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It Is a Freedom Thing

It Is a Freedom Thing

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Liberal Health Bill Passes House

At 11:08 PM, in an extraordinary weekend and late night session, democrats won their push for universal health care. Prior to the final vote, there were a number of what they call "blue dog" moderate democrats who voiced opposition and would not vote unless the bill contained language specifically forbidding abortion coverage by this bill. So, they voted on an amendment, got it in the bill and used this mechanism to sucker enough blue dogs to vote for passage.

The final margin of victory was 2 votes one of which was a republican in name only, some vietnamese guy in New Orleans. I would have thought that someone of his heritage wouldn't be so quick to embrace socialism.

This bill will cover abortions as this was merely a ploy to gain passage in the house...Nancy Pelosi herself was quoted as confiding in a staffer that "it would be pulled back out in conference", that is when they go to meld the house and senate versions of this attack on America.

This bill will also cover anyone and everyone who can sneak across either border as all they will be asking for is a name and social security id. If you think ID theft was a problem before, just wait....I figure in about three years we will be covering all of North America and South America including, especially including, Mexico.

Pray Fort Wayne that this bit of socialistic crap does not get a final okay. Unemployment is at 10.2% (considering those who are still eligible for unemployment benefits) and at about 17.5% for all. When this bill passes Warsaw, Pierceton area will see big drops in employment in the orthopedic device and other medical device manufacturers who will necessarily have to lay off just to stay in business with the health bill tax plans for this industry.

I do not think Obama likes Indiana...must be too red for his liking. First he lies to Elkhart who probably has the biggest unemployment in the country by now, last I heard it was nearing 18%. If you wonder why unemployment keeps going up when he tells us the stimulus plan is working smarten up. Your gut is telling you right.

Obama is a socialist and pursuing a socialist agenda. Socialists do not like private ownership of abodes, means of manufacture, services, nothing. This industry wrecking methodology Obama is using is no coincidence...he is doing this on purpose. Wait until you figure out how many jobs the tax and crap bill is going to cost America.

When the final health bill passes, Obama and his socialist government will own 48% of America including insurance companies, banks, auto manufacturers and anyone else taking money and falling behind on the debt. Obama is a thief. Obama may be a hood but he is no Robin.

Like they say, you can take Obama out of Chicago, but you can't take Chicago (punkery) out of Obama.

I nuke the opinions of that racist Eugene Robinson and that goofy looking Sylvia Smith later this evening.

Took a break today. Played 18 holes for the first time since September 5th when I woke up to Obama's assault on our Republic...I am still afraid that we are all too late. Lakeside was busy Saturday and Sunday on these two very nice days.

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