington....sorry official RNC, WE THE PEOPLE of Indiana do not want Dan Coats returning to Indiana to be our saviour or your boy in congress.

Dan Coats left Indiana...Dan Coats has been voting in Virginia...Dan Coats is the choice of the Republican National Party and not the choice of grassroots tea party activists....nor will he be.

Hoosiers, do not even pay attention to the Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette mouthpiece, Sylvia Smith, she is on the payroll to ensure that Evan Bayh, favorite of the Inskeep family, retains his seat. To that end, she is trying to convince you that Dan Coats is a viable alternative and is positioned to actually beat Evan Bayh....not so....not even close. Do not let your votes go to a weak contender like Dan Coats. Coats cannot beat Bayh in November.

Evan Bayh barely made the news this week because Sylvia did not want to tell you that once again, this faux fiscal conservative, voted along party lines to raise the debt ceiling another 1.9 trillion dollars....mmm, mmm, mm.

Harry Reid's boy Evan is there when Harry needs him but obviously, he is not there for you and I, his fellow Hoosiers.

Listen people, Marlin Stutzman is the person I will probably vote to replace Bayh but another good candidate is Richard Behney who I listened to earlier this fall. These tea party people are smart, sincere and they do not have that 'politicians' ugliness about them which generally comes from listening to too many lobbyists. Obama admin has at least 35 lobbyists working for him when he said he was so against that. mmm, mmm, mm.

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