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'But what saith it? The Word is nigh thee, even in thy mouth, and in thy heart: that is, the word of faith, which we preach: That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in your heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.""

It Is a Freedom Thing

It Is a Freedom Thing

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Obama's Hatred of Christians and Jews

This, beginning with Iraq, Iran relationships below did not start out as a blog but rather a simple e-mail which I was going to send to the Fox News Friends in the morning gang.  Doocey mentioned below is one of the hosts...Steve Doocy.

I rambled, but as always, I rambled in take it to heart...and think!!!

Iraq, Iran relationships have been shaping up for some time now...there is that Sunni V Shiite thing, which always flares up in Islam when there is not an 'infidel' (unbeliever...classic of 'people of the book') to kill, then they kill each other. This has been the fate of Hagarenes and Ishmaelites since the dawn of Abraham's decision to disobey God and take Hagar as the one to bear his child that God told him to have...Sara, his wife suggested that at 101, she was too old to have a child and offered up Hagar, hence Hagarenes...that bastard child was Ishmael who had his own land covenant with God, but not in that promised land to the Jew....and when God's messenger informed Hagar of their fate...Sara pushed them away...the angel described Hagar's son Ishmael as a 'wildman'....and all of this is readable in Genesis and therefore it describes that eternal hatred Muslims have of the Jew

Doocey said it right, regarding the Iraq War Participation Ending Ceremony and the fact that it was held at the they could scoot.
But, in case you are wondering....they would not have to scoot far as the 6th Fleet is in the Med Sea off the coast of Syria. It's kingship the USS George HW Bush was with them until Russia delivered 72 sophisticated (not virgins...but the number is ironic) anti-ship missiles that are deadly accurate to 200 miles....HW moved off beyond that range....and then the Carl Vinson Battle Group is off the coast of Iran.
Americans are not alone...Russia has three warships and by now, their only aircraft carrier....and I will not try to remember and spell it's name....probably should call it 'her' as we describe our American warships but this is Russian.....these are anchored off of Damascus.
Russia has put it's military on a push to prepare for war...hearing this, China did the same just yesterday...Syrian citizens are fleeing into Turkey and Turkey is letting them and indeed Turkey's military is positioning itself in Syria...Syrians and Iranians are in Lebanon and Israel is receiving daily missiles from Lebanon and the Gaza Strip...
Israel has about 200 nuclear war heads and submarines prowling the waters of the Med Sea and wherever in the region they need to of their most deadly nuclear subs is the "Leviathon" and this monster prowls with 7 tubes that could bring about the fulfillment of Isaiah's prophesy all by herself. It deals with what is called the 'burden of Damascus" and is found in Isaiah, chapter 17 beginning with us being told that Damascus goes from a viable city and pain in the ass to Israel of one evening and by the next morning turned into a 'ruinous heap' (KJV)....this takes place in verse one. I would recommend reading the entire 17th is short and a good read. You have to read of the response of those who come against Israel because of how she deals with Assad and those other miscreants and edomites including those populating Hamas and Hezbollah HQs in Damascus (this city is nearly 5,000 years old and has never been destroyed before) have to see how God chases them back like 'a rolling thing before a whirlwind'. I envision tumbleweed in Texas or the deserts of California such as the Mojave....I digress...

This has all been foretold and yet this is not what one would call Armageddon and while Iran will probably be weakened in this war, it will be around to join Russia, etal. in that noted Ezekiel 38 & 39 war which actually kicks off seriously, halfway through the truce that will come about as a result of this Isaiah battle. When that war takes place, Ezekiel describes the atmosphere in Israel as that of a land of "unwalled villages' at peace with the world and this is not so today and not since Israel's formal inception as a nation in 1948...and to date, God's prophets have not and are not ever been proven wrong nor will they be. Alignment of ethnicities and countries is astounding and quickly falling into line with Egypt and Libya in enemy hands and even Turkey deserting it's once friend...all in the region have a 'star and crescent' in common...except Israel...all populate that '10-40 degree N latitude window on the globe and Obama has decided to let Muslims clear the area of Jews. Israel stands alone and they know it...Assad has been warned that if Syria lobs missiles into Tel Aviv...Damascus would be the first city targeted...Benjamin Netanyahu sent the same message to Lebanon and it's major city, Beirut...God tells us about Damascus so we know that for sure.
I have concern and pray for U.S. troops mired in the middle of this as well as for any innocents and I will let God judge that, on the ground throughout the Middle East. Israel knows her enemies are those in Psalm 83:5 as they are also 'God's enemies'...and they know the world will come against her...and this includes the U.S. in response to Isaiah 17:1.....I just hope you won't hear "Israel acted stupidly" from Obama. A beer summit won't work here.
Good book tells us the time during that first generation of Israel's birth...with that being 1948 and my beginning in 1947, I will admit to growing a tad older, that those alive then will see His return for His bride/church...I.e., 'the generation alive then shall not pass before'...that takes place. It also tells us to look up when we see Israel surrounded by her enemies that 'our redemption draws near (draweth nigh-KJV).

Christians, (John 3:7) understand that they have a promise certain (John 6:40) because they believe. Good book says those that do not believe are 'condemned' already. This has nothing to do with knowing the name of Jesus, the Christ, and nothing to do with hearing...Satan 'trembles' when he hears the name of Jesus so smart people should consider 'Pascal's Wager' and people of faith (they could be the same person) should read and understand the simple message of Romans 10:8-10...that's it folks...someone wants to make Christianity harder than that...they impede the gospel, they do not further it as the 'Great Commission' admonishes....
I am not here to judge you and my friends and every day acquaintances know that...I am but a sinner saved by grace myself. I am merely one who is 'not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ" because I know it is the only power men have for redemption...there is but one God (the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob), and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus" (Ist Timothy 2:5). So I tell you if you do not already know. I will not belabor it if you are sensitive to this message. As you use your free will, I do believe God is the same way...gentlemanly, and He will not fight you over that....others and their gods (little 'g') would do you harm if you do not believe as they say you should....but not me...not Jesus...just a loving warning.

I speak now because I have been silent too long and we are at that 'eleventh hour'....and 'anyone seeing what evil is coming and speaks not, that evil should probably befall him and his family first' I speak and besides that, I wouldn't mind continuing some golf competitions with friends later...hey, after the 'dead in Christ rise first'...and so on....look at all the additional land available for courses later....maybe we can find a course that doesn't flood...mine does every year which I could avoid but I choose to stay within my means and also playing closest to home for an easy commute.
In closing, regarding the middle east, we are at a juncture in man's history...we are born of flesh and blood but all need to be 'be born again in the Spirit' to be saved, even as Jesus told that old pharisee, Nicodemus, in John 3:3. Christians will see some of the upcoming...some of us will be jailed...and if Obama has his way, by American military troops rooting out various types of extremists as the Department of Homeland Security lists including Christian extremists who would dare to espouse such as intolerant message as when Jesus says "I am 'the Way, the Truth and the Light' and that 'no man goes to Father except through me." (John 3:16). Senate bill passed 93-7 including this amendment inserted by John McCain and Carl Levin in conflict with the American Constitution which disallows American troops from being used as a police force on American soil or against American citizens....they offer the plan getting us to accept that it is designed to root out Islamic terrorist elements and yet, like I said, Obama gets to name those who he will incarcerate in those refreshed bases reopened to hold 'interns'.
Most of my friends today do not know that I once used to knock on doors and ask if I could share the gospel of Jesus Christ with whoever answered the door...and were receptive to 'answering the knock on the door of their hearts'. Ironically once, I had a woman tell me....I don't need that, I'm a catholic. Hmmm?

In closing, other extremists on the DHS list include those who own guns, who own the ammunition that does not deplete itself after roughly two years, who stockpile more than 7 days of food, who are anti-abortionists, did I mention Christian fundamentalists...those who believe the bible is the Word of God, inerrant and unchanging.

The alphabet of potential extremists on the list is almost complete except for the letter 'I". Nope, Islam extremists ( all are called to be jihadists, violent or stealthy as appropriate and when appropriate) are not on the list. On the other hand, our Justice Department labels the actions of folks like Major Hasan, the Fort Hood soldier of allah who killed 13 other soldiers as 'workplace violence'. In the final will not find mention of Islam extremism anywhere in the investigation, sadly. Islam (which means 'submission') would call us who kowtow to their misuse of our 1st Amendment rights and if we don't we are labeled as 'intolerant'. State after state has court cases pending wherein some justices believe that Sharia Law can take precedence in America over our Rule of Law and our own Constitution....what nonsense! How many American women want to be buried to their heads when they are caught up in adultery while their partner is buried to the waist...and lobbed softballs, underhand? How many kids, petty thieves, want their hands cut off or to learn to cut off a head from an infidel's body? Who has read in our local newspapers or on our local news broadcasts that the shooter in LA a couple of days ago, the one shooting up traffic, was shouting 'allahu akbar' just like Major Hasan when he shot up Fort Hood? Didn't here it in Fort Wayne did you? Didn't hear it lots of places but it's true.
Hey...take heart my friends and others...2012 is coming with all manner of promise....I suppose God will continue to awaken his people as the earth, sun, moon and the stars cause men's hearts to fail them for fear with what may be coming next...then believers in Christ will be taken up which is next up on the prophetic calendar, and Revelations will indeed, play out. American citizens, us Christian, veteran, patriot, extremists, if Obama is re-elected, will be under the bus, pretty much, beginning on the first Wednesday in November, 2012...hey..but we will have good company...Israel will be there too. Oh yeah, gold stock pilers are included also. So don't count on your riches.
If my friends wish to disagree, as I come out of the closet, at home, on these issues, that is what America is all have that right. Remember me. I have that right to speak yet today, as I suspect the 1st Amendment still applies to me...that senate bill mentioned above is being reconciled with the house version...interested parties should contact their local representative in my case that is Marlin Stutzman and for me, unsuccessfully, I also petitioned Indiana's two senators, Coats and Lugar to not vote for this bill...they did...Patriots need to call their reps and tell them to remove that measure from the Defense Appropriations Bill before voting that bill into law.
Like I said, as we allow this to take place, as we say..."arrest them terrorists wherever you may find them'...and "lock them up without a trial, indefinitely", they may come for you next.
Anyone interested should know that I have been doing my best to stay on top of issues for at least 3 years now...that I am what you would call one of those who feel we are 'taxed enough already'(TEA) party folks....I just say, 'We The People'. We make up the majority of the 99% not including the 1% of rich folks who drive industry, capitalism and what was our way to fulfill the American dream. Wall Street Occupier folks are misguided in the least...some are serious and some are seriously duped by the democratic socialists involved, by the American Socialist Party, by the American Communist Party, by drop by anarchists and so many others that have a right to speak their mind....we have a right not to listen. For those interested, this whole occupy scam was born in the brains of an operative at the SEIU, funded by big unions and of course by that 'evil dude' George Soros and his many marxist groups and is not grass roots and has little popular support but they intend to be deadly serious next summer.
This fight for me in closing, is not for political parties...I do not vote a straight republican ticket and usually that is not a bad thing in our little town...but at a time when we probably should have voted out the liberal dog catcher too, we re-elected a democratic mayor but with a majority conservative city council which absolutely has to stay alert to big government impositions, promises such as Agenda 21...and other urbanization issues. I proudly fight for America...for the souls of my friends...and while I long for the good old days, I am pragmatic enough to understand that there is a season for everything under the sun....'tis the season'...
While I am at it and since I am blabbing this much, I will admit that I have been blogging for more than two years and have touched on many issues dear to my heart...and hopefully to Gods' also...and you can find these at I post my blogs around...local newspapers would reject them but my facebook friends see them and my friends typically, some 700, have come to response to those blogs and other posts....horizontal communications among like thinking people is important today. Canada Free Press is a good source for honest, inclusive reporting....look them up daily at .com as they have also been in this battle from the beginning.  Look where Stephen Harper are moving today...out of the Kyoto agreement and away from that foolish cap and trade stuff...Canadians tend to care.
Care packages, candy and ice cream, denture adhesive, necessities will be accepted by me once you figure out where they are putting me and people like me...when that mess the way....the Obamacare bill indeed has the requisite language regarding implantable rfid get to choose the location for your forehead or the back of your right hand....some muslims automatically will have to use the forehead if they grew up as young thieves.... look for instructions on where you need to report for yours sometime in 2013.
All I say here is researchable and prudent people do just that. As a Christian, I would rarely accept someone's use of scripture to prove a point until I read the context from which it was taken.....if you are duped, it is because you are not being vigilant. World wide web makes everything I tell you researchable and not believe me...prove it to yourselves.
Your Friend and Neighbor,
Mike Konkel

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